I was at Citi Field tonight for Johan Santana’s no-hitter! I’m just getting started on a long blog entry about it, so for now, here’s a quick photo of the Jumbotron after the final out:

Hell. Yes. So awesome to have been there. More soon . . .


  1. Paris Stachtiaris

    I was planning on going to this game because of Carlos Beltran’s return to New York but unfortunately I was running late all day. One question for you Zack. Would you ever consider getting Carlos Beltran to sign the last home run ball hit by a Met at Shea Stadium that you caught if you could? Beltran was one of the best players in my humble opinion to wear a Mets uniform but unfortunately will be more remembered for striking out in Game 7 of the NLCS a few years ago.

  2. Leigh B.

    Wow, glad you could be there for that. My buddy Steve was at Humber’s perfect game this year. I was lucky enough to see two no-hitters at Qualcomm back in 2001. I’ve seen a couple of 1 hitters too. The loser Padres are the only team left to not have a no-hitter I think?

  3. jere80

    That’s cool you saw a no-hitter! I was lucky enough to be at Fenway in ’02 for Derek Lowe’s no-hitter. One thing I’ll always remember about it (besides seeing a girl vomit on the street outside afterward) is how everybody in the stands around us was doing the same thing people do for no-hitters whether you’re in the dugout, at home watching on TV, or, lately, in the announcer’s booth: nobody said anything about what was going on. But the weird thing was, my buddy and I were there with his girlfriend, and she didn’t know that much about baseball. I knew he knew, and he knew I knew, but there was no way either of us could convey to her that a no-hitter was happening. I think at one point he finally whispered it to her.

  4. mike

    Zack, my first thought when I heard that Santana pitched a no hitter was “I bet Zack was there”

  5. Blakethesnake

    My dad and I were watching the NBA game, and all of the sudden it said BREAKING NEWS “Johan Santana has pitched the first no hitter in Mets History!” I looked at my dad and said, “50 bucks Zack is there.”

  6. Andy K.

    That’s awesome; I was lucky enough to see the other Santana, Ervin, throw his no-hitter in Cleveland last year. Very cool experience. I also snagged my first ball at that game…

  7. Austin

    Nick- I was wondering the same thing, then when I heard it was the Cardinals that got shut out I teased my dad because he is a cardinals fan.

  8. Jake R

    I had a feeling you were there! You better of gotten a bunch of ticket stubs! Looking forward to reading the recap!

  9. Nick B

    Andy- I don’t know if you or a lot of people for that matter know this, but Ervin Santana’s birth name was Johan, and he changed it to Ervin so that nobody would confuse him with Johan Santana.

  10. Edison

    Like everyone else….I saw the top of the 9th on MLB network and thought “It’s in New York, I bet Zack is there!” Cant wait to read the recap!

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