Map of snagged baseballs, Part 2

Do you remember when I posted this map on my blog last September? As you may recall, it showed where I’d snagged all my baseballs up to that point in the 2013 season. That map was made by a gentleman named Marshall, and guess what? He just made me another. Check it out:


This new map shows where I’ve snagged each of my milestone balls — No. 1,000, No. 2,000, and so on, all the way up to No. 7,000, which I caught on 8/27/13 at Nationals Park.

Meanwhile, it’s only 30 days until I leave for the Opening Series in Australia. I wonder how Marshall will incorporate *that* into his next map.


  1. Leigh Barratt

    Ok, so who else is in the snagging world is going to Australia? I know Zack, me, Wayne Peck and Mike Kane are going for sure. Who else? I feel a group picture coming on.

  2. Zack Hample

    In addition to everyone you mentioned, there’s a ballhawk named Tang from KC who’s studying in Sydney this semester, so he’ll be at the games. I don’t know about anyone else. Getting a group photo is a must.

  3. Nick Haddock

    Hey Zach, I was wondering if you were going to try to catch Albert Pujols 500 HR? He is at 492 currently

  4. Zack Hample

    If only.

    I’m not sure. If he’s going for it in a stadium I like and/or within subway or driving distance, then yeah, I’ll go for it. I would not, for example, fly to Anaheim if he’s playing there with 499.

    That ball needs its own map. :-)

  5. Nick Haddock

    And 1 more thing Zach, at was in section 100 the same time you caught ball 7,000. I was the kid who was talking to you during bp, & in the photo on the map my sister is wearing the white nats hat & my dad is wearing the white Zimmerman shirt.

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