New Wilson glove

Check out my newest piece of leather — a Wilson A2000 DP15 infielder’s glove:


Yes, I already own several gloves (including this and this), but I got this new one for free, courtesy of Wilson Sporting Goods and Pitch In For Baseball.

Here’s a photo of the outside of the glove . . .


. . . and here’s a close-up of my favorite part:


The problem with getting something for free (even a pair of socks from your aunt) is that you’re expected to use it. And love it.

I hate that.

Last year I was offered a free glove by a small company who wanted me to promise to use it full-time — and I said no. It’s one thing to agree to eat BIGS Sunflower Seeds for an entire season, but my glove is another story. You just can’t mess with my glove.

As for Wilson, they’re not trying to sponsor me or make me agree to anything. They have a partnership with Pitch In For Baseball (the charity I’ve worked with since 2009), and they’re just being cool.

And so . . . I’ll give this new glove a shot. (I happened to need an infielder’s glove, so it’s actually quite useful.) I doubt it’ll be broken in by Opening Day, but I’ll keep working on it, and eventually the time will come.


  1. Drew Gregg

    When do you use an infielder’s glove when shagging HR balls in the bleachers? I assume you’re talking about actual infield use in a game. The A2000 is a great glove made in their Japanese plant set up in the 1980’s. Amazing that they found a old piece of leather with your name on it :)

  2. Brendan - Take the 7 to Citi

    I think you should give it a shot. My brother had it, it’s a real nice glove. The only thing that may or may not become a problem over time is that it will eventually get flexible… and I mean really flexible. I always liked the feel of the glove, but I remember the one my brother had was pretty small, so maybe it won’t be good for reaching on those balls in the outfield. And as the glove got more worn down, it hurt a ton to catch a ball right on the palm.

  3. Charlie

    Put. A softball in it. Tie it. Put in a bucket of water for a minute and then hang to dry overnight. Next morning pound it and shape. Repeat steps until good. Method I use and globe usually good in a week.

  4. bdweingarten

    There are a bunch of methods like this, and I don’t really understand ones involving water… especially with such a new leather glove. Since he has until Opening Day to break it in, and these gloves are pretty good with breaking in, I think he should let it break in through regular wear.

  5. Zack Hample

    Cool. Nice to know that.

    Having played shortstop my whole life, I’ll always feel comfortable with small gloves. I might use this one at some MLB games, and it’ll also be great to have when I’m playing at random fields with friends. I still love taking ground balls.

    I’d imagine that almost any glove would become very flexible over time, so I’m not concerned about that. I can always get it restrung. I’m glad to hear that you like the feel of it.

    Thanks for the advice. Over the years, I’ve heard people talk about soaking their gloves, but I don’t like the idea of that. One week from today, I’ll be in St. Lucia, so I’m not exactly in a rush to do anything baseball-related.

    I have until Opening Day of the year 2047 if I want. There’s absolutely no rush.

    This is the best idea yet. Maybe next month if/when it gets a bit warmer?

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