World Series discussion thread

Earlier this week, I predicted that the Tigers would win the World Series in six games. Now that the Giants have a 2-0 lead, it’s clear that I know nothing about baseball.

What are your thoughts about the Series? Are you going to attend any of the remaining games, or will you be watching at home on TV? Best/worst commercials? Funniest McCarver-isms? What do you think about the fan who got arrested for trespassing after snagging (not “catching”) Pablo Sandoval’s 3rd home run ball in Game 1? Should Doug Fister have gone for a CAT Scan? Have you seen this hilarious YouTube video of the woman who knows nothing about baseball providing commentary on the highlights from Game 2? Are you going to claim your free taco on October 30th? (I’ve never eaten Taco Bell, and I’m not about to start.) Anyone applying for the 2013 Fan Cave? Anything else on your mind?

I’m sure we’re all gonna have lots more to say as the next few games take place, so feel free to post a comment and say it here.


  1. kslo69

    F. Loving the series so far! The Giants came out playing the complete game, and I.the weaknesses of the Tigers team have been clearly defined. Still hard to see a R.sweep coming in Detroit, but the Giants are certainly in control. I loved S.McCarver’s “Manilow” reference, sick of Fox continually bringing up “magic”, T.”supernatural” and “luck” when discussing the Giants wins. I’m not a cerebellum specialist, so I’ll limit my comments on the Fister situation to saying that the Tigers definitely tapped in to the “luck” factor when they left him in the game with no ill effects after such a cursory exam. I watch on MLBTV, so I am spared the commercials, thank FSM! Pass on the Taco Hell.

  2. jere80

    I also thought the Tigers would win (in 7), but I don’t think it’s over yet. If they win tonight the whole momentum of the series changes.

    And what about the guy in the front row who had a glove but missed the first Sandoval homer? I feel like he must’ve gotten pushed from the surge of people behind him, one of whom caught the ball and then was later shown celebrating with that sitting old man. All three may have been together anyway, but still, the front guy either got screwed or missed the perfect chance to catch a WS home run on the fly.

  3. smillermarlins

    I’m rooting for the Tigers only because they haven’t won in a while and they have a bunch of ex-Marlins (thank you Jeffrey Loria)! And in the first two games, there was a guy sitting behind the plate wearing an orange Marlins jersey. But I definitely agree with you that Fister should have gone to the hospital, at least for precaution. I can’t believe that he wasn’t even shaken after getting hit. McCarver annoys me for the most part, but it was funny in game 1 when he accidentally combined “panda” and “Sandoval” into “Pandabal.”

  4. Zack Hample

    Manilow reference? I either missed it, or I forgot. What was the context?

    The fan who got that home run ball is a notorious pusher named Jake Frazier. He once bragged about knocking over a family of four as if they were “bowling pins.” That said, it looked like the fan in the front row had a GREAT shot at the ball.

    The guy wearing the Marlins jersey has been identified. Here’s an article about him:

  5. Zack Hample

    I don’t care if Brandon Belt’s foot was off the bag. For what you did to me at last year’s All-Star game, you deserve to suffer. It’s because of you and your truly despicable teammate Demon Young that I’m rooting for the Giants.

    That’s right. The ‘L’ in your name has been revoked.

  6. Ray Burton

    Hi Zack , watching the Series with interest here in Oz. Do you think the Giants have out pitched the Cards and Tigers or has their offense just mis-fired ? Find it hard to believe that Barry Zito could be so dominant and Miguel Cabrera so ineffectual. Are the Giants pitching rotation so good or has the Tigers hitting been over – rated ? If the Giants win it all , does Melky get a ring ? Very disappointed in the Tigers so far and just watched Cabrera fly out with the bases loaded ! Also amazed at the agility of Pandoval fielding at third. It’s not over yet but I think the fat lady is warming up.

  7. Ray Burton

    After the World Series is decided , how about a thread on the free agent market ? Who to where and for how much ? Most importantly , will Hamilton remain a Ranger and Upton a Ray ? On an unrelated topic , I know how much you like our fauna in Australia so I wish you’d seen the Funnel-web Spider I found in the pool the other day—it was plucking enormous !!

