Postseason/charity update

If you’ve made a pledge through my charity fundraiser for Pitch In For Baseball, don’t do anything yet. I’m still hoping to attend a game or two this month (most likely at Fenway), so hang onto your money for now, and after the World Series, I’ll let you know how to actually make the donation.

As a reminder, everyone who donates money will be eligible to win one of these prizes:

1) a towel and bracelet that were given out at the 2013 All-Star Game
2) a copy of Baseball Scorekeeper
3) eight packages of BIGS Sunflower Seeds
4) a New York Mets media credential that I used on June 18, 2013
5) an autographed copy of The Wrigley Riddle
6) an autographed copy of Miracle Mud
7) a whole bunch of Panini baseball cards
8) an autographed copy of The Baseball
9) a Tokyo Yakult Swallows baseball
10) a Lowell Spinners baseball signed by pitching prospect Ty Buttrey
11) an autographed copy of Man Versus Ball
12) a ball signed by three Dodgers that I acquired on 8/9/13 at Dodger Stadium

Yes, that’s right, there are now TWELVE prizes because I just added two more. Here’s the cover of Man Versus Ball:


. . . and here’s the baseball signed by the Dodgers:


From left to right, you’re looking at the signatures of Hyun-Jin Ryu, Ricky Nolasco, and Scott Van Slyke.

Want to see photos of all the prizes and learn more about how the giveaway will work? Yes, of course you do, so click here.

Finally, for now, I’d love to hear from anyone who has attended a playoff game in 2013. How was it? Did you snag any baseballs or get any autographs? Was stadium security insane? Any other details you feel like sharing?


  1. Nick Badders

    I was at ALDS Games 1 and 2 in Oakland. Gates opened 2 hours early, which was cool, but I would have preferred them go with 2.5 hours, like they did on Friday games.
    A’s BP was ok both days. No balls reached the seats in the 5 minutes of BP that I saw either day, but I got toss-ups from Jarrod Parker and Dan Straily on the first day, nothing the 2nd time around. Most of the guys were tossing balls up, though. Tigers BP was a WHOLE different story. You know how awkward the Oakland bleachers are, so that made it frustrating to begin with. Maybe 10 balls hit the RF seats all of Tigers BP. I tried going to LF, but since I had a RF ticket, they WOULDN’T LET ME IN. Stupid… But in RF, a few Tigers pitchers were tossing balls up. On the first day, I was decked out in Tigers gear and got Justin Verlander’s attention. He turned around, pointed at me, and tossed me the ball. Some guy REACHED ACROSS MY BODY to catch the ball and caught the ball. I looked in his glove. IT WAS A POSTSEASON BALL!!! Moments later, Prince Fielder blasted a ball right at me, but way over my head. It bounced back towards me and I jumped as high as I could, but it tipped off my glove. The same guy got it. It ALSO was a postseason ball. Even though I was decked out in Tigers gear, I was shut out in Tigers BP. A few guys tossed a couple of balls up before Game 1, but I just was never in the right place at the right time. Day 2- I was completely shut out. A’s BP was bad, Tigers BP was worse. Hard to move, not a single Tigers player tossed up a ball all BP long.
    My point to this story? Every ball that the Tigers used in BP both days was a 2013 Postseason ball. Had it been less crowded, I probably would have gotten one. It wasn’t super crowded, but a lot of people were sitting in their seats and standing in places that made it near impossible to move more than a section to my right or left. It sucked.

  2. Garrett Meyer

    I had a pleasant postseason experience at Game 1 of the NLDS in St. Louis. First, as I was standing in the first row with my Pirates shirt on during BP, I was thanked by a Pirates player for coming out. BP was great even though the Cardinals didn’t hit because of the time of day. Hardly anyone arrived early because it was a weekday. After BP, two Pirates trainers spent a few minutes sorting the baseballs in the ball bucket. Then they tossed out 15-20 baseballs to fans (mostly Pirates fans). I got two of those. I’ve never seen so much generosity! They must have been in a good mood and I certainly can’t blame them.
    During the game, I snagged two third out balls with the postseason logo (Justin Morenau in the 1st & Russell Martin in the 8th). There weren’t any empty seats for the whole game behind the dugout but I managed to move around without much problem, just squatting in seats temporarily. Surprisingly, no one around me said anything or told me to leave. If anything, they felt pity on me because I was a Pirates fan and they were losing big at the time. I don’t know. Cardinals fans are strange. The great thing about the dugouts at Busch are that they only check your tickets once at one location and then you’re free to roam wherever. The ushers are old and stay in their spot 30 rows up. It’s great.
    I added a postseason logo ball from the HP umpire after the game. That brought my total to 9 baseballs, 3 of which were commemorative.
    At this point, I will probably only make it to the World Series if it is in Detroit or St. Louis.

  3. Matt Stephens

    I have found that visitor’s gear is crucial for play-off games (more so than regular season). Like Garrett said above, players take notice when fans wear gear of their team in an opposing stadium. You’d be best off wearing all Dodgers stuff in Atlanta.

  4. Ryan B

    If the Sox beat the Tigers I’ll be at Game 2 of WS. Any chance that would be a game that your going to?

  5. Zack Hample

    That sounds horrible, but thanks for taking the time to write a long comment about it.

    Damn, son. Sounds like you pretty much owned Busch Stadium. Thanks for sharing so many details. (I still hate Busch.)

    It could happen, and if you don’t win it, you might be able to trade with the winner or buy it from him/her outright.

    Good call, but I’d say you’d be best off avoid the Dodgers on the road since they have so many fans.

    NICK M-
    I hope so, but my schedule has made it impossible so far.

    RYAN B-
    Possibly. I’ll definitely be free that day, so there’s a decent chance.

    Sure did. I’ll answer it soon. :-)

    . . . wherever *that* is.

    I’m gonna try like hell.

  6. Zack Hample

    If you send me there, I’ll make sure to get it. I’ll even go to the hotel to make sure of it. But it seems like I’m gonna have to go to Boston instead.

  7. tc 221

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  8. Big Glove Bob

    Tickets went on sale at 10am this morning on the Cardinals site for the World Series. I got on right away and it gave me the option of buying a single up in the 400 level. Ol Big Gloveski understands that for special event games he isn’t going to be able to sit right in the mix, but I had to draw the line at 400 level tickets. That is just too far away. So, I let that ticket go and after several minutes of them telling me the ticketing system was too busy to process my transaction, it gave me the option of a 1st row ticket in the 200 level. Now, THAT is what BGB is talking about. A nice slightly raised vantage point. Now all that needs to happen is for the Cards to take the NCLS.

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