Felix Hernandez ticket stubs

Several weeks ago, I got an email with an unusual request. It was written by a random dude named Craig, who told me that he’s trying to collect a ticket from EVERY game in which Felix Hernandez has played. (I’ve gotten two requests like this over the years for other players: Cal Ripken Jr. and Carlton Fisk.) Craig still needed tickets from 40 games, and in the process of searching for them, he stumbled upon my website and discovered that I’d attended three of them:

1) 6/23/08 at Shea Stadium
2) 6/10/09 at Camden Yards
3) 3/28/12 at the Tokyo Dome

I told him that I’d be glad to help, but that I was gonna need some time. Why? Because I was busy  decorating my apartment with magazines — an endeavor that took every bit of free time for two solid months — and my ticket collection was a total mess:

The photo above shows six years’ worth of tickets — 2007 through 2012 — in a drawer. There was no order whatsoever, and I didn’t feel like spending a whole evening sorting through them . . . until yesterday, when my friend Ben Weil dropped by for a visit. He wasn’t merely willing to help me organize my tickets; he was excited, and we plowed through ’em. Here’s how we started to sort them:

In the photo above, the blurry arm belongs to Ben. He and I organized the tickets by year. Those are the big/messy piles on the right. Then, within each year, we made smaller piles by team, which I ended up stacking alphabetically. In the photo above, the smaller piles on the left are from 2012.

The following photo shows my tickets from 2009:

Ben did a solid job of sorting tickets from 2011 (when I visited all 30 stadiums and attended 131 games):

Here’s what the tickets looked like when we finished:

Of course, there was still one more thing to do. I needed to find the tickets that Craig had requested. Here they are:

For the record, I didn’t pay $82 to attend that Mets game; I found that ticket on the way out. That’s how I get most of my tickets, especially now that I often buy from StubHub and end up with those awful print-at-home turds. Anyway, as you can see above, I scanned two different tickets from Opening Day in Japan, neither of which I feel like selling. (Yes, Craig is paying for these tickets.) I only collected three from that game; in less than three weeks, I’m going to give one away as a prize to my charity donors, so these will be my only two. (Wayne, are you reading this? Can you please sell this guy a ticket from March 28th so that I don’t have to?)

Remember when I said that Craig is still looking for tickets from 40 of Felix Hernandez’s games? Well, subtracting the three that I attended, here are the ones he needs:

If you have a ticket from any of these games, leave a comment and I’ll put you in touch with Craig.

Fun stuff.


  1. James Lee (@esigs)

    I was surprised to find out that with all your meticulous details about games you attended and balls you snagged that you didn’t have an organized ticket album for all the games you attended! It’s not to late to start, now that you have organized them.

  2. Cook & Son Bats

    We were at four of his missing games:
    1) 9/3/07 in New York was probably the best game we’ve ever attended. Historic stuff all over the place. It was Roger Clemens final regular season loss of his career. He got hurt several innings into the game as was replaced by Mike Mussina. It was Mussina’s only regular season relief appearance of his career. Ichiro was 3-5 with a homerun off of Clemens that was his 200th hit of the season of his 7th consecutive year. I wasn’t blogging our game yet, so my pictures are very disappointing. Here is our blog entry done a year plus later:
    And here are our tickets — I think I have two of each and it would be tough to part with them:

    2) 4/6/08 in Baltimore was one of our worst games ever. Felix was flithy and dominated through 8 innings. The bullpen then blew it in the ninth. Boo! Here is our game report:
    And my ticket — which I would only part with if I have more than one:

    3) 7/3/09 at Fenway was another awesome game. But Felix didn’t get the decision. Instead, Chris Jakubauskas got it in relief. But my dad did get Felix’s pre-game warm up ball. Here is our game report:
    I am pretty sure that we only have electronic tickets to this game.

    4) 6/13/10 at Petco Park was another awesome game. Felix dominated through 8.2 innings and then David Aardsma came in to nail down the final out. Here is our game report:
    I don’t have pictures of them, but I am 95% positive that I have four tickets to this game – two in the OF and two right behind home plate. One of them is autographed.

    By the way, this is how I organize our game tickets (excluding e-tickets and woefully out of date): http://www.cookandsonbats.com/tickets/index.html Maybe I’ll be able to update it over the offseason….maybe.

