Yankee fan running on the field

A funny thing happened after the final out of the Yankee game on April 27, 2014. (This was the ESPN Sunday night game, but I’m certain this wasn’t shown on TV.) As you can see below, a fan ran out onto the field and was quickly apprehended by stadium security:


As security led this idiot off the field, the fans in the bleachers cheered him like crazy, prompting him to bob his head up and down like a wannabe rockstar.

The cop responded by yanking the guy’s hood down over his face:


Moments later, the guy decided to stop walking and intentionally collapsed on the grass:


Here’s what happened next:


As you can see, he was carried off the field, right in front of the Angels’ relievers who were just starting to walk across the field from the bullpen. HA!!

Somehow, right after that, the fan ended up on his head:


Police brutality? Nah, just a typical day at Yankee Stadium.

By the way, I snagged seven balls (six before the game and an 8th-inning toss-up from the bullpen), bringing my season total to 90, but I don’t plan to blog about that. You may have noticed that I haven’t written anything about the games I’ve attended this season in New York, and I don’t think that’ll change anytime soon. Quite simply, from my perspective, Citi Field and Yankee Stadium are the two worst stadiums in the Major Leagues; I have nothing nice to say about either venue, so I’d rather say nothing at all. I’m not quitting the blog, though. I still plan to write about my games on the road, and in addition to that, I’m sure I’ll find some other things to discuss . . .


  1. ryemort

    I noticed that, and think its a pretty good idea. Even I’ve been guilty of saying “Ugh. Citi Field again? Come on man, that’s what the last 15 entries were about”. I’ve always wanted to read your opinions on other baseball topics too, and haven’t gotten much outside of some tweets every so often.

    BUT – don’t stray too far away from game entries. That’s what got me reading your work more and more, leading me down this path that would have been radically different if I didn’t see the game from your perspective. A lot of people look up to you (read: aspiring young ballhawks) and want to see it all, no matter how boring and repetitive.

    Looking forward to those ‘other’ topics!


    (PS- Even if it requires a plane ride and Wrigley “annoys” you, tickets and dinner are on me if you come back to Chicago this year!)

  2. Garrett Meyer

    While ESPN didn’t show this fan running on the field, they showed a shot of the Angels dugout immediately after the final out. One would expect them to have a somber look on their faces after a loss, but actually they were pointing at the field and laughing. I thought it must have been a fan on the field or something. Thanks for confirming I was right!

  3. Cameron

    Hey Zack,
    I’ll be going to the Reds vs. Red Sox game at Fenway on May 6 and I just wanted to know if you could give me some tips on ball hawking there, like if you are allowed to use the glove trick or not. Also, do you know any Reds players who are more generous with giving out baseballs? I would appreciate any advice you could give me.

  4. Zack Hample

    I know . . . how *dare* I try to catch a baseball that’s flying into the stands.

    Thanks for the kind words and generous offer. I know that lots of people look up to me, which is great and flattering, et cetera, but I need to focus more on what’s right for me and not for them — and that means blogging less, at least about New York, at least this season. Hopefully I’ll see you again soon, although right now I have no idea when that’ll be . . .

    Interesting. You’re welcome.

    There are some real bozos in this town.

    How come you didn’t go?

    For basic tips about Fenway, read my old blog entries about it. Just Google my name along with the name of the stadium and the entries should appear. The glove trick is generally allowed. There aren’t many rules at Fenway, which is nice, but of course it’s always super-crowded. The Reds are impossible for 3rd-out balls, but Sam LeCure is great for toss-ups during BP. Ask him nicely, and I bet he’ll hook you up.

  5. Wayne

    I blogged so much about all my games at Safeco Field that I got bored of it and figured since it was the same thing every game people were getting bored of it too. Kudos to you for sticking it out for as long as you did.

  6. Zack Hample


    Yup, pretty much.

    Hockey? What’s that? I think I heard someone mention it once, but I don’t remember who or when.

    Yeah, but Safeco is actually an interesting stadium with many quirks and different types of sections. Yankee Stadium is nearly symmetrical, and it’s plain and boring as hell, and I’m always trapped in one section. Citi Field is a bit more varied, but right field is so worthless there that I still basically do all my ballhawking in one little portion of the stadium.

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