Tales From First Base

So, there’s a new baseball book, published by Potomac, called Tales From First Base . . .


. . . and I’d like to show you the back cover:


That’s all.

Stay tuned for a “Turn Back The Clock” entry about the Metrodome. I’m already working on it and will post it within the next day or two . . .


  1. Zack Hample


    Nope, I’ve never caught a ball in my cap because . . . why would I need to? As for the books, “The Ball” is a MUST READ for anyone who’s even remotely interested in snagging baseballs (or about wacky/fascinating behind-the-scenes baseball stuff). “Tales From First Base” is more of a general book about history and stats and anecdotes — not generally the type of thing that I go out of my way to read, but I did enjoy it.

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