  8. Ray Burton

    Now that the Giants are up 3-0 , two things seem to be apparent. The Tigers sweeping the Yankees and getting a 5 day break was the worst thing they could have done and seemed to have lost their edge whilst the Giants have thrived on the continuous pressure they have been under. Secondly , when Verlander lost the first game of the series , the Tigers definitely lost confidence and their heads seemed to drop collectively. Today they played terrible baseball and lost to a more committed and enthusiastic Giants team. Hate to say it , but it looks like another sweep unless Leyland can lift his team and get their offense going. Very disappointing day for Tigers fans. Having said that , they did have the equal worst regular season record of all the playoff teams so maybe the Giants deserve to win it all. Sorry about the spider story Zack , just stirring.


    I was wondering about that Marlins fan too? Of course he’s a lawyer from Miami named Leavy. I went to games 6 and 7 of the 1997 World Series and won my Padres jersey. The next year, the Padres went to the World Series. Coincidence? I went to game 7 of the 2002 World Series. Wore my Padres jersey again. How did the Padres do in 2003? Last place. LOL.

  10. pantera

    On Intentional talk yesterday (great show and a free download form itunes), in the Kevin’s highlights moment they had a shot of someone using the ball grabbing devices at AT & T to catch a ball, then moments later a much older guy buying the ball from the kid who trapped it. Not cool.

    Was hoping for more from the series, but the Tigers are playing a little like wet blankets at present. At least I get a Taco out of it.

    Got tickets for 6 but looks like I get to enjoy Halloween at home after all. Though I guess Halloween at AT & T must be a blast.

    There was a rumour of 2014 opener being in Sydney at the main cricket ground . Any idea where it is in 2013? Japan again? Or will they ban the MLB for stealing the hot new high school prospect pitcher?

  11. Ray Burton

    How solid is that 2014 rumour of opening day in Sydney ? Heard that one in 2011 ( was going to be a Boston game ). SCG ( Sydney Cricket Ground ) can hold 50,000 easily and since 2000 Olympics we have at least 3 x 50 ,000 + venues in Sydney alone. The only trouble would be filling them as Australia is a cricket nation with rugby league dominating in winter { your summer }. Hope it’s true but……Still , with our baseball season just starting and being heavily pushed on Fox media , it’s a possibility. Fingers crossed. Just tell Bud to give me a ring (lol ) and we’ll see what happens.

  12. Liz Merry

    The whole series seems somewhat surreal. I agree with Ray about all that rest the Tigers got. Not good. I am rooting Giants because I feel ex-Met Angel Pagan deserves to be on a winning team. It is sort of obnoxious for the Giants to suddenly be this powerhouse dynasty, especially because I live in Northern CA and have to endure all the bragging. Missed the “Pandaball” McCarverism, but it’s a good one! No tacos, thank you.

  13. kslo69

    The Manilow comment came in Game 1, I believe it was after Zito came out of the game, or maybe after his RBI single? Something along the lines of “I haven’t heard the crowd chant “Bar-ry, Bar-ry, in quite awhile, not since the last Barry Manilow concert.” A sly dig at Bonds, no doubt, but it seemed to pass right over Joe Buck’s radar. (Curse you Joe Buck!!) @ Ray, did you ever see Zito pitch with the Athletics? His performance this post-season is a fond reminder of days past for A’s fans. He was one of my favorite pitchers to watch back then. I love watching a junk-baller dominate, making all but the most disciplined hitters look like chumps. Ted Williams once said that the hardest thing to do in sports is to hit a round ball with a cylindrical bat, or something along those lines. My correlative statement would be “The most difficult thing to do in Baseball is to pitch below the league earned run average.” Long live the NL!!

  14. Dennis

    Joe Buck just can’t shut up. I guess that’s his job, but I think he sucks (along with John Miller). I’ve been watching the games mostly in silence. I would like to see the Tigers make it interesting.

  15. Zack Hample

    I wonder if the Taco Bell near your school is one of the “participating locations.”

    The Giants pitching has been great all year. (And by the way, did you see the location of the pitch that got Miggy to pop up with the bases loaded? It was up and in — perfect location.) They’ve won good because of it. But other postseason teams have had solid pitching too. I really think that all the streakiness is just that: STREAKINESS. Over the course of the season, the worst teams always find ways to win several games in a row, while the best teams are guaranteed to play like crap for a few days. The Yankees picked a bad time to slump (the ALCS) and now it’s happening to the Tigers. As for Melky, yes, I do think he would get a ring. I was gonna ask if I can stay with you when I come to Sydney for the Opening Series in 2014, but now that I’m hearing about the spiders, I might have to reconsider.

