“Zack Hample . . . Ryan Howard here.”

Remember when State Farm sent me to the 2011 Home Run Derby in Phoenix? Well, they hooked me up again this year from afar. Basically, they offered me the chance to ask Ryan Howard some questions in Kansas City, and when I said that I wasn’t gonna be able to make it, they arranged for someone to ask Howard for me. Check it out:

Many thanks to State Farm and Ryan Howard (and to my buddy Jake Ricker at Weber Shandwick, who continues to make cool things happen for me). Also, as Mr. Howard said, go to statefarm.com/gotobat to help raise money for charity and (if you’re very very lucky) win some World Series tickets.


  1. Matt Huddleston

    I was standing 10 feet away from Howard when he was recording this. I heard him say something about “Zack Hample”, and I didn’t understand why until now.


  2. Zack Hample

    That would be funny if it were true, but you don’t *know* if it’s true. One of the State Farm reps could’ve told him about me.

    Awesome. Hope you enjoyed your time in KC.


  3. me

    Sorry Mateo I wrote that comment without realizing you are one of Zacks buddys. I took it the wrong way and should have never said that. Please except my apolgie as I thought you were bashing Zack.


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