Tokyo Dome ticket stub

You know that I’m raising money for a charity called Pitch In For Baseball, right? And you know that I’m going to be giving away prizes at the end of the season to people who donate money? Well, here’s another item that’ll be up for grabs — a ticket stub from the Opening Series in Japan:

This is actually a two-part prize because the stub will come with this:

That’s an envelope with the Opening Series commemorative logo.

In order to win this ticket and envelope, you need to pledge/donate at least one penny per baseball that I snag during the 2012 season. As I explained last month in this entry, your name will be thrown into the raffle drawing once for every penny per ball that you donate. So yeah . . . go for it. Here’s a direct link to the pledge form.


  1. Austin

    Does anybody remember Mr.Chacin? Guess where he is now? Does anyone know of any t-ball leagues for him? His ERA could be zero since he dosen’t have to pitch.

  2. Mark McConville

    Hey Zack im going to Nationals park friday and i have a couple questions for you, 1. what gate or gates open the earliest? and how early do they open? 2. Are glove tricks allowed to be used at Nationals Park? if so, how many feet of string would you recommend having for the glove trick? and 3. Do you have any suggestions on how to play the park?

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