Charity prize winners

So, here’s what happened . . . sort of.

My friend Ben Levkov came over and filmed me picking names of the prize winners. My intention was to upload the video to YouTube and post it here for all of you to see. Pretty simple, right? Yeah, well, we ran into a few problems:

1) I have a new camera, and the video was filmed in HD, which means the files are huge.

2) The battery died just after I picked the 7th name, so we had to wait a bit and then continue filming.

3) The two clips need to be edited together. I used to be good at this until Apple overhauled iMovie and made everything impossible.

4) Certain portions of the video need to be blurred out because (as you already know if you’ve seen this blog entry) there are lots of “adult” images on my walls. And I stupidly neglected to cover them up before we started filming. Evidently, it’s easy to blur an image in Photoshop, but it take a lot of work to blur video. In fact, I don’t even know how.

Ben has taken the footage back to his place. He’s very good at this kinda stuff, and he’s going to try to do it for me. He might finish this evening. He might finish in a day or a week. I have no idea. So I’m leaving it up to you . . .

Be advised that the voting ends whenever I feel like it.


It’s been less than 24 hours, and there are already 130 votes. Unfortunately, there are more people who think I’m a dweeb (46) than there are who want the raffle results now (43). But I’m not offended. No sir, not me. You see, there are lots of folks (41) who are interested in the video, so if we combine all the people who are interested in the raffle, they outnumber the name-callers, 84 to 46. Ha-HAAAA! Guess I’m not such a dweeb after all! (Who am I kidding? Of course I am.) Anyway, I was just getting ready to list the prize winners when Ben sent me the edited video, so here you go:

Quick disclaimer about the video: Ben is the one who decided to use the cover of my book to obscure the naughty parts. Part of me thinks it’s cute. The other part of me is cringing at the “Me! Me” Me!”-ness of it, so don’t hold it against me. Okay? Thanks.

Now, for those of you who’ve won prizes, send me your selections ASAP (along with your mailing addresses). If you’re the 2nd-place winner, send me two choices (starting with the prize you want most). If you’re the 7th-place winner, send me your top seven choices. And so on. That way, when it’s your turn to pick, I can just mail you your top remaining choice.

Thank you all for being a part of this, even if you’re quietly watching from foul territory.


  1. jere80

    “I used to be good at this until Apple overhauled iMovie and made everything impossible.”
    Totally! I used to make all kinds of little movies, a YouTube “show” and everything–got the new crappy iMovie and it’s soured me on trying to make anything because of its crappiness. I loved the ease of the old one….

  2. Ray Burton

    Suspense is like fielding an Erick Aybar line drive with your skull or washing an open 8th floor window –potentially fatal !

  3. Ben Weil

    One of your best friends, eh? Well you suck! Six times and I get nothing?!? Outraged! And you can tell whoever takes the Edgardo Alfonzo ball that I’ll trade them a Fonzie jersey for it!

  4. Ray Burton

    I”m a huge Bernie Wiliams fan but I have to say I choose …Pikachu , Sorry , I mean Fonzy’s Bat. Sorry everyone but it’s too cool to pass up. I promise to cherish it , enshrine it and pray to it daily. Thanks for the opportunity Zack , I didn”t donate for the prizes , just to help out a good cause.

  5. jere80

    “Did you type a random period in order to create a line break? I love it. Thanks for feeling my pain with iMovie.”
    You mean the Patented Jere80 Linebreak-iod? Yes. And I did it again.

  6. Mike

    Ben, I didnt win anything either. May be we can drink and commiserate… Or plan to drop fruit next summer instead of baseballs…

    The legend of Zack Hample continues. Here I am at home, reading my latest issue of Vintage Airplane from the Experimental Aircraft Association, and lo and behold, there is an article about the history of dropping baseballs from airplanes and who is in the article, but Zack Hample.

  7. felixforever34

    Anyone winning the Mariners vs Oakland A’s Ticket from Japan….. I would love to either trade something better for it, or buy it. (Have Jeter milestone, Perfect Game tickets, no hitter tickets, couple autographed balls, and various other Stadium Giveaway stuff from Safeco Field.

  8. Zack Hample

    You’re a good sport.

    The pillow pile is kinda the best thing ever.

    The Burton family has claimed the bat, and they’re *really* excited about it, so I think you’re outta luck.

    You’re hilarious. Looks like that winner is gonna be Mr. Wood. And he lives in Canada.

    I believe everything except the “pray to it” part.

    You’re the best.
    That’s why we’re friends.

    Are you serious? I totally need to see that article. Can you scan it for me? Or better yet, send me the damn thing when you’re done with it? No fruit, please. We all know how THAT goes.

    No one has claimed it yet. I’m still waiting to hear from a few of the winners.

  9. Ben Weil

    You pledged $90 Mateo? You’re in college, you’re poor. What the hell!?! Ball Zack, I want the Fonzie ball :-) And yes Mike, I’ll have to drink my sorrows away. I’m gonna put a little captain in me.

  10. kslo69

    Who ever chooses the Bernie Williams cd might be interested to know Bernie played the National Anthem at the Knicks/Lakers game last week!! Keepin’ it real at the Garden.

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