New Yankee Stadium

Dear Mr. Steinbrenner,

Here’s my (rough) suggestion for how the new Yankee Stadium should look:


You see, shrinking the field will be a great way for you to pack in extra fans and give them what they really want: more home runs.

What do you think?

Your friend Zachary



    funny,, haha but wata u think about the REAL new yankee stadium, u hopin to snag any baseballs wen its done?


    That’s pretty cool. Great for foul balls, too. Did you take both pictures from the same seat?

  3. Zack

    Thanks. I’m not too happy about the REAL one. It’s about 10,000 seats too small, and its design is too similar to the current ballpark. I do indeed plan to do my share of snagging when it opens.

    SKY KID-

    What’s up! Bases? I never worry about minor details.


    Even better for home runs. I did take both pics from the same seat. In fact, I took three. The image you see here is a combination of the first and third.


    Hey, autograph collecting is big all over.

  4. Diane

    Wow … given that little ground to cover, Jeter could finally DESERVE the Gold Gloves he’s gotten the past couple of years.



    It’s never too late for you to consider brain surgery…

    You must be out of your flipping mind…

    Some things never change and the field dimensions in the new state-of-the-art Yankee Stadium will be exactly the same as the old one and that even includes transporting the famous green grass…

    The only jokers that would even consider playing on your field of dreams would be the “Coneheads”!


    AND ON THAT NOTE…. 22 DAYS UNTIL PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORT… now back to our regularly scheduled program


    Hey Zack I actually agree with Mike, Because that is such a bad idea and is super bad!


    I think that a great idea. How many more people do you think will fill the staduim. You may need a shoe horn to get all those people in.

    What ever

  9. Zack

    I might’ve been joking. (But I don’t deny being out of my mind.)


    Ugh. Too soon. Don’t remind me. I need another year of winter to catch up on being a human being.


    Fair enough. You’re allowed to disagree with me…but like I said, I might not have been serious. That’s quite an email address you got there. Can you explain it?

    JAY FAN-

    Thanks. That’d be a big shoe horn. Maybe 70,000 people would fit in the ballpark? Not sure about my next entry. I don’t always plan these things…



    Thanks for admitting that your a little off the wall…

    Those darn steps, bannana peels and empty beer cups that you tripped over sure didn’t help the old cranium in the line of duty…

    I don’t know if you have a nickname but perhaps you should be called “Seamhead”!


    Zack, I am going for sure to 2 mlb games this year! I just found out today and how many games you going to this year?

  12. Zack

    Seamhead? That’s a new one. I don’t love it. I don’t hate. I’ve been called much worse.

    JAY FAN-

    I have no idea how many games I’ll go to. Probably between 20 and 40. What do YOU consider cool?

  13. Zack

    Not Comerica. I’ve already been there, and I wasn’t too fond of it, so there’s no reason for me to go back. I have no idea what teams I’ll be seeing besides the obvious: Mets, Yanks, Orioles, Phillies. Back in 2005 (I think), I posted an entry called “pregame checklist” or something like that. If you have the time, comb through my archives and when you find it, you’ll see all the stuff that I bring to games. If I were home, I could find the date of the entry really quickly…but I haven’t been home much this week.

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