HAWAII — Day 2

As I mentioned in my Day 1 entry, we’re staying in a condo for the next few days. Here’s the view from the back terrace, looking to the right . . .


. . . and here’s the view to the left:



Martha (my half-sister) and I walked down to the beach and photographed each other:


Two observations about the double-photo above:

1) We didn’t plan to stand with identical poses.
2) I’m white.

We wandered the grounds and checked out the swimming pool:


Then Martha snorkeled in Keone Nui Bay (which is connected to the Pacific Ocean):


Here’s a photo of me going in the water:


Martha and my mom decided it would be a good idea to sit around and read . . .


. . . so I walked to the end of the beach. Here’s a photo that shows where I walked from:


This was the view at the very end:


In the mid-afternoon, we drove to a town called Lahaina . . .


. . . and got shave ice:


Note: it’s not called “shaved ice.” There’s no dee on the end of “shave,” for some reason, and let me tell you, it really bothers me. I had three flavors on mine: pineapple, watermelon, and lime (with a “snow cap” [sweetened condensed milk] and a scoop of macadamia ice cream on the bottom).

Then we wandered into a zillion stores and browsed/shopped for crap that we didn’t need:


Here’s what the street looked like in the late afternoon:


Here’s a photo that just . . . makes me happy:


Have you heard of banyan trees? Neither had I until Martha took us to see a HUGE one near the harbor. The following photo (which shows me *in* the tree) doesn’t even begin to capture the enormity:


We walked all over the place . . .


. . . and saw lots of beautiful sights. In one particular spot, this was the view to my right . . .


. . . and to my left:


For dinner, we ended up at a place called Aloha Mixed Plate. Here are the ladies . . .


. . . and here’s what I ate:


On the left: garlic fries with “a sprinkling of fukikake.”
In the center: coconut prawns.
On the right: fish and beef (with some teriyaki chicken hiding underneath).

Here’s one final photo of me and my mom:




  1. kslo69

    If you get a chance, have a meal at Hali’maile General Store, near Mount Haleakala. Chef Beverly Gannon, if she is still there, is the BOMB!

  2. Mark McConville

    I’ve been to Hawaii like 7 times, Maui is really nice. In Lahaina you should go eat at Kimo’s, it’s on the main street through town on the water side. Excellent food there.

  3. Zack Hample

    I’ll pass along this suggestion to my travel agent (aka “Martha”).

    Seven times?! Why not go once or twice and then check out some new places? Anyway, we nearly ate at Kimo’s the other night, and we’re still considering going there.


    No because she’s not my girlfriend anymore.

  4. Mark McConville

    Haha yea, it used to be our vacation spot so we went a lot. My mom and dad love it there.

  5. bloggingboutbaseball

    Hi, Zack. Great photos! Looks like you’re up on the northwestern tip of Maui. My family and I were there in June–if a luau’s your thing, the Old Lahaina Luau is a great one. And there’s a pretty good magic show in Lahaina if you get tired of all that tropical beauty. :-) Glad you had some shave ice… it’s one of the best culinary things around. You going up to Haleakala or driving the Road to Hana? Both worthwhile! O’heo Gulch is breathtaking – and there’s a cool hike you can take to a waterfall! Have fun, get up early and make the most of your days – as you probably already know, the trade winds pick up in the afternoon and make beach time kind of a drag.

  6. Chasicle

    Thank goodness someone else gets bothered by “shave ice.” Every damn time I see a stupid sign that says it I want to burn the stupid place down. It makes zero sense.

  7. Zack Hample

    Ahh, gotcha.

    We went to the Old Lahaina Luau last night! Much fun. Good call. I just posted some photos of it in my new (“Day 4”) blog entry. I don’t even know what else we’re doing. Martha is planning everything. All I know is that we’re flying to Big Island tomorrow.

    My brotha!

  8. Ben Weil

    In the photo above where you “browsed/shopped for crap that we didn’t need,” I see a picture of the postcard you sent me :-) Thanks! I’m not sure I even knew you had my address. Interesting….

    P.S. The f*©kĩņĝ Baltimore Ravens won. This bothers me for many reasons, especially as a Colts/ Peyton Manning fan, and as a 49ers season ticket holder.

  9. Mike A

    Looks like you were at Kahana Sunset resort. I’m going to be there in a month! Such a small world! I am making notes and may copy some of your activities. So far we have a snorkel/sail trip (maybe the same one you went on) and dinner at Kimo’s.

  10. Zack Hample

    Feel free to copy. My half-sister planned everything, so if you have any questions, I’m not sure how helpful I’ll be. But hopefully these entries will serve as a good guide.

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