“In Defense of a Ballhawk”

I tweeted about this earlier, and now I’m posting it here as well because it’s so damn awesome. Basically, a good friend of mine named Andrew has a blog called “Don’t Feed the Animals,” and earlier today, he posted an entry titled “In Defense of a Ballhawk.” Here’s a screen shot of the first part of his entry . . .

. . . and here’s the link to the whole thing, which I hope you’ll read. It’ll take you a few minutes, but it’s worth it. Andrew makes a bunch of good points, and the entry is beautifully written.

Andrew, by the way, is the guy who filmed this funny video of me snagging a baseball in my hotel room at the Rogers Centre. If you haven’t seen it, watch it immediately. It’s a classic.


  1. Zack Hample

    Thanks for reading it.

    Autocorrect is ruining civilization.

    Don’t just THINK about it.

    Thanks (on Andrew’s behalf).

    You should comment more often.

    Obviously, you need to watch more baseball.

    Andrew’s the man. That’s all there is to it.

  2. Andrew Gonsalves

    Thanks, all. Intellectually, I thought it was time to explore the ethics of a hobby that is so controversial. Of course I wouldn’t have been able to write it without having been to so many games with Zack and having attempted to ballhawk myself. So, special thanks to Zack.

  3. Adam Dresher

    Great article! Zack, I hope you ignore all the haters. I have seen you give many balls away and you have taught all your techniques to the masses. If someone wants a ball they can follow your lead or should just keep quiet. Personally I am so sick of people who say kids should get all the balls. they have their entire life ahead of the themselves to catch a ball. When I was growing up, players never tossed balls into the stands. It is much easier now for kids to get balls, they just need to follow every tip you have given over the years.

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