Book update No. 25 — Hello, Amazon!

Very exciting news: The Baseball is now listed on Amazon. Check out the following screen shot from my author page:

As you can see, there’s not an image of the of the cover yet, but still, this is a huge step that makes the book seem REAL for the first time. If you click the title link (under the non-image), this is what you’ll see:
Last I heard, The Baseball was due to be released on March 1st, but whatever. I can wait an extra week. Meanwhile, I can hardly believe that the book is listed as 368 pages! There was a time in my life (not too long ago, in fact) when I struggled just to read a book that long. And now I’ve written one. Yeah, there are going to be lots of large photos that take up lots of space, but still…go me.


  1. 07nlchamps

    Hey Zack, I could write a 368 page book about baseball with no problem at all. Of course, it would have to have 367 pages of pictures. :) Dan

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