Yankees Magazine — Fun with Photos

Do you remember the game I attended on 8/1/12 at Yankee Stadium? That was the day when Mark Reynolds hit a towering fly ball to the top of the wall in left field. If it had traveled an additional foot or two, I would’ve caught it, but instead, a man who goes by the name of Ichiro made a leaping catch and practically robbed me. Here’s a screen shot of the play to refresh your memory:

Does that look familiar? (That’s me in the yellow shirt, FYI.)

Why am I talking about this ten weeks later? Because I recently got a hold of the September 2012 issue of Yankees Magazine . . .

. . . and look what I found on page 22:

I’ve always loved these photo games, so to actually BE in one of them is awesome.

Now, I could’ve scanned/posted the answer key, but I thought it’d be more fun to let you find the answers on your own, and hey, let’s do it like this: post the answers in the comments — but only one per person, so in other words, the first person to comment should only mention one of the ten changes. The second person then has to name another. And so on. Naturally, it’ll get harder and harder, so take a good look and see what you can find, and don’t forget that you can click the photos to expand them.


  1. Mateo Fischer

    How’s about this for a Saturday morning headache: the bottom has a scrape right above your seat whereas the top picture doesn’t, BUT in looking back at the original entry, that scrape actually *is* there. This means that the bottom reflects the actual state of the wall and the top is the modified picture, which means this whole thing makes a whole lot less sense and me the jerk who took the photo game too seriously….or you could just say the removal of the patch-up is the changed to make everything make sense in the picture game universe.

  2. Brian

    I can only find 8, and it’s driving me NUTS!!! So I’ll include one that was one of the toughest for me to find. The kid in the front row on the left (when looking at the picture) is turned the opposite way.

  3. James

    the bit of wall between walk off here and the scoreboard is blue on top and red on the bottom

    @Mateo Fischer: both pictures are modified

  4. DanR

    the padding of the wall in between the “Walk Off A Hero” ad and the scoreboard, just to Ichiro’s left, is blue in the top photo and red in the bottom one.

  5. Zack Hample

    Excellent comments. I had to edit one of them because someone broke the rules and named several changes all at once. Anyway . . .

    I’m probably done. The World Series is just too expensive. Detroit is possible, but Comerica Park sucks for catching game home runs, and I don’t really want to spend $1,000 to go chase foul balls — not even World Series balls.

    Holy crap. You’re right.

    Of course *you* would notice that. You win tickets to the World Series at Camden Yards.

    Heh. :-)

  6. Michael Lindemann

    On the bottom picture Ichiro has two Yankee logos on his jersey and in the top picture he has one.

  7. connor

    The mow pattern in the grass on the left side in the bottom picture skips a dark mow line, if that’s the correct term. If only I knew of a former Boise hawks groundskeeper who could tell me

  8. Mike

    the umbrella 10 rows up in back of ichiro is black and white in the first and solid black in the second photo

  9. Zack Hample

    My pleasure. I’m only a stickler for rules that I think are good and necessary.


    Ooh ooh ooh!!! I can’t wait to hear it. Wanna email me about it? Or just wait ’til the rest of the changes are guessed?

    You’re right, but our man “jere80” already suggested that.

    Good one. Very hard to find.

    Yep. It *was* a miserably wet day.

  10. Michael Lindemann

    My bad I didn’t see that someone had already said that. Anyway in the top photograph the woman near the back has a black and white umbrella. In the bottom picture it is all black.

  11. Zack Hample

    Haha, someone else *just* mentioned the umbrella four minutes before you did. Hit “refresh” and read the latest comments and guess again . . .

  12. Todd_A

    Two levels of padding below the scoreboard in the second photo <– if that is how you would say it…

  13. Zack Hample

    TODD A-
    That’s how I would say it — probably the toughest change to spot in the whole photo.

    Looks like you guessed all ten changes.

    Is there something else that we all missed?

  14. Zack Hample

    I can’t find the original page that I scanned, but I think the faint “A” is showing through from the reverse side. Maybe it’ll turn up, and I’ll confirm it . . .

  15. kslo69

    I have to admit, I’ve never understood the logic behind the ruling that says a ball that passes over the base and lands in foul territory should be ruled fair. A 38 cm lane to success along the entire foul line that negates the obvious (a foul ball decision). Not to mention, it’s gotta be a tough call to put in the hands of the umpires, already burdened with a very difficult job. It just seems so random. Any ideas on how this seemingly arbitrary aberration came to be?

  16. kslo69

    Ah, I guess I’m trippin. I didn’t notice the ball bounced in fair territory right off the bat on the play I was watching, got me all mixed up. Dork.

  17. Chase Jones

    Zack- just dropped you a note in e-mail, but love the fact you are helping raise for charity. Great call turning a hobby into something that can make a positive difference in others lives. Hope to use a old photo of yours in an upcoming video, would love your take on it.


  18. Garrett Meyer

    On a random note, I sincerely hope you apply for the MLB FanCave again! Applications are open now. Don’t be discouraged by last year… you fit the qualifications very well!

  19. Zack Hample

    Now that I’m done going to games for the season, I don’t think there’ll be “many” entries coming up, but I *am* planning to post a new one in about half an hour.

    In that case, read all the comments and see for yourself. All ten have been guessed.


    As you already know, I’ve responded to your email privately. Thanks for reaching out.


    Oh yeah? I was thinking of skipping it this time around. MLB only seems to be interested in fans of specific teams. As a “baseball fan” with no affiliation, I feel like the odd man out.

  20. kslo69

    Thanks. That was embarrassing. -_- What can I say, I had 3 kids on my lap, and then Joe Buck was like, “All it has to do is travel over the bag” and I got all crossed up, so…at least 33.3% his fault lol! The more entries the better!

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