Brazil and Ireland unite!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I want to share a recent (and VERY random) email exchange that’s connected to Ireland.

First of all, do you remember when I traveled to Ireland in December 2008? Click here, here, here, and here to see all four of my blog entries from that trip.
Now check out this email I received on February 8, 2011:

Hi Zach,

I’m Alex Andreoni from an independent rock band from Brazil called SANTAREM (

We would like to use one of your Dublin photos as the cover of our next CD (called “No Place To Hide”), that will be released by brazilian record label Die Hard Records.

We’d like to have your permission… of couse we will mention your name as the photographer in the CD sleeve.

Do you give us your permission?

See the attatched unfinished cover art

Thank you very much

Alex Andreoni

Sao Paulo/ Brazil




I combed through my Ireland entries and found the photo that Alex wanted to use. It was in my Day 2 entry. Here it is:





I wrote back to Alex and told him that “it would be an honor” to have my photo appear on the cover of his CD. I also requested that my name be spelled correctly (why do people spell it “zach” when it says “zack” twice in my email address?) and asked if I could share his version of the photo on my blog. This was his reply:





Thank you very much Zack !!!

Sorry for writing your name wrong… I’m sure it will be ok on the cover credits…

We’re doing some little adjustments on the CD cover art and then we send you the final result. Of course you can publish on your blog (Final CD art, my e-mail, whatever you want etc.)

Thanks again…

We’ll keep in touch.





After reading Alex’s warm note, I forgave him for the misspelling and waited eagerly to see the finished product.


But wait!


He emailed me again the following day with another request:





Hi Zack,

Hello again.

Our designer (who’s working on the CD Cover art) asked me that you could have that Dublin photo with a higher resolution (the original one) than the photo that is in your blog.

Do you have a bigger file (more pixels file) for that photo?

Thanks again…


Sao Paulo / Brazil




Sure enough, I did have a larger version of the photo, and when I sent it to Alex, I got another friendly reply:





Hi Zack,

Thank you very much again…

this 1600 px photo is better than that 1000 px photo, I’m sure we’ll have a great final result. As soon as our desiner finish the art (maybe 3 or 4 days)  we send it to you.





That last email was sent on February 11, 2011. Fast-forward 33 days. (That brings us to yesterday.) I finally received the much-awaited follow-up email from Alex, and it contained the final artwork for his band’s CD. Check it out:





How cool is that?!


Here’s a side-by-side comparison with my original photo:







I know this was totally random, but I still wanted to share it. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.



    Very cool. Maybe you should change your email address so it says: zacK(that’s zacK with a K) Too long? :)

  2. Mateo Fischer

    1. Ditto
    2. Thanks for the shout out.
    3. He probably already e-mailed you but heard from Greg’s dad that he loved the book


    Very cool. Maybe you should change your email address so it says: zacK(that’s zacK with a K) Too long? :)

  4. Mateo Fischer

    For the record the ditto was for Todd’s comment. Matt just posted his as I was writing mine.


    I didn’t post it twice on purpose. It just happened somehow. Thought I’d clear that up.

  6. Mateo Fischer

    I know, it happens when you click the submit button more than once because the content is still in the box. I forgot where, but one time I posted the same comment about seven times because I was wondering why it didn’t show up on the page. Then I refreshed the page and saw the atrocity I had just created on someone’s (brand new) blog. Just like I am doing to Zack by posting all these comments. Can’t you imagine someone a while from now looking at this and just saying, “what the heck happened here”.

    Sorry Zack,

  7. jere80

    That’s cool, Zack. I’ve had people ask if they could use pictures from my blog in various projects, and I say what you said–it’s an honor to have my work shown somewhere. People tell me I should charge them money. I say I’d rather have my work out there and be able to help someone than to have a little bit of cash. As long as someone isn’t trying to take credit for my work, I say put it everywhere for the world to see.


  8. MLBallhawk

    Zack –

    Very cool! Amazing how some bizzare things always seem to find their way into your lap. It is a very cool thing to have photos published in places other than on your own site or blog no matter what the content. I can’t wait to get back to Cali to shoot more Paparazzi stuff. I shoot for a photo agency called PR Photos. If you google “John Witt / PR Photos” you will see all of the various photos that I have had published online etc. (click on images not links to stories if you search it)


  9. zackhample


    Yeah, but then people would start their emails to be by writing, “Dear zacK that’s zack with a K…”

    I did indeed hear from Greg. And don’t worry about the duplicate comments. I could actually delete them, but now that you’ve publicly acknowledged it in such a funny way with Matt, I think everything should stay.

    Amen to that. Nice to know that someone else is on the same page as me.

    Yeah, it IS amazing. I envy your job. Hurry back to Cali and take some more awesome pics.

  10. gtapunk

    Hey Zack!

    I don’t post as often as some, but anyway, stopping by as I thought you may have had a post about your Maxim feature. I saw it, then noticed your name, “Zach Hample”, I was pretty sure that was wrong. Lo and behold, you mention that here! (Goes to show the quality of Maxim, heh, j/k.)

    Anyway, ‘grats on the book, I see it on for just over $12, nice price! I’m planning an Amazon order soon, so I can get the free shipping, so I’ll pick it up for sure! And although baseball is my second greatest passion, or tied for second, music is my first, it will help motivate me to get writing (as I have a couple book ideas, actually one is a baseball one!).

    My main motive for writing, is I am overly curious, seems ballclubs travel with their own BP balls, I am hoping to get a Twins commemorative ball during the Jays opening series. Is this right? I asked once before and you said wait for the book for the most part, (never did the the Yankees, as I think that was why I asked, to try and snag some of their commem balls!) just overly curious if I don’t get the book before I hit Toronto. Anywho, just started following you on Twitter, I am @tmmblog if you want to reply via DM or whatever.

    I am actually in one your Toronto pics,, just about dead centre, red cap.


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