Map of snagged baseballs

A buddy of mine named Marshall just sent me something pretty cool. He made a map that shows where I’ve snagged all my baseballs this season. Check it out:


I’m not sure how many more games I’ll attend this season — hopefully at least a dozen — but I can tell you that I’ll be at Coors Field from September 16-18. That’ll be my 30th and final stadium on the BIGS Baseball Adventure.

What are your plans for the final month of the regular season? Any trips or highlights coming up?


  1. Navi

    Cool map. I’m actually still trying to convince my parents into letting me ride the subway into Flushing so I could go to baseball games at Citi Field alone. Its hard to get them to say yes, any tips?

  2. Zack Hample

    Eh, I live in New York City, which is wonderful for lots of other reasons.

    You’re gonna end up with like 700 balls this year, huh?

    Wish I could make it up there again, but that seems unlikely.

    Where do you live? How old are you? What’s your experience with the subway?

  3. Philip Joens

    Busch Stadium on September 15. I’m praying I won’t have to go to court just north of KC on Wed. for a traffic ticket. Long story short, the state is fleecing me and I want to settle regardless of the fact I didn’t commit the violation. But, if I do have to go there, I will go to Kaufman Stadium that night. I’m pretty much into football mode here. Any money I had for future trips this season is being spent on this GD traffic ticket. I made a sign hoping to get a football from Mizzou at the game. I sat in the front row, but none of the staff even looked at me. Despite all of the cool things in my baseball collection, I still think the coolest thing I have is an 8×7 ish piece of the old turf from Faurot Field. It’s my rug in my room and I sleep on it every night. But it’s impossible to collect anything from football or basketball games.

  4. Zack Hample

    We should discuss, but I probably won’t know anything about my schedule until the 2014 season is nearly upon on.

    Ucchh, good luck. Marlins Park is dreadful, in my opinion.

    I hope that ticket situation works out. What a pain.

    I’m going to call you . . .

  5. Zack Hample

    COOK & SON-
    Obviously, I think it’s great that you take your kids to so many games and stadiums, but do you ever consider holding off on some so that they/Kellan will be old enough to remember it and appreciate it more?

    It’s very friendly. I’ve never been stopped.

  6. Cook & Son

    No. Never. We’re not waiting for life to happen later. We’re living it now. Also, (in the example above) our trip later this month will not be Kellan’s one-and-only game at Progressive Field. I plan to take my boys to as many games and stadiums as possible every year forever. Kellan won’t remember all the games from this season, but he has a blast each time we go to the stadium and it builds a ton of great experiences from an early age. Actually, at Tim’s parent-teacher conference last year (first grade) his teacher went on and on about how great she thinks our baseball trips are because they have made Tim so *worldly* and experienced in life. He’s been to every Major League city and has a portfolio of experiences that (I assume) is well beyond your average second grader. So, the short answer is, no. ;-)

  7. Zack Hample

    Well, bravo. And I mean that sincerely. That’s an awesome attitude, and I agree 100 percent, although I needed to hear it all from you first in order for it to make sense. (Does that make sense?) I traveled with my parents lots when I was little, though not to any baseball stadiums, unfortunately.

  8. Tim Schulze

    Hey Zack,

    Went to PETCO Park in August for Yanks-Padres. Tremendous park and a great area around the stadium, even though the Padres took the series. 4 parks to go! Do you plan on going to any of the Yankee games against the Giants in September? I’ll be at the Saturday game on Sept. 21. -Tim Schulze

  9. Zack Hample

    PETCO is amazing. I wish I could go there 10 or 20 times a year instead of once or twice every year or two or three. I probably won’t attend that Yankee game. I avoid weekend games as a general rule, especially when there are 10,000 of something being given away to kids. That’s my nightmare scenario.

    Where’s Bellerose? Does the subway go anywhere near you? Also, what happened a month ago? Were you by yourself? Was the the one and only time you ever rode the subway? I need more details before I can give my unofficial ruling.

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