    This is already my longest comment of all time, so I might as well keep going. I would just note that I was also at the 6/23/08 game at Shea Stadium. It was an awesome game. King Felix hit a 2-out grand slam off of Johan Santana that was only possible because David Wright booted an easy grounder by our number 8 hitter preceding Felix. But Felix then got hurt with two outs in the bottom of the fifth so he did not qualify for the win. Instead, the win went to an all-around great bloke from down under, Ryan Rowland-Smith. I didn’t do a game report for that game because Tim wasn’t there. I believe it is the last MLB game I have attended without Tim (or Kellan).

    Okay, that’s all.

  3. Michael Grabow

    E-tickets really are the worst. I’ve had the box office at about a half of a dozen ballparks be willing to exchange it for a hard ticket. Fenway and CBP flat out refused and I had search after the game (successfully!) to get one.

  4. Michael Grabow

    Also, like the person above said, check out thatsmyticket.com. You can get team specific ticket albums on sale for $1.99


    I should have some of the @San Diego game tickets. I’m in the same boat as you…..organization. I’d have to dig them up. Give him my info and I’ll try and help.

  6. Todd_A

    Zack – I, like you, get those print at home tix. My gf and I went to a Giants game this summer and from the car to the lot, she lost hers. I went to the ticket window and told them what happened. They asked for the other print at home ticket and printed up a real ticket for her. I know you always want to be in early for bp, but thought this might be some helpful info that you might be able to use for a real ticket in the future somehow.

  7. felixfan34

    I am Craig…. I just wanted to Express my thanks to Zack for posting the list of tickets I need for my Felix Collection. If ya have any of these, feel free to contact me directly at FelixForever34@gmail.com

    I am more than happy to pay some bucks for them, trade you tickets I have (no problem trading tickets to you with more monetary value Example: I have a couple extra 6/8/12 Mariners No hitter Tickets or I think I still have an Extra Phil Humber Perfect Game ticket…… Any ticket from that list I would be more than happy to trade either of those historic game tickets for one of the Felix Tickets I need….. I have extra ticket stubs from about 70% of the Mariners home games over the last 10 years. so good chance I have a ticket you might want to trade me for.

    I also have tons and tons of Mariners stadium Giveaways, I have even traded a bobblehead for a ticket….. (Team card sets, posters, novelties, T-shirts, Train cars, etc etc)
    I have a couple extra Yellow King’s Court T-shirts (I know I have medium and XL, I might have a 2XL) and would be happy to trade these as well.
    Basically I am open to trading items that you want.

    Micheal mentioned thatsmyticket.com ….I have no association with the site/company… but they did buy the tickets I sat in for the June 8, 2012 Seattle Mariners No hitter (they bought it to reproduce it for their oversized Ticket line)

    Here is a picture of my ticket for the seat I actual sat in for the game before I sold it to thatsmyticket (I didnt realize they were gonna make Mini-Mega Tickets from it, until I saw one in the Mariners Team store later in the season)) http://i1110.photobucket.com/albums/h444/craigsmagiccards/Mariners%20ticket%20stubs/2012%20stubs/June%208%20No%20hitter/1339223425048.jpg

    Here is the Mini-Mega Ticket that they sell http://www.thatsmyticket.com/bseamms6nh.html Of Course I had to buy one, so I basically trade the original for a Super sized one :-)

    Here is the ticket My Girlfriend sat in http://i1110.photobucket.com/albums/h444/craigsmagiccards/Mariners%20ticket%20stubs/2012%20stubs/June%208%20No%20hitter/1339223448524.jpg

    Sorry for the lengthy comment, Thanks Zack for posting my list, feel free to forward anyone email or contact info to me if there is a remote chance they have any of the Felix Tickets that I need.

