Rockies roster

Take a look at my Rockies roster from my last three games of the season. Right after I snag each ball, I scribble down the basic details so that I’ll be able to remember everything when I get home.


That’s it. Just wanted to share that.



    Now that is a piece of art. I went to the final game of the year, but all i got was 8 autographs. (6 no-name rockies that I am too lazy to look up, and Heath Bell/Chris Woodward from the Mets)

    Anyway, I am going to a hockey game, and I want to ask the expert if he can give me any tips about getting a puck >_>.


    author of

  2. Zack

    Well hey, thanks.

    You must REALLY be lazy if you won’t even bother to look up the autographs right here on this Rockies roster.

    I would hardly consider myself an ‘expert,’ but still, I’d suggest that you get there early for warmups and hang out on the visitors’ side (as close to the action as possible) and just ask guys as they pass by…same basic strategies as trying to get a baseball. And if you’re not too lazy, you could go so far as to print up a roster of the visiting team so that you’ll be able to identify everyone.

    Nice blog, by the way, but I have to argue about two things:

    1. Despite his .133 average in the ALDS, A-Rod IS clutch. His on-base percentage was .435, and in the 2004 ALDS, he batted .421. Furthermore, his career postseason average in 118 at-bats is .305.

    2. NOTHING is better than a bag of balls.




    Since you “must” know whose autographs I got, I will post them. My ticket stubs with the autographs were not in plain sight, since the game was 6 weeks ago. I had to go looking for the protective sheet that I put them in. Anyway, the autographs are from Garrett Atkins, Marcos Carvajal, Luis Gonzales, Omar Quinatella, Aaron Miles, and Corey Sullivan (and Woodward/Heath).

    Also, (i hope this isn’t a stupid question) why would I only want to know about the visiting team’s names and stay by them during warmups?


    Hello, I haven’t been here in a long while. I’m working on a personal project, and I might need your help. Can I email you and what is your email address? Thanks, and good job catching the puck.

  5. Zack

    Thank you for satisfying my autograph curiosities. Those aren’t a bad bunch of guys to have. They’re all pretty young, at least. Meanwhile, the only stupid questions are the ones we don’t ask. That said, it’s good to know ALL the players but since most of the fans will be hounding the home team, you won’t have nearly as much competition if you focus on the visitors.


    Good to see you back on here. Feel free to drop me a line at but don’t be offended if it takes me a few days to get back to you. That’s just sometimes how it goes with me and e-mail. In any case, I’m curious to hear about this project.


    Happy to get your e-mails, too.


    I love you (not in THAT way), but please don’t come to the Mets. Shea is enough of a zoo as it is.


    Same for you.




    You guys can play for the Mets anyday.


    You’ve lost your mind.


    Yes, I know.


    Perhaps you should get some fresh air.


    Fresh air is overrated.




    Don’t take that apathetic tone with me!


    I’ll take whatever tone I please.


    Don’t even talk to me.


    Well then don’t talk to ME!






    I am currently collecting (hand-written) letters from all kinds of people connected in Major League Baseball. I have letters from all kinds of people from Hall of Fame Manager Sparky Anderson, to actor Robin Williams. I wanted to know if you could write a letter about your book and your baseball collection. I would probably put your letter with author Seth Swirsky and Brooklyn Dodgers baseball player/author Carl Erskine. So, do you have enough time to write a letter?

  7. Zack

    Do I have enough time? No. I mean yes. I mean, I might not be able to get to it right away, but I’d love to. Actually, I’m honored that you’d like me to write something, and that you plan to include it with stuff from all those other guys. Do you need it by a certain date? Any particular length or just whatever? What’s your address?

    Neat idea.

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