Book update No. 11 — Hall of Fame action

Two quick book updates related to the Hall of Fame:

1) The Hall of Fame finally sent me half a dozen photos of OLD baseballs dating back to the 1870s, including several balls that I’d never seen before, and one that I never even knew existed. I’m not talking about balls with historical significance, but rather balls that were stitched differently…as in, not in the standard horseshoe shape that we now have today. Seriously cool stuff. I had to pay just to get the photos, and I’m going to have to pay even more for each one 


that actually gets printed in the book. Obviously I can’t share them here on the blog, so just take my word about how cool they are. There’s a chance that the book will have 16 pages of color/glossy photos, but that remains to be seen. As soon as I find out, I’ll get started on my “Evolution of the Logo” chapter.
2) At some point during the course of my (still ongoing) research, I found a brief mention of a certain Hall of Famer who caught a foul ball at a World Series game several years after he retired. I couldn’t find additional info ANYwhere, so I finally contacted the team that he played for, talked to several media people, explained who I was and what I needed…and ended up getting an email from the actual player about this ball and how he caught it and what happened to the ball later on. Excellent details. Great quotes. I’ve already written a few paragraphs about it for my “Celebrity Ballhawks” section. I’d tell you who the player is, but I need to keep a few surprises for the book.
That’s it for now. Back to work…


  1. zackhample

    Thanks. Glad you’re enjoying the updates.

    Yes they are. At this point, though, it’s an issue of money. It’s a lot more expensive to have photos of any kind, let alone ones that are glossy and in color. Fingers crossed…

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