Last night in Brooklyn

I despise bars. I really truly hate them and do my best to avoid them, but every now and then I’ll make an exception and head out to Barcade in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s basically a bar combined with a video game arcade, and best of all, the games are classics from the 1980s.

I went to Barcade last night for the first time in several years. It was the very first time I’d ever seen it in daylight. Here’s a look at the place from the outside:

Here’s the interior. Note the red arrow:
The arrow is pointing to a big chalkboard, which serves as the bar’s high-score list. Here’s a closer look at it. Note the high scorer on Arkanoid.
As you can see, my high score has stood for five years, and I’m pretty sure that it’ll be there for as long as Barcade is in business. According to Twin Galaxies, no one else in the world has ever scored that high on the game. That said, I was still kinda bummed last night, as you can see by the look on my face below…
…because the control knob on the Arkanoid machine was all screwed up. It just wasn’t calibrated properly. I won’t go into the specifics, but trust me. It was bad. (Okay, here’s one example: whenever I loosened my grip on the knob, the paddle would drift an inch or two to the left.) I struggled just to break 1 million points. Normally I score at least 1.4 million, so it was pretty frustrating.
My mood improved when a cute girl from some random birthday party offered me a gigantic piece of this Nintendo cake:
An hour later, my mood got even better when I headed to a nearby bar and found $67 sitting on the floor. It was the biggest lump sum that I’d ever found. Years ago, I found $40 on two separate occasions (once in a diner and once at Shea Stadium). I also once found $25 floating in a pool at Disney World. I’ve also found several $20 bills here and there (including two last month, one of which I tweeted about). But as for last night…the bar was packed. Everyone was standing around and drinking and talking, and I noticed some bills on the floor near some people’s feet. If I’d seen these people drop the money, I would’ve been the first person to hand it back to them, but the bills were already there and people were shifting around, so there was no way to tell who might’ve dropped it. I even waited 10 seconds to see if anyone was frantically checking their wallet or pockets, but everyone was oblivious, so I went for it. There were two $1 bills on their own, sitting a couple feet apart from each other, and then there was a rolled up wad with a $20 bill on the outside. It turned out that the wad contained three $20 bills and a $5 bill, and wow, all I can say is that I was pretty gosh-darn psyched. I was tempted to spend half the money on a taxi (it was 2am and I was exhausted), but I had an advanced copy of a baseball book with me that I wanted/needed to read, so I took the slow/cheap way home. (The subway.) I might blog about this book within the next few days (I’ll be blogging about other stuff in the meantime), so stay tuned. It’s a very cool story, but I need to get permission to share certain details…



    You’re really lucky when it comes to finding money. The most I ever found is a dollar.
    I’ve got to find out where I can go to play Arkanoid. I want to see how high of a score I can get. How hard can it be? :)
    Also, the pledges for pitch in for baseball are starting to add up. Can’t wait to see how much money you can raise for charity this season.


    braves04, it’s NYC, the subway runs 24/7! Granted, at 4 or 5 AM, you’ll probably have to wait a half hour, but it still runs. The bars are also open until 4 AM! It’s the city that never sleeps!

    Zack, I got the April Maxim in the mail this weekend, and checked out your mention this morning. These people need to stop spelling your name Zach! haha


    hey Z,its TC..I find money alot too.i found a guys wallet from NEW york once with 300 all in 20s..returned to lost and found at QUALCOMM….I found a 100 bill walking my dog on my street then a month later same block i found a counterfeit 100 bill…didnt work and 7 11 and they kept it. NEW YORK THESE STREETS WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BRAND NEW THEY WILL INSPIRE YOU. Love that song,NOW FOR BALLHAWK TALKi didnt have my glove on,just holding it .and bam 1st pitch M Ramirez hit a slam which i dropped.check it at out at MLB.COM PLAYLIST,CUBS .VS PADRES . later IM GOING TO THE BAR NOW .HOOTERS


    yo. i found the CSI EPISODE from your book titled the closer……google this dizimag csi new york22 sezon 1 , its all for free….the ballpark is the COLISEUM?

  5. zackhample

    Welcome to NYC, baby.

    Yes, I know I’m lucky. Let’s hope it continues. Meanwhile, Arkanoid is really hard to find. Most games from the 1980s are hard to find, so good luck with that. The first time you play it, you probably won’t even score 10,000 points.

    You know it.

    Yeagh, theese mispellings ar rediculous.

    All I can say is that you crack me up. Glad you got the book. That CSI episode was intense (and took a loooooong time to write up). I’m in the process of booking some games for August and September. Hopefully I’ll make it out your way.

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