Our first full day of the trip started in the hotel pool. Here I am tossing Hayley around:


We swam for about half an hour and then had to get going. Here’s a gratuitous Hayley-in-a-bikini photo that shows her getting out of the pool . . . just because I like it:


Here’s a gratuitous photo of me in my bathing suit, just because Hayley likes it:


A little while later, we walked a short distance to this free ferry . . .


. . . which took us just across Marigot Bay to a small beach. Here we are walking ashore . . .


. . . and here we are at a restaurant soon after:


In the photo above, that’s my mom, Naomi, in the white dress, my half-sister, Martha, in the blue tank top, and Martha’s girlfriend, Amy, at the far end of the table.

I had ordered chicken roti, which was excellent.

Check out the beautiful view I had during the meal:


Yeesh! Talk about a gratuitous photo! But seriously, there *was* a nice view, which included this at one point:


That guy ended up selling one of those leaf-woven bowls to Martha for five bucks.

This was the scene on the beach:


The worst thing about that beach (and about Saint Lucia in general) was the steady flow of locals who kept trying to sell us stuff — meals, drinks, jewelry, souvenirs, boat rides, rain forest tours, and so on. When I got up for a minute, one guy tried to rent me a beach chair, and when I told him that I already had one, he mumbled a question that I had to ask him to repeat.

“Do you smoke?” he asked cautiously.

“Oh . . . no thanks,” I said, feeling dumb and completely un-slick. He then gave me a fist-bump and told me to let him know if I need anything.

When I told Martha about it, she was like, “How come no one offered ME any weed?” This became a pattern and a joke among our group; whenever we went somewhere new, I’d inevitably get the same offer, and the others would complain about it. It’s not that Martha or the others wanted to smoke weed. They just wanted to at least be asked.

Anyway, after relaxing in the sun for a while, Hayley and I went for a swim. You can see our heads in the red circle in the following photo:


The water was surprisingly shallow, which was good for Hayley — a novice swimmer. In fact, it was shallow enough for us to touch the bottom several hundred feet out from the shore.

Back at the hotel, Hayley and I started up a game of Scrabble in the late afternoon, and as the sun was setting, we found Martha and Amy at a different pool:


The Scrabble got interrupted by (a) the darkness and (b) dinner plans at a nearby restaurant. Here are the five of us, about to dig into our entrées:


Here’s a closer look at the chicken curry I ate:


Hayley was shocked to see me drink this:


That’s because it had alcohol in it, albeit a sugary concoction of coconut rum with pineapple juice and lime.

Check out this cool photo of dessert — banana flambé:



After dinner, Hayley and I finally finished our game of Scrabble. Here’s a photo she took of the final board:


Good times. Stay tuned for Day 3 . . .


  1. Brian

    My wife and I went to St. Lucia for out honeymoon. We LOVE IT there! I know exactly what you’re saying about people offering you herb…difference is, we took the guy up on his offer! For the price, and what you get, we had to give away what we had left after the 10 days!! Lol!! Sounds/looks like you guys are up north on the island. If you’re feeling adventurous, and want a REALLY good place to eat, jump in a water taxi and go down to the southern part of the island and go to Ladera Resort (most incredible resort ever!). They have their own restaurant called Dasheen. Very, VERY good food! Have a GREAT time Zack. Can’t wait for part 3! Say ‘hi’ to the island for me. :-)

  2. Brian

    Oh, my wife wanted me to add something that I forgot, the restaurant at the Hilton which is ‘below’ (you’ll understand why below is in quotes if you make it down there) is also incredible! Another thing I forgot to mention is how incredibly jealous I am that you’re there!! Can’t wait to go back!

  3. Ray Burton

    I see food still is an obsession , no matter where you are. Better get some training in before Opening Day if you want to keep up with the Aussies. And get a haircut too you hippy. Off to Costa Rica on Thursday. Have you arranged my Rawlings factory tour yet ? And they say I go on too many holidays !! Bet you get some serious Customs attention on your return to NY. Hopefully not the Maglite in the body cavity kind. Have fun.

  4. Zack Hample

    Ha, nice! Thanks for the suggestions. I might need to go back to Saint Lucia some other time to follow up on all of them. You certainly have me wondering about the whole “below” thing. Hmm.

    We just waited for a minute for the flames to die out. No big deal (although it was still really hot).

    You know it. I’m going to be doing some *real* training soon to undo the damage from this trip. During the baseball season, when I’m running all over the place at various stadiums, I can eat whatever I want, but this time of year, it can catch up to me. How about a Wilson factory tour? By the way, I got your email. More soon . . .

    I really needed it. Having to wear long underwear everyday gets old.

    It’s really good — lots of seafood and curry. And bananas. And stuff with coconut. I hope you get a chance to go someday.

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