JAPAN — Day 10

This was the final day of the trip, we spent most of it traveling, and it was rather uneventful . . .

We started with a nice breakfast in the the very nice restaurant of our somewhat nice hotel. Here’s my mom (Naomi) and half-sister (Martha) drinking and chewing, respectively:

After the meal, we headed to the train station. Before we entered, we spent a few minutes photographing Kyoto Tower . . .

. . . and a bunch of funky-lookin’ balconies jutting out of a nearby building:

Remember the bullet train from Day 5? Well, we got to ride it again — this time back to Tokyo — but before we boarded, Martha and I each got a pair of these:

Bullet train chopsticks!

After the two-hour ride, we had to wait for another train here:

The second train took 50 minutes to get us to the Narita airport.

At the airport, the two highlights were the escalator-proof luggage carts . . .

. . . and the Twinkie-like banana treats:

Like I said, the day was uneventful.

These “banana Twinkies” (as Martha and I called them) really did make us happy. We’d seen them early in the trip and wanted them, but didn’t buy them and eventually figured we’d lost our chance. Then we saw some more and bought them . . . except we got the wrong kind. The whole thing (like many things on this trip) became a joke, so when we finally saw the exact same banana Twinkies in the airport that we’d wanted from Day 1, we had to get them. Martha took one bite and was like, “Eh,” so I ate the rest. How I only gained four pounds on this trip is a mystery — and I’ve already lost two.

We had lots of time to kill at the airport. I spent it all on my laptop. Blah blah. Here’s a photo of my mom just before we got on the plane:

The flight was twelve and a half hours nonstop, and get this: because of the 13-hour time difference, we landed at the same time as we’d taken off. Our flight left at around 6pm in Japan, and we landed “the same day” at 6pm in New York. Pretty wild, huh?

Martha spent a good portion of the flight playing Tetris, while my mom (in typical mom fashion) read a book. Here they are doing their thing:

By the time we landed and got in a cab, we were SOOOOO tired. I’d managed to conk out for a couple hours on the plane, but it hardly mattered. As far as I was concerned, it was 8 million o’clock. Can you tell?

The worst thing about the trip was having to be at work the next day, but whatever. I’m not complaining. We all had an amazing time, and I’d do it all again.


  1. gedmaniac

    Thanks for sharing the trip with us, Z’ample. It was fun following along. And to think, most people miss out on seeing stuff like this because they spend all their time online keeping up with the boring crap their friends are not doing and/or can’t be bothered to read more than 140 characters..

  2. Nicholas Badders

    I need to see if they have those bullet train chopsticks on ebay! Speaking of ebay, I was just on ebay and found that there are 2 different covers for The Baseball…. i never knew that…the one that I have (and got signed in September!!!) has a baseball with the stiching coming apart, but the one I found had no cover on the baseball… neat!

  3. Zack Hample

    Glad you enjoyed it, but don’t hate on Twitter too much. I like to dick around on that site every so often.

    I think that the other version of the book is a pre-published version, meant for editors and reviewers, that was never supposed to be seen by the public. It actually pisses me off that it’s out there.

    Thanks. Not everyone does. I’ve actually gotten comments and emails from people who are like, “Stick to baseball. No one cares what else you’re doing.” (And then I’m like, “Well, I don’t care if you stop reading my blog.”)

    I’m a light-weight when it comes to weird food. The shark heart was a very rare exception.

  4. Zack Hample

    Oh . . . that’s not what I was expecting. The photo on that book was the initial design, and I vetoed it. I don’t think that any books actually got printed with that cover, but that cover WAS shown in early catalogues, when the book was first being advertised to the trade. Interesting.

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