Different kind of ball

I’m straying from baseball for a second straight entry to share my latest milestone…



  1. Zack

    Dude, thanks. My entire apartment looks like that. Only took me two months, but that’s nothing compared to the 24 years I’ve been working on the ball. (Not full-time, of course.)

  2. christopher.aubin@gmail.com

    With the pictures on the wall, the rubber band ball, and baseball collection you could probably make some money as a psychological case study.

    Is there something in the center of the Rubberband ball, like a Golf ball or something to get the ball started or is it all rubber bands?


  3. Zack

    I could probably make even more money by letting people examine my OTHER obsessions/issues, but anyway…the ball is solid rubber right down to the core. My mother started it for me (because I was only four years old) by folding up a single rubber band and wrapping other bands around it. It’s pretty easy to do if you’re good with your hands.

  4. Zack

    I love it! I am honored. I thank you. I wish I had your computer skills because if I did, I’d put together all kinds of crazy stuff, too.


    If only these poor innocent baseball fans knew…

  5. Zack

    They’re not all ads, but anyway, all the pictures are from mags that I’ve either found or been given over the years. The top row (right below the ceiling) is strictly covers. On wall, I have the following: Maxim, Shape, Entertainment Weekly, Details, The Economist, People, Adventure Cyclist, Tattoo, Baltimore, YM, Gourmet, Planet Muscle, Erotomic, Sesame Street Parents, Time, Family, Opera News, Sports Illustrated, and Allure.

    I don’t particularly care for mainstream magazines, but those certainly are the easiest to find.

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