64 commemorative baseballs

I’ve snagged a bunch of different commemorative baseballs over the years, and it just occurred to me that this would pretty cool:


All of those balls are photoshopped together into one gigantic image, so if you haven’t done so already, you can click it for a much closer look.

There are three balls in my collection that didn’t make the cut: Enron Field (because the silver stamping is awfully pale), the 2001 Opening Series in Puerto Rico (because the logo is heavily worn), and Miller Park (which is also worn).

Give me a few more years, and hopefully I’ll be able to make a 10-by-10 collage . . .


  1. Larry

    Holy balls. Looking at them all together is just beautiful. Also, is it just me, or is the logo on the 2010 WS ball kinda oversized?

  2. Zack Hample

    I have a feeling your collection will continue to grow . . .

    It’s hard to pick just one, but maybe the Mother’s Day ball. I love the pink because it’s so vivid and cheerful, and I think it looks cool as hell on a mud-rubbed baseball.

    Ha, thanks. I’ve always thought that the Busch Stadium inaugural logo was too big, but damn! You’re right about the 2010 World Series logo. It’s humongous.

    I would imagine that some executives at Rawlings have the production numbers, but I don’t think there’s ant way for a normal civilian to get that info.

    Inaugural season of Citi Field. Easy to snag. Dreadful logo.

    Probably this one . . .
    . . . but at the time, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a commemorative baseball. I could easily buy one, of course, but I have no desire to own any ball that I haven’t personally snagged at a major league game. Oh well. Life goes on.

  3. Andrew

    Hi Zack, I have some questions about two of the baseballs.
    1) How did you obtain the 2000 Subway Series ball? Also, was it used in gameplay? I doubt it was due to both of the teams logos being on the ball.
    2) Was the July 4th, 2001 ball used in play? The background with the flag is nice.


  4. Zack Hample

    1) I got a bunch of them the following season during batting practice at Shea Stadium. Years later I heard (from the licensing director at MLB) that there were two versions of the ball. The one you see here with team logos on both sides was not used it games. It was just a collector’s item. The game-used version did not have those logos.

    2) I’m not sure, but I think so. Like many of these balls, I snagged it at a future date during BP.

  5. Ray Burton

    As a tribute to your baseball collection I will make your commemoratives my laptop background until the Royals win the World Series. Hope its not for 29 years.

  6. DanR

    I just realized you (and anyone else not attending WS games) have snagged your last ever Bud Selig signature ball. End of an era.

  7. Cook & Son Bats

    Idea Alert: MLB and Rawlings should chip in together to donate all remaining “Selig” balls to Pitch In For Baseball so we can start fresh with 100% Manfred Balls in 2015. Make it happen, MLB and Rawlings.

  8. Zack Hample

    That’s a lovely idea, but Rawlings doesn’t donate official major league baseballs. Period. They are quite generous, however, with other baseballs that don’t cost so much money.

  9. Ray Burton

    Well said jvfuentes. The bastardisation of traditional sport to satisfy the modern thrill-hungry sports fan is a world wide phenomenon. Our most revered game of cricket ( our national stick-and-ball contest ) has been abbreviated from the original format of 5 DAYS to a more consumer friendly 5 hours to satisfy an audience that requires regular infusions of cheap thrills , loud music , explosions and flashing lights. The only way a sport will survive in this competitive world is through sponsorship and no sponsor will risk corporate dollars without some input into the finished product. Bring back the Coliseum and human sacrifice and just watch them queue up to have their names plastered over the blood spattered walls. Don’t be surprised if baseball introduces a new shortened form of the game ( over , say , 4 innings ) in addition to the traditional one , to satisfy all parties if no compromise over rule changes can be reached. Hey , that’s a great idea that I just had. Wonder if I can find a sponsor ? PS I’ve always been a Billy the Mountain fan myself.

  10. jvfuentes

    …and Billy’s appearance in the Greggary Peccary tune is a great example of what makes FZ so special!

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