Ready to win some prizes?

Remember when I posted this entry about giving prizes to people who donated money to my charity fundraiser? Remember when I said that the cut-off would probably be December 1st? Well, I’ve decided to extend it an extra week, and in the meantime, look what I’ve done:


That’s a collection of all the names/people who will be eligible to win prizes. (If you’ve donated money and *don’t * see your name there, let me know. It’s possible that (a) your name is obscured or (b) I haven’t yet been notified that your donation was received.) As I’ve mentioned before, the more you donate, the more times your name will be entered into the prize drawing. One person donated enough money to have his name there 82 times, but thankfully, for the rest of you who are hoping to win something, he told me he didn’t need to be included. As it stands, the “Burton Family” (from Australia) is the current favorite with 35 entries, followed by Cathy Gary (22) and Mike Davison (15). For every $6.40 cents that a person donates, he/she is entered once into the prize drawing. Why? Because I snagged 640 baseballs this year, so that amount of money represents one cent per ball. It’s not too late to donate. Just click here and scroll to the bottom of the page. Then type your donation into the box marked “other” and click the “continue” button. All of this money ($21,323 since I started doing this in 2009) goes directly to Pitch In For Baseball; the only thing I “get” is the satisfaction of supporting a good cause. As soon as you pay, I’ll get a notification and add your name to the others.

Let’s make the cut-off 12:00pm ET on Sunday, December 9, 2012. I have big plans next weekend on both Friday and Saturday nights, so whenever I wake up on Sunday, I’ll check one final time for additional donations, and then I’ll start drawing names — no, not directly from the table. I’m gonna put all those slips of paper in a hat or a bag and pick ’em without looking. I plan to have several witnesses present so that I don’t get accused of picking names that I know. There’s been some talk of streaming it live on the web, but I’d need some help getting that set up. I have a few friends who know how to do that, so it’s just a matter of whether or not they’re available — and if I actually want to do it. What do you think? Any interest? Or should I just shut up and quietly pick the names and announce the winners and be done with it?


  1. Baseball Fan

    I see all three of mine! I’d trust you to quietly pick the names and annouce the winners, but either way let us know :)!

  2. James Lee (@esigs)

    Either way you choose to do is fine by me. Have you figured out how it’ll work after you draw the names? How will the first person let you know of his/her choice, so you can then let the next person/others know what is still available? Will this be done here or on Twitter or via email? How much time will each person have to make a choice?

  3. Zack Hample

    Cool. I’ll keep you posted on how it’s gonna work.

    Well . . . to be determined.

    It’ll go something like this:
    1) I’ll pick a name from the hat. That person will get the first choice, but can’t win anything else.
    2) I’ll pick another name. That person will get the second choice. And so on.
    3) Eventually I’ll have a list of names. Those people will get to pick prizes.
    I’m not sure how much time to give each person. I hadn’t thought about that. Hopefully, people will be checking their email and keeping an eye on this blog. But damn. How much time should we give someone, if need be? Twenty-four hours? One week?

  4. Joy

    Hey Zack,

    I’m trying to track down your current address. Could you please email it to me at my old account liquidlava?


  5. Ray Burton

    Hey Zack , let me know postage charges if we win anything as its probably not fair that you foot the bill for , say , a baseball bat that gets sent all the way to Australia. It is a charity thing after all and you shouldn`t be out of pocket for doing the right thing. Cheers Ray

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