Film shoot at my apartment

It’s been an interesting weekend. I had a film crew in my apartment . . .


. . . and the only time I went outside was to go get baseballs for them. Check it out — here are some of the balls in one of their equipment bags:


Scroll back up to the first photo for a moment. See the guy on the right? He’s a filmmaker/producer named Eric Jankstrom, and this whole thing was his idea. Remember when I snagged two home runs in one game on 4/18/13 at Yankee Stadium? Well, he heard about it and randomly contacted me the following day . . . and now, nearly 10 months later, here he was in my apartment with two assistants.

One assistant was named John. The other was Brady, pictured here setting up some props:


Eric thought it’d be cool to have me sit on my 255-pound rubber band ball during the interview, so I posed on it while he and John set up their cameras:


Eric wanted to wait until it got dark to start shooting, so we filled the time by ordering pizza (his treat), playing Arkanoid (my treat), and setting up more baseballs:


Here’s what my place looked like a little while later:


This was my view just before they started filming:


In the photo above, did you notice the weird/skewed reflection of Eric’s face? That was intentional. He had a special piece of equipment designed to do that. Therefore, when he asked me questions, I could look at his reflection, which was actually right in front of the camera. Somehow, despite all the TV interviews I’ve done over the years, I’d never seen that before. It sure made things easier.

Here’s a photo of me that Brady took during the interview, tweeted by Eric the following day:


It’s tough to sit on a large rubber band ball and NOT look awkward, but I did my best.

After the filming (which lasted two hours), Eric played more Arkanoid:


He played several games and achieved a “high” score of 23,850 points — not bad for a beginner.

Then we all grabbed a few baseballs and posed for a group photo:


I’m not sure when Eric’s film will be done or how long it’ll end up being, but I know he wants to finish it this season. He plans to attend several games with me (“within driving distance”) and get some footage of me in action, possibly with a GoPro strapped to my head or chest, so who knows? This mini-doc (as he’s calling it) might turn out to be spectacular. I really like what he’s done so far, and we’re just getting started.


  1. Navi

    I am rather excited by your rubber band ball. Mine is only six pounds :-( any tips? Damn, you had a great number of media experiences throughout the years haven’t you? Take care and good luck.
    -Navi from New York

  2. Zack Hample

    It wouldn’t be awesome at Yankee Stadium because security would swarm me in two seconds and confiscate it. But maybe at Citi? Or in Philly or Baltimore?


    What’s holding you back from making your ball bigger? I don’t know what kind of tips you’re looking for beyond “buy more rubber bands” and “keeping adding to it.” You’re right, though, about the media. I’ve been lucky enough to get to do some pretty cool things.

  3. Russell

    Zack, I love the way you decorated your place. I noticed something in picture number one. It looks like you need a small strip of magazine pics right above your dvd collection. What do you think?


  4. Zack Hample

    I’m a marked man in Philly, so I can pretty much cross that place off my list.

    Thanks. I thought about it, but decided against putting anything up on that bookshelf.

    Are you leaving me comments from Costa Rica? I’m honored.

  5. Zack Hample

    That would be fun. But where would I broadcast it? YouTube is so tame.

    Is that your not-so-slick way of inviting yourself over to see them in person?

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