Charity prize winners 2015

I just picked the prize winners for this season’s fundraiser for the charity Pitch In For Baseball. Here’s the video that shows how it all went down:

If your name was picked, tell me what prize you want. (If your name was picked third, for example, give me your top three choices.) Then email me your address and any other info I’ll need to mail it to you.

On behalf of Pitch In For Baseball, thanks for your support! Here’s their website in case you want to learn more about them.


  1. Liz Merry

    I know! Who’da thunk back in June? It was a really special season for us. And next year Wheeler will be back, too. Dream rotation! I chose the t-shirts first (most of mine are threadbare hahaha,) then the little posters, then the Grandy bobblehead. We’ll see how it all shakes out. I don’t care if I get my choices or not. It’s just fun to be in it!

  2. Zack Hample

    It’s almost your turn — just waiting for Ray to make a selection (which he would’ve done earlier if I’d responded to his last email earlier).

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