Ejected from Nationals Park

As you may have already heard, I was ejected from yesterday’s doubleheader at Nationals Park, and I am REALLY PISSED OFF about it. The very short version of the story is that I was *falsely* accused by the head of security of “selling baseballs.” (I’ve never sold a ball in my life — not even my most valuable balls when I could’ve used the money — and I take pride in that fact.) This incident was totally unfair, and when I have more time, I’ll write a full-length blog entry about it. Stay tuned . . .


  1. Doug

    Did you get a ball?

    If you did, will you count it as a game?

    If you didn’t, will you still count it at a game?

  2. Dan Sauvageau

    First of all, we know you don’t sell them, but if someone were to sell a baseball, where does it say that it is grounds for ejection?

  3. Andy

    Saw that you reached out to Deadspin to tell your story. Not sure if that was wise since they again ripped on you for being a ballhawk and trampling babies, etc.

  4. Jared (Superslugger)

    @Austin – I’m writing a detailed letter to chief of security, Stewart Branam. I reccomend that you should write a letter too.

  5. cbeltran15

    This is wrong on the Nationals’ part, and it could bring them bad publicity.
    Citi Field tomorrow night anyone? I might be going, but I still don’t know.

  6. smillermarlins

    I agree, this might be bad publicity for the Nationals. But in all fairness, Zack, you’ve gotten away with a lot that COULD have gotten you thrown out (ex. devices, lingering in KC, trespassing at Dodger Stadium). It’s just a shame that you weren’t actually doing anything semi-illegal.

  7. Dan

    You see this?? Its the worlds smallest violin playing for you. Quit crying. Its private property, if security asked you to leave, you really have no option otherwise you could get arrested for trespassing. No one cares.

  8. Philip Joens

    Dan, Security needs to have a valid reason to ask you to leave. Haul in 11 baseballs, are trying to pose for a PHOTO and some d-bag security supervisor makes up a story about you selling baseballs without proof based on nothing but his crazy imagination is not proof! I’m not saying innocent until proven guilty, this is a private company. But they must at least show actual proof!

  9. Dan

    @Philip, On private property, security needs no reason to ask you to leave. Thats why its called Private property. And whos to say this d-bag security advisor didnt take a complaint from someone else?

    @nsimon, its a figure of speech, dont be so stupid.

  10. Ben Weil

    @Dan If you pay for the right to enter private property, there does need to be a valid reason to be required to leave. What if you were to go to see a movie, bought the ticket, gave it to the ticket-taker to enter, then security immediately came up to you and forced you out with no refund, and no reason? How would you like that? Life doesn’t work that way. You are obviously allowed to be on “private property” when they make you pay to be there. And no, they cannot kick you out for no reason. Although, in this case, they did.

  11. Liz Merry

    This is unbelievable. DON’T THEY KNOW WHO YOU ARE??? Joining the above supporters with an email to Nats’ security. An aside, why all the hate, Tim and Dan?

  12. Dave b,

    Zack I was wondering what happened to you, I sawyou yakking with security…but never thought it would come to this…now we all have to watch our backs at the natamateur park…it’s really nonsense…sf water bottle Dave

  13. Dan

    They had a reason, I am not saying it was legit or not, they had a reason to believe he was selling baseballs so he was asked to leave. Am I missing something here?? Sounds like a good enough reason to me (regardless if it was factual or not) Your argument is still moot as even Zack has said they had a reason.

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