HAWAII — Day 5

We went snorkeling at Molokini (a partially-submerged volcanic crater three miles off the coast of Maui) and got to hang out on a 54-foot catamaran — not a bad way to spend a Tuesday.

Here’s what it looked like on the boat:


According to one of the crew members, there are currently 10,000 to 15,000 whales swimming around Hawaii, so not surprisingly, we saw a whole bunch. Here’s the best photo I got . . .


. . . and here’s a closer look:


C’mon, admit it — even if you hate whales, that’s pretty damn cool.

Here’s Molokini in the distance:


Ready to see pics of us in our wetsuits? Here’s Martha (my half-sister):


Here’s my mom . . .


. . . and here’s a photo of me:


Oh yeah, baby!

Martha has a waterproof camera, and in a moment, I’ll show you a(nother) great underwater shot, but first, here’s a photo that I took as we were leaving Molokini:


Half an hour later, we stopped at another snorkeling spot. Here’s a turtle that Martha photographed (that I saw from a distance):


Random side note: my first word ever was “turtle.” As the story goes, my mom often showed me a picture book of animals. She usually identified them, but occasionally she asked me what they were. The first time I answered her happened to be when she was pointing at a turtle. (What was your first word? “Dada”? Your parents must’ve been so proud.)

Anyway, the crew kept giving us food all day. First there were cinnamon buns. Then there was fruit. Then chips and pineapple salsa. Then chicken and salad, which you can see here being prepared . . .


. . . and eventually ice cream sundaes.

On the way back to Maui, the crew put the sails up:


We’d been motoring the rest of the time.

Here’s a ridiculous photo of me that Martha insisted I post on my blog. She says I look like a pirate:


In case you can’t tell, the wind was pushing back the brim of my hat.

Here I am with Martha laying on the “hammock”:


After the snorkeling trip, we’d kinda been planning to drive to the top of a 10,000-foot mountain and watch the sunset, but we ran out of time. Instead, we lay low at the condo, headed into Lahaina in the evening, and had dinner at a nice place called Kimo’s.


  1. Brian

    Who could hate a turtle?! My first word(s) was ‘earyago’ (here you go). When my mother would hand me my bottle, she would always say ‘Here you go!’ quickly. Apparently being just a youngin’, I thought she was saying one word. You look like you’re having a hell of a good time in Hawaii, Zack!! Good people, good food and fun activities..not to mention the condo (minus the guy w/ the ginormous gut)!

  2. bloggingboutbaseball

    We can share in the “animals as first words” joy – mine was giraffe… though I probably didn’t enunciate it very well.
    Nice turtle pic! Maui is an awesome place – glad you liked the luau! Haleakala is something else, dude! If you go, dress warmly and beware the sudden change in oxygen level… 0 feet to 10,000 feet above sea level in an hour and a half will give you a killer case of nausea if you’re not careful. :-)

  3. Zack Hample

    That’s pretty funny about your first “word.” Makes total sense too. We’re in a new condo now, but that’ll have to wait for my “Day 6” entry . . .

    Giraffe . . . nice! Looks like we missed our chance to visit Haleakala. New adventures await.

  4. Leigh Barratt

    Looks like your having a great trip, man. You’re giving me the Hawaii itch. My wife always ruins it though. Every time we’re in Hawaii, when a plane flies by, she starts yelling “Japs! Japs!” and pretends to hide (Think Pearl Harbor attack). It’s so embarrassing. Is it baseball season yet?

  5. Liz Merry

    Glad you’re having a great trip. Are you doing the volcano sunrise bike tour? All downhill. My kind of ride. Hawaii is the only state I have not been to. Gotta get over there soon. My first words were “Mmmmm. Good.” I was eating a coddled egg at 9 months of age. Pitchers and catchers in 4 days, I think. Woohoo!

  6. Leigh Barratt

    Unfortuneately, she really does that. I’m the WWII historian and I have to put up with her shennanigans. I’m hoping by our next visit to have it cured.

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