    Oh, and if ya are planning on Seeing a game at Safeco field….and have some of the tickets stubs I need, I have a friend with LF season tickets and I am willing to trade a pair to some games…..if ya have multiple tickets I need, I might be willing to spring for better seats.
    -Craig FelixForever34@gmail.com

  8. felixfan34

    Kent — Definitely interested in the 5/25/07 ticket, If ya have 2 from that date I would love it even more (For Felix Wins I collect 2 tickets if I can)

    Todd (Cook and Sons bats) — I will try to contact ya through the blog link ya have, if ya dont hear from me that way, I would love to beg ya for tickets to several of those games….I see that you’re a Mariners Fan, I got Tons of stuff if interested (and tons of kids stuff)

    Leigh — If ya want to send them all to me, I will sort and organize them, offer ya for the ones I need if ya have them, and send them back organized (I’ve actually had two people do this, it resulted in 1 of the tickets I needed, so it was worth the effort)

    -Craig Felix FelixForever34@gmail.com

  9. novice collector

    Felixforever34 or anyone else willing to provide advice to a novice. I was lucky enough to attend the 8/15 perfect game and am getting ready to add my ticket to a M’s line up card & picture I purchased at the team store. I plan to travel to spring training in hopes of getting felix to sign the ticket. My question is is it better to have him sign the back keeping the front of the ticket in pristine condition or does it add value to have him sign the front which will be able to be viewed as part of the display in the frame?

  10. felixforever34

    novice collector– I am no expert…not even close…I will just give ya points to think about.
    I think signing the back of it, would be the worst…. if “value” or ability to sell later is your main goal……. The autograph cant be displayed then.. (if thats what a potential buyer wants it for)….it makes me personally think “whats the point of Autographing it, if no one is ever gonna see it.”….and to some people that “writing” on the back” lowers the condition of the ticket (its no longer mint)…and if collecting for a set of something…299 items that are not autographed and you have one that is…it just seems out of place….so I would think less people over all will want the ticket…so less people wanting yours…means lowering potential value.

    As for Autograph on the front…….For displaying in your home…I personally think it would add a little bit of coolness to the appeal……but taking something of Value….and then adding an autograph…doesnt always add as much Value as you think it would….BUT…find the right person who is looking for the ticket AND wants to have one autographed….then it has alot more value, but its gonna take ya 5 times as long to locate that one person who will pay more.

    For my set of tickets….I would take any ticket if I needed it….but…I would personally pay less if the ticket was autographed for what I am doing…or it wouldnt alter the amount I would pay….the ticket would stand out too much from the other tickets….. and frankly look odd…unless I either got all the milestone or unique tickets autographed as well (such as debut, Win #1, Win 100, Perfect Game, Strikeout # 1000, 2000 etc etc)……

    I dont think you will decrease the value if you have the ticket signed on the front…it will add value probably but it might be $5-$20 (I really dont know, but the value is in the “Auto”, not the “auto on the ticket”… then you have to ask yourself ..if ya do get your chance to get an autograph, and profit is your main goal….why wouldnt ya have him sign a Jersey or a Ball or some other item that ya know will make more $$$….., in which the Autograph will get ya More $$$ in increased value of the item he is signing?

    One thing I do know (I learned this the hard way)…..if you have a Mariners season ticket from that game…make sure you dont use a black pen….the black signature on the Green background does not stand out as much as you think it will …if its a season ticket….get a gold or Silver colored marker…….Also, if one of the main reason is for resale later….then have someone take a picture of him autographing the specific ticket if ya can…..I had a couple Alex Liddi First Hit Ticket and got him to sign one…..I was trying to trade it to a guy who had a ticket that I needed…and he was “How do I know you just didnt fake it?”…initially he was gonna do it straight up one for one ticket (I knew I was giving up value)….but he ended up saying no after I told him I didnt have any “proof”.
    So if looking to sell it, get proof that the autograph is real (even if just a picture in which you can see him signing your ticket)….80% of the autographs online for sale are fakes…and ya have to prove yours isnt to a buyer

    I personally think for your item displaying it…I would get it signed if I could….I dont collect Autographs personally…….the only autographed items I have…I actually try to trade for items I do need to someone who likes Autographs.

