Tampa vs. Philadelphia

I’m planning to attend a few games this week at Yankee Stadium, but in the meantime, I’m pondering games in other cities. More specifically, I recently heard from someone who wants to book two Watch With Zack games with me and has given me a choice: July 2nd and 3rd at Tropicana Field or July 6th and 7th at Citizens Bank Park.

You’re probably thinking,  “Go to Tampa, idiot! They get twenty-nine fans per game!!” but it’s not that simple. The Rays are going to be playing the Yankees those days, which means that Tropicana Field will be a madhouse, and in addition to that, the stadium will be opening just 90 minutes before game time. Citizens Bank Park opens two and a half hours early, and although the games will have sellout crowds of 45,000, the Phillies are going to be playing the Braves. Chances are, there won’t be many fans there wearing Braves gear — but those games are on Friday and Saturday nights.

If you were in my position, where would you rather go? Tampa or Philadelphia? I’m not afraid of getting shut out in either city, nor do I expect to hit double digits. I just want to have a fun and relaxing time with my clients.

Not an easy choice.

Speaking of the Phillies, it looks like I might be seeing them in Philadelphia on May 14th and in Los Angeles on July 16th and 17th. (One of the games in L.A. will also be a Watch With Zack affair.) Keep in mind that none of this confirmed, so don’t yell at me if the dates change.


  1. Blakethesnake

    I would go to philly, because I prefer Citizens Bank Park over tropicana field w/yanks.

  2. Nick Gantz

    You should go to tampa because you might have more fun with your client in florida than in philly. Even though I love citizens bank park, you might have a better chance of getting balls in tampa

  3. Nathan

    I think 2 weekday games in the Trop beats 2 weekend games in Philly in terms of attendance. Even if it is the Yankees.

  4. Austin

    Tampa, because it’s the weekend and 29 fans, and that place wouldn’t sell out for Roger Clemens VERSUS Cy Young pitching, and Babe Ruth VERSUS Ted Williams hitting, plus the other baseball greats. Also, you get to see home team BP either way. Maybe add up the weekend averages at Philly, and add up the normal average at Tampa. I don’t know know I guess Tampa would be the better option for you if it’s the week.

  5. paaool123

    Tough choice! I would say Florida. Youre client will have a better time. Even if the Yankees are in town it still wont be very full attendence wise. There will be more chances for your client to get a ball and more room for them to work with. Good luck on choosing.

  6. paaool123

    zack – could you send me an email with a link to your blog entry from 5-4-10 at target field? I found it on your blog, but i can only see the comments. It would be much appriciated. Should i send you an email?

  7. Mateo Fischer

    I would say the factors all point to Philadelphia except for this one: When’s the next time you’re going to be in Tampa? You’ll have plenty of time to go to a game in Philadelphia should you please, but Tropicana is one of “those” stadiums that you really won’t visit if you don’t have a reason like this, or so is my impression anyway.

  8. Cook & Son Bats

    Putting myself in your shoe, my answer “as Zack” is Citizens Bank Park. As me, if it was anyone other than the Yankees, I would say Tropicana Field. Since it is the Yankees, I would scrap both and go Camden Yards or Nationals Park. Also, I don’t think Friday/Saturday is that big of a deal. Except for roadtrips, we go almost exclusively to Saturday games.

  9. john byington

    just fyi idk if you know this all ready but ur friend heath bell got removed from his closing spot with miami im sure u already know and this is pretty random but just thought i would tell u that

  10. Ben Weil

    Despite the fact they’re playing the Yankees, I’d prefer Tampa. But from a purely ballhawking standpoint, I think Philly gets the slight edge, due to the ballpark opening an hour earlier.

  11. Michael

    in all honesty I would go to Tampa even if I lived in new York like you, and I’m not being biased because the trop is where I go to all my games. I’ve been to been to plenty of Yankees games at the trop and the attendance still isn’t great. I went last year on a Monday I think and there were only around 24,000 people with most showing up around game time. I remember how empty bp was because I was actually not in the stands but on the field behind where the batting cage is and remember how much I wanted to go to the bleachers because of how empty it was. Plus the Yankees have a lot of power so balls were all over the place. On top of that during the game there are plenty of empty seats to sneak down to even when the yankees are playing there. In philly I’m sure it will be close to if not definently sold out for a division rivalry game. In Tampa the fans suck and don’t come to the games no matter who is playing, and are completely clueless during bp too. Just last week I snagged a ball there that was hit into the left field seats that sat there for a good 2 minutes because no one went to grab it and there were “fans” within 5 rows of it. I ran over 3 sections to pick it up. Let me know which stadium u choose because I will definently be at that Yankee series in Tampa.

    -Michael from Florida

    (P.s. I know its the mariners but Tampa had 9,000 fans at a weekday game last week when they played Seattle. They were in 1st place at the time too.)

  12. Michael

    Also random and off topic but I’m going to be in Miami for their game against the mets on Friday, as well as the Tuesday game against Colorado that you are going to, so ill let you know ahead of time what to expect at Marlins park when you come down.


  13. Matt H (@LSThrasher04)

    I vote for Philly so we can get a Braves-related entry. We may not invade other stadiums like NYY/BOS bandwagoners, but we hold our own when it comes to road support lol. Also, CBP > Tropicana.

  14. Skim

    Just saw someone in Kansas City with a big glove (maybe Big Glove Bob) drop a foul ball and the glove onto the warning track and then get them both handed back to him.

  15. Zack Hample

    Thank you all for the comments and suggestions. I’m not going to answer everyone (because many of my responses would be awfully similar), but I do have a few things to say . . .

    I’m hoping to snag one in Philadelphia on Monday, but if it doesn’t happen, then I seriously might need to book a trip to Houston.

    I always prefer honesty.

    Talk to WordPress about it. They completely screwed up more than half a dozen of my entries, and unfortunately, that’s one of them.

    This is the best reason/logic of all.

    Of course weekends are no big deal for you. You have the most appealing baseball target in the world.


    Many many thanks for the long comment. Everything you said carries extra weight because of (a) your successful history as a ballhawk and (b) all the games you’ve attended at the Trop. You’ve given me a lot to think about. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. This time, we need to get a photo together.

  16. Liz Merry

    From a purely business angle, Philly makes more sense, because of airfare. Personally, I’d rather go to the Trop. Did you know that the 3rd game of this week’s Mets’ sweep of the Philth ended their record of 1,473,619 consecutive sell-outs? (number exagerated for effect) Fair weather fans in the City of Brotherly Love?

  17. Zack Hample

    I thought the Red Sox held the record for consecutive sellouts . . . no? Anyway, I hadn’t heard about the Phillies’ streak, although I read every box score, and I always look at the attendance, and I noticed that for one game in Philly, it was just above 44,000, which is about 1,000 less than usual. So there.

  18. Liz Merry

    Yes, the Sox do hold that record, although it looks like it will end sometime this season as well. I didn’t know about the Philly streak of sell-outs until Keith and Gary mentioned it during Wednesday’s Mets game there, when there were lots of empty seats. So there back.

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