Gustavo Watch, Part 24

jinxed_with_the_astros.jpgIt’s been a while since my last Gustavo Watch because I’ve been busy.

In any case, the Hample Jinx is still inflicting pain and suffering on Gustavo Chacin, the man who stole a baseball from me during batting practice on 8/1/06 at Yankee Stadium.
Entering today, ol’ Gussy-boy had an ERA of 2.70. Not bad, right? Well, in tonight’s game against the lowly Pirates, he managed to give up three earned runs in one pathetic inning of middle “relief.” Now his ERA is 3.86, and I have news for you: it’s only gonna get worse.


  1. gregb123

    I was at this game, and let me tell you, Gustavo was even worse than his line would indicate. He struggled to get the opposing pitcher out, and he gave up the only runs the Astros allowed all night. Also, he has a stupid face, for what it’s worth.

  2. zackhample

    Haha, awesome. So…you’re on a roadtrip right now? Arlington later today? Are you gonna play the batter’s eye for homers or will you be roaming all over the stadium? If you see Jeremy Guthrie, can you tell him that “Zack Hample from New York says hi”?

  3. jskool81

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, Zack. It’s fun collecting autographs through the mail … I’d ask if you ever did it, but I’m pretty sure you have your hands full with your other collections!!
    I’ll have some more cards posted soon. Thanks again.

  4. stinkythecat

    I saw the other day how gustavo got the loss and heath bell got the save. Twas awesome and hilarious. Btw have you ever heard of fan packs and if so have you or do collect them? Thanks dude.

  5. zackhample

    You’re welcome. There was one season (around 1992, I think) when I went nuts with sending stuff to guys in the mail and I got a lot of good stuff back, but then I just decided that it was more fun to get autographs in person, so I stopped. Now I hardly get autographs at all. :-(

    Wow, that’s nuts. I hadn’t heard about that until you left this comment. (Meanwhile, the guy who wrote that article — he goes by “Duk” — promised last season to do a piece of my charitable efforts, but he never followed through, and now he won’t even answer my emails. I’m not too happy about that.)

    I’ve heard of fan packs, but never collected them.

  6. jskool81

    In person autographs are awesome as well, given the fact you can meet the athlete and shake his hand, get a picture taken with him, etc. Living where I live, I don’t get to a ton of games, and certainly very few outside Toronto, so the TTM hobby works for me. Do you know how many autographs you’ve got in your collection?

  7. zackhample

    Well, that makes sense. I hadn’t considered the geography factor. I probably have about 1,500 autographs, mostly on ticket stubs.

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