“Having a ball for charity”

There’s an article about me in today’s issue of The Daily News. Here’s the link if you want to read it online, but personally, I think the version in the actual paper has a much better photo of me:


I’m probably going to skip the Yankee game tonight, just because.

Miller Park tomorrow . . .


  1. Mike

    Wow, you got much better looking all of a sudden. Oh, and if you caught any oath e home runs hit by the Boston Red Sox last night, I and the entire IMF team, will disavow any knowledge of you

  2. Zack Hample

    Not only did I not catch any homers last night, but I was home watching the game on TV when Drew’s bomb landed in the *exact* spot where I would’ve been — that is, if the security guard in that area weren’t out to get me.

  3. Brendan Everson

    Hi Zach,

    My Name is Brendan and I tweeted you awhile back about coming to St. Louis. Once I found out about the Bigs tour, I looked on the website and it said you would be here on June 6th. Now it does not have STL on the schedule at all. Seeing as how I already bought my ticket for the June 6th game, I would like to know if you still plan on coming that day or at all. Thanks.

  4. Zack Hample

    Oh, man! We had to tweak the schedule a bit because of some media obligations and other issues. Now I’m planning to be at Busch Stadium on June 4th and 5th — and this will definitely happen, as BIGS recently booked my flights. June 6th, unfortunately, is now going to be an “off day” for me as I travel to Chicago for a day game at Wrigley on June 7th. Any chance you can sell your ticket for the 6th (or keep it and attend an extra game) and try to make it to Busch when I’ll be there? It’d be cool to meet up. Sorry for the confusion.

  5. Mike

    You are forgiven. As it was I was at Star Wars night at the AAA Red Sox affiliate in Pawtucket with Harry, so I was listening to the radio when the Drew bomb was hit.
    For those of you who think it is lame to go to Star Wars night in minor league ball, please keep in mind that Harry is 5.

  6. Cook & Son

    Speaking of your AAA Red Sox, I think you and all of your fellow Bostonians (or Massachusians?) should write to your respective editors and DEMAND that the Red Sox call up Ryan Rowland-Smith IMMEDIATELY! The guy is flat out awesome as a human being and his pitching this season is matching the quality of his character — he is currently sporting a 3-0 record, a 0.56 ERA, a 0.716 WHIP, and a .131 opponents’ batting average. CALL UP RRS, RED SOX!!!

  7. Zack Hample

    COOK & SON-
    Whoa, I had no idea he was putting up such awesome numbers. I had no idea he was even in the minors this season.

    Umm . . .

  8. Brendan Everson

    Sorry I misspelled your name in my last post. I will most likely be attending the game on Tuesday now. See you there!

  9. Ray Burton

    Lucky you missed today’s washout. A total waste of time. Good prediction.

  10. Dennis B

    I love how they refer to you as, “Zample”. You should run with the one name Zack! Björk, Sting, Cher, Pink & Zample.


  11. Rocco Sinisi

    Zack, do you know if there are any teams this year using Commemorative Baseballs besides the Astros???

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