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Barry Bonds 762 press conference

Last month, in case you missed it, I wrote a long article about Barry Bonds’ final home run ball and the fan who snagged it, then flew to Colorado for the press conference at which that fan–a 24-year-old from Boulder named Jameson Sutton–came forward for the first time. Naturally I took a bunch of pics (and received a few others), and here they are…

My stay in Denver started with a late-nite gathering at the Blake Street Tavern. I took a cab there straight from the airport and met the key players for the first time. Here we are in the pic below, from left to right: Robert Harmon, Jameson Sutton, David Kohler (the owner of SCP Auctions which is handling the sale of the ball), me, and Jameson’s brother Randy:

Thumbnail image for robert_jameson_david_zack_randy.jpg
Me with The Man:


My dinner (this stuff is important to document):

Thumbnail image for dinner_at_blake_street_tavern.jpg

While we were all waiting for the editors at Yahoo to get my story online, Jameson and Robert were using THE fake ball to recreate the battle for the real one:


Finally, I got the call, found a wireless connection, and pulled up the story on my laptop:


I read the story aloud as Jameson and the others looked on:


The next morning, on the way to the press conference, I got my picture taken across the street from Coors Field:


Jameson likes stripes. Here he is about half an hour before making his official appearance:


Did you notice the woman standing in the background? Here she is again. She might look sweet, but don’t mess with her. She had a gun, and she was guarding The Real Ball.


The press conference took place at the ESPN Zone. I arrived early while the media was just starting to set up:


Here’s another look at the cameras:


During the press conference itself, I roamed all over the room and took pics from various angles. Here’s one from the back:


Here’s another (with David, the auction owner, on Jameson’s right) from closer up:


CLICK HERE to see a one-minute video that I shot. Did you watch it? Good. Now take a look at Jameson holding up The Real Ball:


Robert wishing he were holding The Real Ball (after the press conference):


Close-up of The Real Ball:


Me in the background:


One last pic with Jameson before racing off to catch my flight:


The Real Ball is currently being auctioned online. There’s a two-week window for people to bid, and you can follow it all RIGHT HERE.

Two other unrelated pieces of news:

1) I’m in the current issue of Southwest Airlines’ official magazine. Check it out.

2) I’m driving to Boston tomorrow for a Watch With Zack game at Fenway on Tuesday. Red Sox home opener. Ring ceremony. Pretty good seats. Just hoping for at least one ball…