  11. Devin

    Hey man, do you have any of these tickets?
    6/3/95 Yankees vs. Angels
    6/5/96 Yankees vs. Blue Jays
    10/1/96 Yankees vs. Rangers Game 1 ALDS
    6/11/97 Yankees vs. White Sox
    4/27/98 Yankees vs. Blue Jays
    7/20/98 Yankees vs. Tigers
    7/26/98 Yankees vs. White Sox
    9/27/98 Yankees vs. Rays
    7/18/99 Yankees vs. expos
    8/18/99 Yankees vs. Royals
    8/28/99 Yankees vs. Mariners
    8/5/00 Yankees vs. Mariners
    9/25/00 Yankees vs. Tigers
    5/9/01 Yankees vs. Twins
    8/1/01 Yankees vs. Rangers
    5/14/02 Yankees vs. Rays
    6/28/02 Yankees vs. Mets
    5/15/03 Yankees vs. Angels (Season Ticket Only)
    9/14/03 Yankees vs. Rays (Full mint Season ticket only)
    9/18/03 Yankees vs. Orioles
    9/3/04 Yankees vs. Orioles (Full mint Season ticket only)
    9/23/04 Yankees vs. Rays
    5/24/05 Yankees vs. Tigers
    6/15/05 Yankees vs. Pirates
    8/30/06 Yankees vs. Tigers
    5/23/07 Yankees vs. Red Sox
    7/5/07 Yankees vs. Twins
    8/26/08 Yankees vs. Red Sox
    8/29/08 Yankees vs. Blue Jays
    9/12/08 Yankees vs. Rays
    9/14/08 Yankees vs. Rays
    9/18/08 Yankees vs. White Sox
    8/4/10 Yankees vs. Blue Jays (AROD on Ticket only)

    Red Sox Season Tickets:
    7/8/94 Red Sox vs. Mariners
    7/9/94 Red Sox vs. Mariners
    6/19/00 Red Sox vs. Yankees
    4/18/04 Red Sox vs. Yankees
    7/14/05 Red Sox vs. Yankees
    9/9/06 Red Sox vs. Royals
    4/20/07 Red Sox vs. Yankees
    7/18/07 Red Sox vs. Royals
    7/12/09 Red Sox vs. Royals
    8/23/09 Red Sox vs. Yankees

    Orioles Season Tickets:
    4/1/02 Orioles vs. Yankees
    8/16/03 Orioles vs. Yankees
    9/10/04 Orioles vs. Yankees
    5/27/08 Orioles vs. Yankees
    5/31/08 Orioles vs. Red Sox

    Rays Season Tickets:
    10/2/99 Rays vs. Yankees
    5/9/02 Rays vs. Yankees
    7/28/02 Rays vs. Yankees
    6/24/03 Rays vs. Yankees
    5/28/04 Rays vs. Yankees (need 2 tickets)
    5/3/05 Rays vs. Yankees
    5/4/05 Rays vs. Yankees
    9/15/05 Rays vs. Yankees
    9/4/08 Rays vs. Yankees

    Mariners Season Tickets:
    5/29/95 Mariners vs. Yankees
    5/30/95 Mariners vs. Yankees
    5/31/95 Mariners vs. Yankees
    6/12/95 Mariners vs. Royals
    4/18/96 Mariners vs. Tigers
    9/19/96 Mariners vs. Rangers
    7/17/99 Mariners vs. Padres
    4/7/00 Mariners vs. Yankees

    Rangers Season Tickets:
    9/30/84 Rangers vs. Angels
    5/6/98 Rangers vs. Yankees
    5/5/01 Rangers vs. White Sox
    4/7/02 Rangers vs. Angels
    6/24/02 Rangers vs. Angels
    7/27/02 Rangers vs. Athletics
    4/10/03 Rangers vs. Athletics
    8/2/03 Rangers vs. Indians

    Athletics Season Tickets:
    5/28/95 Athletics vs. Yankees
    7/16/96 Athletics vs. Mariners
    10/13/01 Athletics vs. Yankees (ALDS G/3 Ticket)
    5/14/05 Athletics vs. Yankees
    5/9/10 Athletics vs. Rays

    Tigers Season Tickets:
    4/10/96 Tigers vs. Mariners
    6/5/97 Tigers vs. Mariners
    6/20/01 Tigers vs. Yankees
    8/19/03 Tigers vs. Rangers

    Blue Jays Season Tickets:
    8/12/98 Blue Jays vs. Mariners
    9/15/99 Blue Jays vs. Yankees
    8/17/01 Blue Jays vs. Rangers
    4/30/02 Blue Jays vs. Rangers
    9/4/03 Blue Jays vs. Yankees
    8/5/05 Blue Jays vs. Yankees
    9/18/05 Blue Jays vs. Yankees
    7/21/06 Blue Jays vs. Yankees (Need 2 Tickets)
    7/12/08 Blue Jays vs. Yankees

