Let’s talk about timing for a moment, shall we? This was the weather forecast for New York City on the day we were scheduled to fly to the Caribbean:


Thankfully, we had an 8am flight and the snow wasn’t supposed to start falling until the late morning. It was the best possible scenario: we saw some HUGE snow plows standing by on the side of the runway . . .


. . . and took off without incident.

So long, suckers!!

Four hours and ten minutes later, this was my view just before we landed in Saint Lucia:


Our group consisted of five people:

1) me
2) my girlfriend, Hayley
3) my mom, Naomi
4) my half-sister, Martha
5) Martha’s girlfriend, Amy

Because of some flooding last month that destroyed a few roads, we had a long drive to our hotel — 75 minutes, to be exact — but the scenery was beautiful. Here’s what it looked like as we got close:


After checking in, we got a brief tour of the grounds on the way to our condo:


Here we are on the balcony:


Then we wandered a bit. Here’s a photo of my mom and Hayley checking out the pool:


Here are Martha and Amy fantasizing about a humongous yacht:


Despite our plan to have dinner at around 7 or 8pm, the others insisted on having a “quick bite” in the late afternoon. Here they are sitting around the table:


Does that look “quick” to you?

The meal lasted an hour and a half, ended after 5pm, and left us completely full and not in the mood to eat anything later. (How come no one ever listens to me?)

After linner, we walked along the marina . . .


. . . and eventually found a small grocery store.

And that was pretty much it. We were all exhausted, so we just lounged around after that. Hayley struggled to get an internet connection on her laptop:


My mom read a magazine (about how we’re all screwing up the planet):


Amy and Martha got (more) drinks at the same place where we had linner:


On the way back to our condo, I took a photo of the pool:


As nice as everything was, the highlight of my day was seeing THIS before heading to bed:


I really love New York City. There’s no place I’d rather live . . . but not this week.


  1. Mike

    I was going to call and tell you I was in Florida, but I guess that has been overcome by events….

  2. TC

    hola senor hample.looks like u guys were 100 miles from the dominican winter games/ could have been there ,.please post pics ,

  3. Zack Hample

    Snow days are the best.

    SAM SOX-
    Thanks! I’ve been having such a good time that there hasn’t been a chance to blog about Day 2, but I’m working on it.

    Florida isn’t bad.

    Of *course* things are comfy in San Diego. Fifty-four . . . nice!

    Bah! I can’t be bothered with baseball in January. I’m trying to get away from it all and relax.

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