    Better than a businessman from Detroit named Romney.

    I have no problem with people selling baseballs; I only have a problem when I get falsely accused of selling baseballs and ejected by the head of “security” at Nationals Park — a dishonest fool named Stewart B. Branam. I hope he has a Google alert set for himself so he’s fully aware of how much I hate him. I don’t think MLB is going overseas in 2013, but the Sydney rumor is awesome.

    I liked Pagan when he was with the Mets and thought they were stupid to let him go.

    What’s wrong with the quotation marks? They look good to me. As for Delmon Young, if you have an autofill feature on your Google search, type his name, followed by a space and the letter ‘A’. See what pops up. Or, if you’re feeling lazy, just read this article:

    I just get annoyed by the FOX announcers because they speak in such generalities. I understand that they’re doing it for the national/casual audience, but it still bugs me.

  16. kslo69

    Ah, yes. I see. That does change things. Forgot the proper secondary quotations around ‘Bar-ry, Bar-ry’.

  17. kslo69

    On a lighter note, have you seen the “Better know an umpire” series on deadspin? Pretty neat. Gotta love Hallion’s punch out.

  18. Max

    I live in SF and everyone is loving the series. I went to game 6 of the NLCS and the tv does not do the fans justice. It was so loud there that some 6 year olds behind me left because their ears hurt. I hate buck and mccarver, but love hearing the local radio shows talking about them. On KNBR an ‘anylist’ said he hates them, but he also said “they’re on national media and were doing a local radio show, they must be doing something right.” I also loved when the tigers fans were so deflated during game 3. I don’t know if it was because of the cold or that they are just not excited. Local sportscaster John Miller, who I love, (Dennis) said this about the giants strategy with Delmon Young, “Make the fat man run.” I hate Taco Bell and if I get the taco I would just give it to Prince Fielder because he seems to love those things.

  19. kslo69

    Wow. A Giants sweep would have been my last prediction. Those guys continue to surprise! Good on ya, Bochy and crew. My only regret is that it would end so soon. That’s one more week to wait til spring training! Here’s the link. Pretty neat, with little mini-bios of the umps. (“Hyper-link” is goes beyond my skill set, sorry.)

  20. kslo69

    @ Max, I’ve learned that “they must be doing something right” often means “pandering to the lowest common denominator”. Jus sayin’.

  21. Max

    @Kslo69, I think that is what he meant.
    I’m also sooooo excited for the parade!
    Wo would of thought?

  22. Ray Burton

    Can anyone enlighten me as to why Erin Andrews is part of the World Series commentary team and what function she serves. I know she’s easy on the eye but why TV executives think they need to garnish their product with a token bimbo is beyond me. Her interviews border on the inane and her presence at the presentation of the awards after the game was about as sensible as a vote for Mitt Romney. Good luck with Hurricane Sandy America and hope everyone comes through unharmed. Stay safe Zach and best wishes to you and your family.

  23. Dennis

    I really like the Giants (I worked in SF for a few weeks two years ago), but for a non-fan of either team, a sweep is pretty boring. I didn’t mind when the White Sox did just that in ’05 being a Sox fan. You just want it over ASAP with little drama. The division series were much better for a national audience.

    Congratulations Giants Fans!

  24. Donny in Houston

    Didn’t care much for either team, so the thing I really enjoyed this postseason was the high speed camera shots. Pence’s broken bat shot where he hit the ball three times was fascinating. I couldn’t quit watching it. You could really see the difference between well struck balls that just leapt from a solid bat and those that hit off the end or handle that left the bat rippling like a sin wave.

  25. Ray Burton

    Thank you very much for the compliment Liz. Sorry , I don’t have a blog , I’m just a baseball and Zack Hample fan.

  26. Zack Hample

    So much for that.

    I’d much rather face muggers than spiders.

    Haha, nice. Is there anyone in Australia who actually supports Romney?

    I agree. Boring!

    Suck it, teachers!

    He certainly is. And I had the privilege of hanging out with him and his family for two days this past summer.

    Those extreme slow-mo shots *were* rather epic.

  27. kslo69

    I guess muggers aren’t as sneaky. I would like to see a comparison of the Giants pitcher’s batting avg. at AT&T park and the Tigers DH batting avg in Detroit.

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