2017 charity fundraiser prizes

What’s up, guys! It’s been a while since my last post because I’ve shifted my attention over to YouTube, so check me out there. More specifically, I just posted a new video announcing my 2017 fundraiser to benefit Pitch In For Baseball, a charity that provides baseball and softball equipment to children and communities all over the world. I’ve been raising money for them every season since 2009, and once again I’ll be giving away a bunch of baseball prizes to people who donate money. This year the best prize is a custom glove from Wilson Sporting Goods! Check out this video — you can see all the prizes and learn more about how to get involved:

Here’s the link for donating money:


Other prizes include an autograph of Hall-of-Fame pitcher Jim Palmer, baseball cards, bobbleheads, a signed copy of The Baseball, Cubs hats, various giveaway items from Citi Field and Yankee Stadium, and a commemorative ball from the 2017 World Baseball Classic signed by Team Israel pitcher/White Sox prospect Alex Katz.

Thanks and good luck to everyone who participates.


  1. Aidan

    I will be sending you a copy of your book “Watching Baseball Smarter” for you to sign

  2. Zack Hample

    Sounds good. Just make sure to include a SASE. Also let me know (with a note in the book) if you want it personalized or just my name. If you tell me now, I might forget.

  3. Hayden Boydston

    Whens the next time you going to come to ‘the ballparks at Arlington’😂😂😂 i would love to see you and meet you.

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