ST. MARTIN — Day 2

As the photo below indicates, our first full day in St. Martin was rather uneventful:


That’s not a complaint. It’s exactly what we all needed. We enjoyed getting a slow start and fiddling on our laptops for a bit.

While my mom and Martha discussed the plan . . .


. . . I scrounged up a few small items for breakfast, including this:


Prune yogurt! Yum! (Seriously.)

What did we do all day? We hung out on the beach near our condo. Here’s my mom:


Here are Amy and Martha:


Here’s me:


One of the highlights of the day was drinking this:


See what I mean about things being uneventful? That drink — my first with alcohol since Ben & Jen’s wedding 32 days ago — contained banana, coconut, and Baileys.

Here I am at lunch:


Here’s what I ate for lunch — tuna curry with coconut sauce:


In the late afternoon, I escaped the sun by heading up into the condo. This was the scene down below:


Here’s something else I saw from the balcony:


I’d seen those things on TV, but never in person. They’re called flyboards, and I’m hoping to try one before the week is through.

This was the view at sunset:


For dinner, we went to a nice-ish restaurant down the street. Here’s what I ate:


On the left is “lobster soup with lobster dices and vegetable julienne.” On the right is “pork tenderloin, honey orange sauce, glazed shallots with tonka bean, and potatoes au gratin.”

The end.
That was my day.
Sometimes it’s fun to do nothing.


  1. raytheaustralian

    Juste essayer de le rendre elegant , dome de chrome. La plage est deserte ! Est-ce la saison touristique ? Un temps tres relaxant par le regard de celui-ci. Je deteste plages bondees aussi. Escapades agreable et calm sont les meilleurs pour se detendre. Le temps passe plus lentement , ou ce qu`il parait . Ce que les jeunes manes se amuser en Australie ? Sont-ils encore rentre ? Decembre / Janvier probablement pas le meilleur moment a Cairns. Saison de pluies ! Tres humide est l`eau est pleine de Box jellyfish ! Merde clavier de Roman ! Non acutes / graves / circumflexes etc

  2. Randy

    Place looks awesome! I thought I read in your FAQ a while back you either never drink or have never had alcohol. Did you recently start having an occasional drink?

  3. Zack Hample

    Dôme de chrome?! Comment osez-vous! La plage près de notre condo est très calme, mais il est certainement plus d’activité ailleurs sur l’île. Mes amis Ben et Jen ont récemment été à Cairns. Je espère qu’ils ne sont pas plu ou piqués par des méduses.

    You have a good memory, but let me clarify: I do occasionally drink alcohol, but I’ve never been drunk.

    Nope. She’s on a three-week study abroad trip to the Galapagos.

  4. Zack Hample

    It’s easy . . . like, a 20-minute drive, I think. I haven’t been doing any of the driving or navigating, so I’m not sure, but everything seems close by. I had no idea about that airport near the beach (even though I think we landed there). That is AWEsome. Martha says she wants to check it out, so we might actually go do it.

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