1. Skim

    I like the huge 5,970. Articles like these don’t stay current though because your ball total changes often. Do you know yet where you will snag ball # 6,000?

  2. Big Glove Bob

    Great article! I loved his sense of humor and the way he portrayed our hobby.

    Big Glove Bob

  3. Liz Merry

    Have your books been translated into Japanese? Bet you could sell a pile over there.
    I love how colorful and splashy the layout is. I predict a new anime character. Ballhawkemon?

  4. Zack Hample

    True, they don’t stay current, but that’s not how I think about it. I think of all these articles as preserving various moments in time.


    Ballhawkemon! Love it! But no . . . no Japanese translations. Never understood why, but doing anything about it is beyond my control.

    Heh, thanks.

  5. Austin

    I found a way to get MLB rosters with the face shots! What you do is download the MLB at bat app, click on the teams roster, and bingo! You’ll have to get rid of the “old school” phone though. You could also get a iPod touch, which I’m using now. This sounds like an ad:)

  6. dave butler

    zack…you really should only walk out with one
    or two balls,,,give the rest away….

  7. jere80

    Zack–Two snagging-related commercials lately. One with Cal Ripken going around the stands catching every foul ball. Another MLB one where people catch home run balls and then they advocate “throwing it back,” which besides being a really great way to lose the souvenir you just got, is (presumably) something that would get you ejected from the park.

    As for the comment above–I agree about the ipod touch. I am also someone who doesn’t want/need a smartphone, or any other phone really, but I did get a touch. It’s like having a phone without that pesky…phone. And it depends on Wifi, which you don’t always have, so that prevents you from constantly wanting to look down at the thing. It’s like, Hey, if I absolutely need to check something on the Web while I’m out, this thing MIGHT let me do it. And it’s also an ipod. It’s, like, the second-best of some worlds!


  8. Zack Hample

    Nice! Good find . . . but the computer I’m using at the moment (here at work) isn’t displaying the Japanese characters.

    I really just want an iPhone. The only thing holding me back at the moment is the fact/knowledge that my girlfriend would absolutely flip out (in a bad way).

    There is no “should.”

    Can’t wait to see the Calmercial. (I can call it that, right?) As for the iPod touch . . . as I said above, I want to go all out and get the phone.

    And some numbers. Can’t miss the “5970.”

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