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10,000th comment (and other stuff)

Every now and then, I like to look at my blog stats: number of entries, number of words, number of photos, number of hits, etc.

Well, I just discovered that there have been exactly 10,110 comments since I posted my very first entry way back in April of 2005…so I looked at the most recent comments and counted backwards to 110 and figured out who left No. 10,000. Want to know who it was? Keep reading and I’ll tell you toward the end of this entry. (Ohhh, the suspense!)

In other (media-related) news…

1) I just received a copy of the April issue of “D’backs Insider,” the official magazine of the Arizona Diamondbacks, which contains a full-page Q&A interview about my book and baseball collection.

2) I did another Q&A interview this month with a guy named Michael Solem who writes a Nationals blog for the Washington Post. The piece just came out earlier today, and here’s the link. Keep in mind that I did this interview by phone (as opposed to the D-backs interview which I sent in via email) so my answers are not especially eloquent.

3) On Monday, May 5th at 3:35pm ET, I’m going to be interviewed live for about 15 minutes on “The Jay Thomas Show” on Sirius Satellite Radio. If you don’t have Sirius…oh well.

And now, for the presentation of the GCA (Golden Commenter Award)…
The 10,000th comment was posted on April 17th, 2008 by a young man who goes by the name of “twinslove.” Here is that fateful comment (which, coincidentally, discusses other five-digit numbers):

Unfortunately, the Nationals are still failing to draw fans despite their brand new park. After failing to sell out the first game in the new park (the listed attendance on the Nationals website is 39,389; capacity over 41,000) they managed to draw 20,487 which is the lowest attendance ever for the second game in a new venue. Since opening night, they are averaging 26,351 which is 64% of capacity. Being a half season ticket holder, I am definitely disappointed in the turnouts.
Washington needs a title badly. The last time a professional team won was the 1991 Redskins.
Go Nats

BTW, the 9,999th comment was posted by “puckcollector,” and the 10,001st came from Alex.

I’ll be at Yankee Stadium tomorrow if the weather improves in time for BP…