    Angels Season Tickets:
    5/23/95 Angels vs. Yankees
    4/1/03 Angels vs. Rangers

    White Sox Season Tickets:
    5/12/01 White Sox vs. Rangers
    8/23/03 White Sox vs. Rangers
    8/10/06 White Sox vs. Yankees

    Indians Season Tickets:
    4/2/96 Indians vs. Yankees
    6/4/96 Indians vs. Mariners
    8/23/04 Indians vs. Yankees
    8/4/05 Indians vs. Yankees

    Royals Season Tickets:
    6/8/02 Royals vs. Cardinals

    Twins Season Tickets:
    8/19/04 Twins vs. Yankees

  12. felixforever34

    Devin– I do reccognize a couple of those and have a couple of those, but not any dates I am willing to part with at this time (I have and extra of each of Jeter hit #1 and RBI #1 tickets from the Kingdome but I am gonna hang on to them)

    I dont sort my tickets by date for the most part, so might have some of the others, but only if ya let me know what happened at the game. (example: Arods Cycle…I am guessing one of the above dates is it…I have one, but I dont know the date off the top of my head, so I would not recognize that I had one, unless ya asked for the actual event)

  13. Devin

    Jeter HIT/RBI are they season tickets in very good to excellent condition? I’m willing to pay cash for them, good money depending on condition $500? I’m willing to make a deal and to pay for the other tickets on the list as well. My main goal is putting together a collage of Jeter hits to be professionally framed. I have most of them that I’m looking for 100+ like his 50, 100, 250, 2000,3000, famous stands catch etc. I do need his MLB debut,1st hit, 1st RBI, 500 hit, 1000 hit then the rest are just passing certain Yankee players. As he moves up the hit chain, I’m showcasing the top 50 Yankees that he passes then once he passed 2500 hits, I’m collecting the tickets of all player he passes and if they are alive, I’m having them sign the ticket with an inscription of there total hits. Once done, I’m creating a book showcasing the tickets and giving a brief history of the game and if the ticket is passing a player then a brief history of that player. I’m also collecting Rivera,AROD, Pujols, Cano, Teixeira milestone hits. I might go out of my way to do the same collage/book. It’s pretty extensive. A lot of the tickets are not worth alot, $5/$10 maybe for most. Obviosly his major milestone hits go for more.

  14. Zack Hample

    Sounds like an amazing (and like you said “extensive”) project. I don’t have time to comb through all my stubs, but if you feel like it, take a look at the list of games that I’ve attended. You can start with 1995 on my site here:
    Then just comb through the years and let me know if I actually have specific stubs from games that you need. It would be easier for me to look for those stubs.

  15. felixforever34

    I might have a couple of the A-rod ones home and away (I traded/sold most of the extra ones I had but depending on the milestone I might have a game), but I know I dont have extras of the big ones like Debut/hit/HR#1 and not interested in selling the ones I have…..I might have 4/7/00 Arod 150 HR (as soon as I read you message about Arod Milestone I remember he got 150 in that game, this one I might have one left)

    I will have to see if any of my arod tickets match those dates for the milestones, the Major ones I have been cleaned out of for a while, but I might have some of the lessor milestones like 50 and 150.

    only Pujols milestone ticket I have is HR450 (though I do have all the games in his first 4 games in Seattle when he crushed the Mariners..so I have Homerun tickets from any of 2012)
    Cano, If in Seattle I will have one (let me know these dates)..I have extras of just about Every Yankee game from 2005 to present,
    Rivera– Any Seattle dates you need? (600 SV is the only one I know of..I got quite a few yankees @ Mariners games over the years)
    Teixiera I dont know any of those…if they are from Texas or Seattle, let me know which dates, have most seattle…might have a couple Texas 2004-2009…had a guy just send me all his texas tickets he had, when I asked him for 2 specific game tickets.

    As far as the Jeter Hit #1, I am just planning on holding on to it for to increase in value…..it is season stub (I have 3 total) …you are more than welcome to check back with me every 6months to a year (or as I have told other people who have asked for one, just let me know and I can email ya when I have decided to sell one, the list is longer than a MLB roster)

    The RBI, I have excellent condition Mint Full tickets (not a stub, it has all tabs)…I might sell one….I am more likely to sell one of these, since not as many people seeking it out and the value is less. I will contact ya when I plan on selling it.

