Banned from Shea?!

Over the years, I’ve done a few dopey things at Shea Stadium and gotten myself into trouble; when I stumbled upon this article today and first glanced at the headline, I thought it was about me. No joke.


But it’s not. Phew!



    Well I haven’t been on this blog for a while and I missed the hate about that Derek guy. OMG HE IS SUCH A ******* RETARD THAT CAN GO SHOVE A PINECONE UP HIS ***** ***. he added me and every 2 secs he messages me about ****. Apparantly hes just some 14 year old ****** and he is such a bloddy **** that I wanna ram a ***** baseball bat down this throat.


    to be honest zack…when i saw that article today the first thing that crossed my mind was that jerk derek ( weird how similar that is to derek jeter…but ignore that)
    anyway…glad it’s not you


    Well I’m glad that Derek guy is finally gone and he hasn’t popped up since we started that thread on him.

    However I think theres a spy among us, if you know what I mean. JAYSFAN! It’s Derek I think lol well I don’t know but it just seems strange to me that he asks the Derekesque questions and just happened to appear when he disappeared and I think Derek was a Jays fan also.

    But anyway off topic who here has seen Snakes on a Plane and is it good?


    Just like that policeman that won the NY state lottery — it could happen to you…

    Now the Mets will have to worry about the money they will be losing as this diehard fan will not be attending games for three years…

    Can you imagine the pain and withdrawl this fan will have to endure…

  5. Zack

    Interesting theory. I’m not going to agree or disagree…it’s not really my place to do that. (You want me to get banned?)


    I’m glad I wasn’t the first person you thought of.


    Thanks. No idea about the next blog.


    I doubt the Mets will feel bad about losing a few hundred bucks, or even a few thousand. But yes, I can imagine the pain.


    This kid was an idiot. His mom was quoted as saying “We really didn’t think he was doing anything wrong.” Hello??? Since when is that legal???


    (You want me to get banned?)

    what exactly do you mean by that and its also the 1st time u wrote my entire email address instead of play Jimmy.

  8. Zack

    The world is filled with idiots. Isn’t it fun to laugh at them?


    I don’t know what I meant. You just seemed to have a little edge in your first comment…but I like edges.



    The Mets organization should hire this fan to do community service for them and save some money…

    Nice too see that Willie Randolph has been rewarded for all of his hard work with the Mets…

    I have been a fan of Willie’s since he played for the New York Yankees!


    zack! long time no talk man. hows everything going?

    i saw that on espn a few days ago and just cracked up.

    anyway, i plan on purchasing your book, but i havent gotten around to borders to pick it up. i also plan on getting Seams, your friend’s book too.

    so i am going down to spring training again this year. i have literally over 200 mets cards and about 150 ready for baltimore. last year i was able to get 22 autos and 5 balls from the mets (never got around to baltimore) on a very bad weather day. hopefully i can do alot better this year, when it will hopefully be nice and sunny. i know that you dont count ST balls to your collection, but i do, so its all good.

    looking back on my experience from last year, i have realized how many more balls i could have gotten. i know for a fact that there are no people looking for balls there at all, so hopefully i can walk out with 10-15. baltimore is more of an unknown situation since i have never done them at ST before.

    i’ll definately keep you posted.

    congrats to you on the success of your book, and i look foward to reading it!

  11. Zack



    I’m happy for Willie, too, but as far as this stupid fan is concerned…community service is a nice idea but the Mets probably just want him as far away from them as possible.


    Four, all at Shea, but those days are long gone. I’m a good boy now.

    JON ELI-

    W’sup! Good to see you back on here. Everything’s great. I’m enjoying all kinds of free time this winter and just relaxing before baseball takes over once again. My book actually isn’t out yet, so if you went to a store, you wouldn’t find it, but you can pre-order it here:

    I’m still reading “Seams,” slowly but surely…a chapter here, a chapter there. I’m about a quarter of the way through, and I truly am enjoying it. It’s a good mix of baseball/college humor/supernatural. Good luck in Spring Training. I think you’ll do well with Baltimore, and yes keep me (and everyone here) posted.


    wow..i thought it was you when i first glanced too..haha..hey i havent been on here in a while, and im getting excited for this upcoming season, i bought a 20 game pack for the brewers and, im going to spring training.. and in july im going on a little baseball trip out east to pittsburgh, cleveland, and probably D.C…does anyone have any advice for spring training?its my first time so i wanna go in with a heads up.


    I forget where I saw this but apparently somebody is assuming I am “derek” from some e-mail problem Zack had. Let me assure you that I am not him. I am not a spy, I have been following this site since whenever I could remember and only recently found out how to post a comment without signing up for Also, I am not the only one who has started posting. Mike has been posting too, I don’t know who that was.. I don’t know Derek and I am not him either.


    Zack has alot of baseballs! I think he has a great hobby! Zack are you going to have a blog on spring t?

  15. Zack

    Good to see you back here. Twenty games at Miller Park? That’s a lot of foul balls. (You DO realize that that place is the best in the majors for getting a foul during the game, right?)

    JAY FAN-

    I appreciate your defending yourself. Like I said before, I’m not making any assumptions about anybody. It seems that the email issue is a thing of the past, and I’ve moved on. No blogging about Spring Training for me. I’ll be here in NYC, enjoying my last few weeks of relaxation.


    What do you mean last week mof relaxation? And when are you making a new blog on something cool, like rogers centre or comerica park? Your site is good!

  17. Zack

    What I mean is that baseball tends to take over my life during the season, so I’m enjoying my down-time while it lasts. I have no reason to blog about ballparks that I’m not going to, so don’t hold your breath for that “cool” entry.


    JaysFan- I was just joking around man.

    Zack how about catching a home opener this year.


    awards for everything these days:

    The Joe DiMaggio “Toast of the Town” Award, which celebrates players who have become New York favorites, went to the popular left side of the Mets’ infield, shortstop Jose Reyes and third baseman David Wright, and was presented by Hall of Fame electee Cal Ripken, Jr.


    This blog so unactive. What is going on? Why dont any one talk? well see ya later

  21. Zack

    You know I avoid big crowds.


    I hadn’t heard a thing about that. Cool.

    JAY FAN-

    That’s a lot of games.


    This site is so unactive anymore and there is no new blogs. I am going elsewhere!!!!!!!!!


    Jay Fan, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You do realize that spring training hasn’t even started, right? Zack needs some rest…..


    Psu- don’t let the door hit you on the way out. have u ever heard of offseason!


    Hey Zack Attack:

    Wake up little buddy and smell the coffee…

    Let the bells ring and the banners fly!

    It’s only a couple of weeks before spring training begins and I’m getting bored…

    Please start a spanking brand new blog so I don’t fall asleep…



    This site does not even have a new blog. Mike you are write spring training is beiongs soon! Hurry up make a new blog and u should be more active when u have a website! So blog it on baby!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Zack

    I’m back. I’ve had MAJOR computer problems over the past few days, and I’m still trying to get things straightened out. Bear with me if I don’t comment/post that often for the rest of the week.



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