ST. MARTIN — Day 7

This was the final day of the trip. Our flight back to New York was scheduled to take off at 4pm, leaving time for a final jaunt on the beach.

Here I am with my half-sister Martha:


I took that photo with a ten-second timer. Not bad, huh?

As we walked, I took a bunch of photos like this . . .


. . . and this . . .


. . . and this . . .


. . . and this:


Before I knew it, we had to pack up and jump in the car . . .


. . . and head to Princess Juliana International Airport:


Amy had a flight to Memphis on her own, so we said goodbye to her:


Our flight was an hour later, so I had lots of time to work on my blog:


Eventually my time in St. Martin was over:


Hopefully we can all travel someplace together next year. India is currently being discussed as a possibility, but I’m not sure if it’ll happen. Alternatively, I would love to visit Thailand, but Martha has already been there. Of course. Maybe Vietnam? Or maybe Key West? Or a cruise?

Whatever. All I can think about now is enjoying two more full months of relaxing bliss before Opening Day . . .


  1. jere80

    How about Cuba? They say one of the legit excuses for ‘mericans to go there now is “sporting events,” so you could see some of that storied Cuban baseball. And old cars and stuff. You hear a lot about Cuban baseball, but you never hear about the snagging scene there. Who better to report on this!?

  2. ch1088

    I wouldn’t suggest Key West… I went there for like 3 hours when I was in Miami… It was wayyy too touristy. Try somewhere in the South Pacific!

  3. jere80

    As someone who’s been to Key West for MORE than 3 hours, I would suggest experiencing it at least once in your life

  4. Zack Hample

    That’s a damn good idea. I’d be happy to go there, but I wouldn’t want it to be a baseball trip. I’d go see some baseball for part of one day, and that’s it. I know it sounds weird, but I have very little interest in baseball other than at the major league level. As for Key West . . . ha! I was actually there when I was about 10 years old — for the better part of a week.

    You think big. I like that.

    I gotta say . . . Jere’s response to your comment made me laugh. But I hear ya. I would love to go to the South Pacific. Someday.


  5. Ray Burton

    Thailand is very nice. India is a giant noisy smelly hovel. Hard to go past Costa Rica or Panama in the Americas or east Africa. Depends on what you want. Relaxing on the beach on Phi Phi island [ stop sniggering ] is hard to beat. Terrific snorkelling too. And plenty of snakes.

  6. piotrkol

    Back in NY Zack? I heard a giant snowstorm is coming to you guys. So big in fact, that I heard about it here in Poland :0
    Must suck coming back from a hot beach to harsh winter :/

  7. Zack Hample

    I know India is kinda rough, but I’d still love to experience it. Don’t get me started on snakes. I’d rather live in a shack with no running water and no snakes than in a five-star hotel in which I’d unexpectedly encounter a snake once a day.

    It does suck, but as you may have heard, the so-called blizzard was a complete dud. The whole city shut down last night, and we only got about five inches (12.7 cm) of snow.

    Ew to Las Vegas. That’s sooooo not my scene.

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