Amazing article in “The New Yorker”

new_yorker_06_23_14aThere’ve been lots of articles written about me over the years, none worse than last season’s profile in The New Yorker. The guy who wrote it went out of his way to make me look bad, so when my family learned six months ago that the magazine was planning to publish a much bigger story about us and our book store, we were all a bit nervous. Fast-forward to the present. The new story is out, and let’s just say the magazine redeemed itself (and then some). I hope you’ll read the entire article, but if your time is limited and you just want to check out the part about me, scroll all the way to the bottom and look for the portion highlighted in pink. Here are the first two of 12 pages:


In the photo above (which, as the caption says, was taken in the 1980s), that’s my mom on the left of the center fold. The other four people are my aunts and grandparents.

Here are pages 3-4:


Here are pages 5-6:


Here are pages 7-8:


Here are pages 9-10:


Here’s the part about me on pages 11-12:


The end!

Huge thanks to The New Yorker and to writer Janet Malcolm for the positive coverage.


  1. Zack Hample

    You’re so crazy. :-)


    I love hearing from you so much. I showed your comment to my mom, and she was touched.

    Glad you like it.

  2. Joe Webster

    Hey Zack,

    I want to personally apologize for about 25 prank calls that were directed towards the Argosy earlier this year. I did a marketing project on the Argosy for my Sports & Entertainment Marketing class and we had to put the business info. My ENTIRE class decided it would be fun to call and ask for “A bible…signed by Jesus.”

    SO, sorry about that! (I got a 105 on the project though!)

    Hope to meet you soon

    Joe Webster

  3. Zack Hample

    Wow . . . okay. I never heard anything about prank calls, but then again, I haven’t answered the phones there since 2012. As far as I’m concerned, you are forgiven, but the person who had to deal with all those calls might feel otherwise. Hope to meet you too.

  4. James Lee (@esigs)

    Loved the history of the store and surroundings, and that the third generation is involved in the store. Hope your family will continue your grandparents’ legacy even as the foot traffic diminishes due to increased online sales, although the major threat to that may come from the real estate value, not necessarily decreased store sales.

  5. pacmedia

    Wonderful article Zack! I have always been intrigued by the store (I love used book stores!) and wanted to understand more about its history. I have only been to NYC once but hope to get there again next year and will do my best to put a visit to the Argosy on the agenda.

    Best wishes to you and your family! Pls let your Mom know that “arguably” she has the most endearing smile of the clan! :)

  6. Zack Hample

    Thanks. Sounds great. I hope you make it back to NYC soon, and please do visit. In the meantime, I’ll be sure to pass along your comment to my mom, if she doesn’t see it first on her own. (She’s away for the weekend and almost certainly not looking at the internet, but I’ll catch up with her soon.)

  7. Cameron

    Hi Zach,
    I couldn’t imagine you going to the Yankees-Rangers game at Yankee Stadium on July 24th with it being a day game after a night game, but if you are, I’d love to meet you. I live pretty far away so I prefer to go to day games, so if by any chance you’re going, give me the heads up!

  8. Zack Hample

    Hey . . . I probably won’t be there, but feel free to check in with me the night before or even on the morning of the game. If I somehow knew there’d be batting practice, I’d strongly consider going, but even so, I hate sitting out in the sun for hours.

  9. Navi

    Great Zack, your faith in The New Yorker is probably restored. I want to know, what was your first job and at what age. Also, in which level do you buy tickets at Yankee Stadium, at the box office? At home online?
    -Navi from New York

  10. Zack Hample

    Thanks! First job at the Argosy? Probably ringing up sales at the cash register when I was about six years old. Outside of the Argosy? Probably interning for the Boise Hawks when I was 17. But I didn’t get paid for that because I was an intern. I don’t know. I haven’t updated my résumé for about 10 years, so I can’t remember. As for Yankee Stadium, I used to buy 100 Level tickets online. Now I’ve bought a bunch directly through the Yankees.

  11. Zack Hample

    Yup, I’ve blogged about two games since posting this entry. Check out the sidebar toward the top. It lists my 10 most recent entries — you’ll find ’em there.

  12. jake bucho

    I remember seeing u on are our trip to NY.I said to you at citi field so doesn’t have be rude and u said people are dicks and then i said u didn’t even get the ball and u said yes. And then at Yankee stadium my dad with red fanny pack said you’re the best and u acknowledged him. Then when my dad got a ball u said fourtoutis bounche. I just wnt to say you’re the best u should come to sf some time

  13. Zack Hample

    Hey, what’s up. Thanks for the kind words. Not sure if I’ll make it back to AT&T Park anytime soon, but when I do, it’d be cool to run into you again.

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