Charity prizes — 2013

Remember when I gave away a bunch of prizes last year to people who donated money to Pitch In For Baseball through my fundraiser? Well, I’m doing it again in 2013. Let me start with a quick list of the stuff you can win. Then I’ll show you photos of it and explain how this is going to work:

1) a towel and bracelet that were given out at the 2013 All-Star Game
2) a copy of Baseball Scorekeeper
3) eight packages of BIGS Sunflower Seeds
4) a New York Mets media credential that I used on June 18, 2013
5) an autographed copy of The Wrigley Riddle
6) an autographed copy of Miracle Mud
7) a whole bunch of Panini baseball cards
8) an autographed copy of The Baseball
9) a Tokyo Yakult Swallows baseball
10) a Lowell Spinners baseball signed by pitching prospect Ty Buttrey
11) an autographed copy of Man Versus Ball
12) a ball signed by three Dodgers that I acquired on 8/9/13 at Dodger Stadium

Ready to see what all of these things look like? Here’s the towel and bracelet from the All-Star Game:


Just so you know, the bracelet says “Bank of America” and “We support our troops” on the other side, and as I mentioned above, these items were handed out to all fans who entered Citi Field for the 2013 All-Star Game.

Here’s the front cover of Baseball Scorekeeper (pardon my camera’s reflection):


. . . and here’s the back:


As you can see, my name is on there because I wrote a short introduction for this book. That’s why I have it. I was given several copies, and now I’m re-gifting one to you.

Here are the sunflower seeds:


Why do I have all these seeds, and why am I giving them away? Because I’m being sponsored this season by BIGS Sunflower Seeds. And because they sent me more seeds than I can possibly eat. Each pack weighs 5.35 ounces, and they don’t “expire” until next year. (They’ll probably still be good long after that.) All eight of BIGS’s flavors are represented here. Yum!

Here’s the media credential:


I know that’s a weird prize, and you know what? I wasn’t even planning to give it away until someone left a comment and suggested/requested it. As a reminder, this was the credential I used when I spent an afternoon at Citi Field with some folks from the Daily News, and just so you know, it’s no longer valid.

Do you remember the children’s book author named David Kelly that I met on 6/20/11 at Fenway Park? Take a look at this photo of us. Does that ring a bell? No? Well, David kindly donated two of his books to be given away as prizes. (Actually, he donated more, but I’m gonna save the rest for next year.) Here’s the cover of the first one, which is called The Wrigley Riddle . . .


. . . and as you can see below, it’s autographed:


Here’s the cover of his other book called Miracle Mud . . .


. . . which is also autographed:


David’s a pretty fascinating guy. Check out his website to see what else he does.

Remember when I got a private tour of the Panini headquarters on my way to the Rangers game on May 3, 2013? On my way out, I was given three boxes of baseball cards *and* a fancy Panini bag, and I’m offering all of it as a single prize. Here’s the bag that you can win:


Here’s one of the boxes of cards . . .


. . . and here’s some more info on the side of it:


Here’s the second box of cards . . .


. . . along with some info:


Here’s the third box of cards . . .


. . . and some info:


If I still collected cards, I’d keep all of this for myself, but lucky you . . . I don’t.

Here’s the front cover of The Baseball:


That’s my latest book, and I’ll autograph it for the winner. Just tell me how you want it signed, and I’ll do it before mailing it out.

Here’s the Tokyo Yakult Swallows baseball:


I don’t remember where I got it. Someone gave it to me. Now I’m giving it to you.

Here’s the Lowell Spinners ball, which is signed by Ty Buttrey:


Buttrey is a 20-year-old, 6-foot-5, right-handed pitcher who was drafted in the 4th round in 2012. He might end up being a front-of-the-rotation stud in the big leagues, or he might fizzle out next month. That’s what makes this item fun — you just don’t know what you’re getting. In case you’re wondering, I acquired it from Jon Boswell, the Spinners’ director of media relations, when I was at LeLacheur Park earlier this month for the helicopter stunt.

Here’s the front cover of Man Versus Ball:


I’m friends with the author, Jon Hart, who said he’ll personalize it for the winner.

And finally, here’s the baseball signed by three players on the Dodgers:


From left to right, you’re looking at the signatures of Hyun-Jin Ryu, Ricky Nolasco, and Scott Van Slyke.

pifb_logo_07_28_13People who donate money to Pitch In For Baseball through my fundraiser will be eligible to win these prizes. (I don’t get any money from this because my fundraising page is simply a place for people to make pledges. After the final game of the World Series, I will email everyone with info about how to actually donate the money directly to the charity. If anything, I will personally lose money by mailing all these prizes to the people who win, but that’s fine. It’s my way of contributing, and I’m glad to do it.) Remember how this worked last year? It’s all based on how many baseballs I snag over the course of the MLB season. For every penny per ball that you donate, your name will be entered into the drawing; in other words, someone who donates 25 cents per ball will have five times the odds of winning over someone who donates a nickel per ball. The person whose name is picked first will get to pick which prize they want; the person whose name is picked second will get the next choice, and so on. It looks like I’ll end up snagging about 600 balls this season, so if you pledge one penny per ball, that will end up being about a $6 donation. You can make a pledge anytime — here’s more info about my fundraiser — but in order to be eligible to win a prize, you’ll need to send in the money by December 1, 2013.

On a final note for those who don’t know, Pitch In For Baseball is a non-profit charity that provides baseball and softball equipment to underprivileged kids all over the world. Here’s a blog entry that I wrote earlier this year about the charity helping Hurricane Sandy victims. There’ve also been a bunch of articles about Pitch In For Baseball on, which you can read here and here and here and here.


  1. Double T

    Random question, but what does old bay taste like? Haha I went to an Oakland game Thursday., their stadium is quite the disappointment!

  2. Mateo Fischer

    I actually initially thought the reflection of your camera on the book was a cool watermark-type thing. Also, the video I edited should be uploaded within half-an-hour. I’m planning to tweet it to you when it’s done, but should I post it here if it’s easier for you?

  3. Liz Merry

    The Citifield Media Pass is signed by Mets PR guru Jay Horwitz, who is getting his own bobblehead night August 23. It’s a great prize! (Fingers crossed!)

  4. Navi

    So, i accidentally pledged another donor but it’s cool. My user names are “NavrajNavraj Deep” and “Navraj Deep”. So do i have to write out two checks? im 13, so can i use my parent’s checks? because i dont have my own checkbook. Im aiming for the Panini Prize Pack (cool name, huh?)
    – Navi from New York

  5. Zack Hample

    I can’t describe it. Hmm. A hint of seafood with salt and spice? No, that sucks. Old Bay tastes much better than THAT. Can anyone else here describe it?

    Well, I’ve seen the video by now, but if you’d like to post the link here anyway, I’m sure some more people will enjoy watching it.


    I’ve heard some anecdotes lately about how big his head is, like, in real life (as opposed to the doll). Can you confirm this?

    What are you saying? That you submitted two separate pledges? I can delete one if you let me know which one. And yes, your parents can send a check on your behalf to Pitch In For Baseball after the season — no problem with that. Just make sure they include your name in there and also say it’s for my fundraiser. They can just include a little note with the check, and David (who runs the charity) will let me know.

  6. Navi

    Great, thanks. I would appreciate if you delete the donor that says NavrajNavraj Deep, its the 11th from the bottom. Thanx again. And yes, i mistakenly submitted two seperate pledges. Thanks again man
    -Navi from New York

  7. Navi

    Yeah i have three total. i need you to delete the “Navi Virk” $0.10 one and the NavrajNavraj Deep for $0.02. Thanks man.
    -Navi from NY

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