    I will check for Jeter and Arod (let me know about which dates are other players) I have boxes of tickets sorted by player and I will take a look, and if I have any of the lessor milestones, be more than happy to trade them for Felix tickets (even if the tickets I need are less in value, I have no problem trading a $10 ticket for a lessor value ticket)

  16. Devin

    Craig- what’s your email and I’ll send you a full list with notes so we can keep in touch. Like I said, I’m trying to create a interesting history for Jeter fans through collecting ticket stubs with full color photos of tickets w/ complete history behind it. Any help from you or Zack will be greatly appreciated. I know the jeter 1st hit is a hot ticket right now. I just missed one last week on ebay that sold for $137 which is unbelievable. My computer froze while I was bidding. I did cry a little. I have to say that I have never seen or even heard mentioned from sellers/collectors 5/29/95 Jeter’s MLB Debut ticket since I started collecting a few years ago. Is it that hard to find?

  17. Devin

    Zack- from your list I pulled up these tickets. Let me know if you still have them. I leave in Queens so if you do sell them I can come by you:
    June 6 1995 Yankees Season Tix
    June 7 1995 Yankees Season Tix
    June 8 1995 Yankees Season Tix
    June 9 1995 Yankees Season Tix
    June 10 1995 Yankees Season Tix
    June 11 1995 Yankees Season Tix
    May 9 2001 Yankees Season Tix
    May 14 2002 Yankees Season Tix
    June 15 2005 Yankees Season Tix
    May 31 2008 Orioles Season Tix
    August 26 2008 Yankees Season Tix
    September 18 2008 Yankees Season tix

  18. felixforever34

    The 5/29 5/30 5/31 tickets in general are hard to find, because Mariners attendance back then wasnt that great and those were weekday games.. His Hit #1 ticket, the attendance was barely 10,000….and that was paid attendence, not actual # that was at the game… (the Mariners attendance was super low until Sept1995) and the mariners had a very low season ticket base, so the number of season tickets out these is tiny compared to any other team of the time….oddly enough I remember the monday(debut) and tuesday game. having about the same attendence in looking around, but the paid attendence for his debut was something like 5,000 more.

    The Debut and Hit ticket, you will either get lucky and get it reasonable (reasonable is in the eye of the beholder), or ya need to be rich (last 2 debut tickets that I know sold, both sold for over 2,000 and neither was in that good of condition …..the 1st hit Ticket is rarer, but there has been a wider range of prices…I saw someone sell one for $3 just 3 years ago and saw one guy pay $8,000 for one last year)…..this is not meant to put anyone down…but Jeter collectors, lose their minds more often than other fans…… when its a hall of fame player, with the largest fan base, lots of people wanting a rare item……and then its played in seattle…bad combo for good prices….If Jeter would have debuted in New York, would be alot cheaper for ya…..I mean….I use to have 6 A-Rod 1st Hr tickets…and of course I sold them before he got traded to the Yankees, sold them for $5-$10 each…..I do regret that.

    Email is FelixForever34@gmail.com (sorry, I thought I put in the thread above.)

    I always have a minimum of 4 tickets from every Mariners home game each year, so if Jeter decides to get a milestone feel free to email me in June.

  19. Zack Hample

    I found a few of those stubs for the dates that you listed. One is not in great condition (a bit stained), but the others look pretty good. Can you email me? Let’s discuss . . .

  20. Sam

    Are you still in contact with this guy? I have a King Felix MLB debut ticket (Aug. 4 2005)

  21. Craig

    Hi Sam, I’m Craig…the Guy with the Felix Ticket collection…I would love to get the debut ticket from ya.
    I am down to 14 tickets that I need and could definitely use it

  22. adam

    Ticket Stubs are such a Great pieces of Memorabilia to collect the feeling you get from holidng a 1929 world series ticket knowing at one time (almost 75 years ago) this ticket was in the same stadium for a world series (what every big leaguer plays 162 games plus playoffs to get to) we at http://www.everythingcollectibles.biz have a HUGE selection of ticket stubs From all Sports take a look you might find a ticket you need for your collection today!

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