The Baseball — media update

It’s been a busy two weeks since The Baseball was published…

First of all, the book got a brief mention in the April issue of Maximand whaddaya know, my name was spelled wrong. Check it out (on the 4th page of the “baseball preview” article):
At least Maxim didn’t misspell the title of my book. Impossible, you say? Well, it actually happened in 2007.
In other media news…
Do you remember the reporter named Patrick Hruby who joined me on 8/10/09 at Camden Yards? A few weeks after that game, he wrote THE best article that’s ever been written about me. Well, four days ago, he wrote up a big Q&A interview that we did about my new book. Here’s a screen shot of the first part of the interview:
Click here to read the interview in its entirety, and BTW, that photo of me was taken on 6/18/08 at Coors Field for this Associated Press story. And then it was used again here three months later. Funny how certain media gets recycled and then re-recycled.
Maxim and ESPN were certainly the biggest media outlets to mention The Baseball, but without a doubt, the best review was published by The New York Journal of Books. Here’s a screen shot of the first half…
…and here’s the link to the whole thing, which you should definitely read. This is the most flattering review I’ve ever seen, and let me tell you, it feels great to finally have people responding favorably to something I was pretty much secretly working on for a year and a half. It feels more than great. There really aren’t words.
The Kansas City Star also published a great review. Here’s a screen shot of the first half…
…and here’s the link to the whole thing. Kauffman Stadium is truly a gem, and I’m happy to report that I’ll probably be there this season for a couple games., the website for a newspaper in Virginia called The Free Lance-Star, published a review yesterday. Here’s a screen shot of the first part of it…
…and here’s the link to the whole thing.
Ready for more?
A “literary baseball magazine” called Spitball also reviewed my book, and what they said wasn’t entirely flattering. Here’s a screen shot of the first part of the article…
…and here’s the link to the whole thing.
The worst/shortest review appeared on a website called (Now I have a legitimate reason to talk trash about New Jersey.) The woman who wrote the column reviewed several books. Here’s what she said about mine…
…and here’s the link, just in case you want to leave a comment there and tell this woman how wrong she is. (I’m not offended by what she wrote. I actually think it’s kind of funny.)
Want to see the most random/unofficial review out there? It was written by some guy in the forum on a website called Game Used Universe. Here’s a screen shot…
…and here’s the link if you want to read the rest of it. My favorite thing about this particular review (which you’ll see if you click the link) is that the guy praised the “great index.” You may recall that I compiled the index myself, so this is an awesome (and unexpected) compliment.
Now, onto some blogs…
My friend and fellow ballhawk Avi Miller blogged about my book (along with some Orioles ticket info) a couple weeks ago. Here’s a screen shot of the first part of his entry…
…and here’s the link to the whole thing. I would recommend reading Avi’s blog in general. The young man knows everything about the Orioles and Camden Yards, and he’s a really good guy in general. The ballhawking community needs more people like him.
Another friend and fellow ballhawk (and former Watch With Zack client) named Mateo Fischer also blogged about The Baseball. Here’s a screen shot of the first part…
…and here’s the link to his VERY long blog entry. I can’t even imagine how much time and effort went into this review. (Thanks, Mateo!) (Oh, and by the way, this is the game that we attended together.)
Another friend (who’s definitely not a ballhawk) blogged about The Baseball on the day it came out. Her name is Dorkys Ramos. She’s a magazine writer, and her blog is always beautifully written. Here’s a screen shot…
…and here’s the link to the complete entry.
The Baseball also got a nice write-up on a blog called “The View From Arizona.” Here’s a screen shot of the first part of it…
…and here’s the link to the full entry.
One last thing — and this isn’t exactly “media,” but I feel compelled to share it nonetheless. It’s a photograph of my second cousin Sam with a copy of the book. Check it out:


  1. bfuhrious


    I’ve been holding off on getting the book until opening day here in KC since I can’t attend to have something baseball related in my day, but I’m not sure I can wait now.

    I’m so happy to hear you might be back at Kauffman this summer, if so I’ll be cooking up some more grub to bring in to you and hoping to get the next book signed.



    Congratulations on all your success from your book so far. I have read about 3/4 of it and I love it! I have even mentioned it to some friends at KU and they are reading it as well. I am also glad to see you are probably coming back to Kauffman Stadium this year! I have plenty of updates to share about the stadium since you were last here.



    I second Mateo’s comment. (Except my name’s not Mateo Fischer. Obviously.)
    Also, its great that this book is getting so many positive reviews and articles written about it. Funny how you are getting so many reviews and emails about the book from people (myself included) who are normally not avid readers. But you got us all to read your book. Great job.

  4. rockiesfanatic14

    Congratulations on the good reviews Zack. I just finished the book last night and I give you an A+. I shouldn’t have read it so close to opening day because now all I can think about is going to a game.

  5. zczakouk

    Being called Zak myself, it is annoying every time someone misspells my name! Anyway I’m now about to order your book and look forward to reading it!

  6. zackhample

    Nice to hear from you. Hope I get to see you again this season and sign your copy of the book. I’m getting hungry just thinking about what else you might bring to the ballpark.

    Thanks for the congrats and for recommending my book to your friends. That’s the best thing a writer can hope for. It’s all about the word of mouth. Can’t wait to hear the Kauffman updates. I hope they’re not all bad. Want to email me about it?

    Haha, nice.

    I’m not a huge reader either (not as huge as I’d like to be or feel I should be), so it’s nice to know that my fellow non-readers are enjoying the book. I should be, like, a literacy ambassador or something.

    What’s wrong with thinking about games? Hell, I’ve been dreaming about games lately. Our time will soon come. But anyway, thanks very much.

    I’m glad someone else here feels my pain. Thanks for picking up a copy of the book. I am quite certain that you will love it.

  7. zackhample

    Well, thanks. I really do wonder what the index would look like if a “professional” had done it. Would it really be that much different/better?


    “. . . 14 rows of 25.”
    “The Rawlings Method” chapter alone is a story worth the price of the book.

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