Dimes, Japan, facial hair, Newt Gingrich, etc.

Following up on my previous entry. . .

I took my loot to a TD Bank yesterday. After standing at the coin-counting machine for five solid minutes and shaking the bottle vigorously, I finally got all the dimes out. Turns out there were 2,182 of them, so the total was $218.20. (I might just need to spend that money on a flight to Miami, ho ho ho.) Congrats to Cathy for making the closest guess. (She wins . . . bragging rights!) Props to Skim for making an almost-as-close guess; to Andrew Gonsalves for being marvelously methodical; to Ben Weil for making me laugh; and to DanR for making a solid point. Opening Day DOES need to get here soon. To Nicholas Badders: thanks for the heads-up on the mustache contest, but I’m not going to enter for two reasons: 1) My amazing facial hair is now gone, and 2) I’d have to travel to Oakland. For the record, I love the Coliseum. (No, seriously.) You may recall that I snagged four foul balls there at these three games last season — What’s not to love? — but I’m just not ready to head back so soon unless, of course, the A’s feel like paying for my trip (wink-wink, Billy Beane). Speaking of trips (and of Opening Day), I’m leaving for Japan in four days. I’ll be there for a week and a half, and if I don’t gain at least five pounds, I’ll be disappointed. In other news, I’m planning to snag baseballs for charity again this season, and as soon as I get help setting it up on my site, I’ll post a separate entry about it. Finally, I’m way behind in answering emails (especially the longer ones that require me to click on links and/or write more than a sentence). If you’re waiting for a reply, I promise you’ll get it but probably not for at least a few more days. Oh wait, one more thing (because it’s nice to end with good news): the whole fiasco with my driver’s license has been resolved. Of course, with gas costing $4,000 per gallon, who really wants to drive anyway? Clearly, this country needs Newt Gingrich to be the president so he can wave his magic wand and lower gas prices. Yay, Amurrrica!


  1. Skim

    I learned how to guess how many objects are in a container the hard way. Every year at Thanksgiving, everybody guesses how many M&Ms, Hershey’s Kisses, or candy corns are in the container. Of course, the winner gets them all. It took about 5 years of under-guessing to finally figure out that whatever I thought was in there, I had to add about 30% of what I guessed to my original guess. That came into play at my elementary school book fair, where the winner of the contest got a free $5 book, and I won. Speaking of winning, Tebow is coming to New York (technically New Jersey).

  2. Nick Badders

    Regarding the mustache constest, I was thinkking you could submit the picture that you posted on your blog like a month or two ago… oh and I found tickets from JFK to SFO for $280 round trip nonstop… i was also thinking about contacting the A’s ticket services about gettingto you to CA(ill see whatplay i canwas pull off) oh, and when I get up early to watch the Japan games, I will be looking for you…

  3. Matthew Hiett (@LSThrasher04)

    I’ve got a coin jar I need to cash in before my trip next week as well lol. Bought my tickets for the Marlins’ home opener tonight, so maybe I’ll scout out the stadium and send photos to help you prepare.
    By the way, Gingrich was a professor where I went to school, the University of West Georgia. Have a safe trip!

  4. kslo69

    OK, the rumors continue. Check out the article entitled “National League eyes World Series three-peat” on MLB.com, and scroll down to the fourth paragraph from the end. I’m telling you, dark forces are at work. “Once the DH issue is resolved, I think that really might be it for leagues.”

  5. Jimbo

    Are you counting the opening day game towards your streak? Because then youll have to rely on players for baseballs (no ballboys, groundskeepers,guards,etc.) for balls. In Japan, players aren’t allowed to throw balls into stands. I once went to a Yomiuri Giants game and attendants gave special autographed balls into a certain area of seats. Just giving you a heads up.

  6. Father Puck

    Nice play with ethos in using a libertarian free-market mag instead of a left-wing socialist OWS rag to trash Newt!

  7. Tim B

    Zack, you don’t seem like the kind of guy that reads Maxim but there’s a funny baseball preview in this month’s issue that says that they should start a new promotion where a fan in the stands that catches a foul ball should have it count as an out once a game. haha

  8. kslo69

    Btw, those are some impressive photos. You have the Cody Ross, the methadone clinic reject, the felon, the NW outlaw, the Rollie, and the white power militia looks down pat. You need to find a job in which you can do some undercover work!

  9. Zack Hample

    Sounds like you’ve mastered a fairly common challenge with your own formula. I like that.

    Yeah, but if I submit an old photo and then show up looking different, the A’s won’t be too happy. It’s like using a misleading photo in an online/personal ad. People have done that to me in the past. It’s terrible (although hang on . . . I once had a woman show up for a date who actually looked BETTER than the already-amazing photos she sent — how often does THAT happen? Of course, now she hates me for unspecified reasons, so whatever. Women are so confusing. In my next life, I’m going to save myself the hassle and come back gay. Oh wait.).

    Thanks and have an awesome time at the opener. Catch the first homer.

    I might buy a few extra baseballs if I see some for sale (because I’ve heard from a bunch of people who are interested), but I’m not going to lug back anything bigger/bulkier. Sorry.

    Something fishy is taking place (and I’m not talking about the Marlins).

    Yes, I’m going to count the two games in Japan. They’re being counted by MLB as official games, so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t count for me. I suspect that the players will be tossing lots of balls into the crowd; typical Japanese baseball customs probably won’t apply while MLB is there. If anything, I’d expect the players to throw more balls into the crowd than usual — gotta spread the love and show Japan how great the “product” is, right?

    Somehow I knew I’d be hearing from you.

    TIM B-
    Ha, that sounds like a funny idea. I only read Maxim when I’m in it, so I’m just curious: what type of guy DOES read Maxim?

    Ready for some Hample?

  10. Dave

    Ots hard to get a ball in japan. I was at the Tokyo done two years ago there is a fence all around but there is a gap in the right field corner and was able to cajole a ball by a guy shagging. If you have premium seats they throw balls to you before the game. See a game while you are there! Check out the beer girls ! Octopus balls and curry – check out the hall if fame at Tokyo done its nice and there is an old man who gives a nice tour.

  11. mlballhawk

    All I will say is that you simply left yourself wide open for this …… Was that the closet door I heard open?? — ” In my next life, I’m going to save myself the hassle and come back gay. Oh wait.).”

  12. Zack Hample

    Thanks for all the info. I have excellent seats, and the fence/netting around the field doesn’t worry me. I find that that sometimes makes it easier to snag baseballs because everyone else gives up and assumes it’s impossible.

    Yeah, I know. I was wondering if/when someone would comment about that. Life is beautiful.


    Obsession with balls….it’s all starting to make sense. The huge rubber band BALL. The truth will set you free Zack. I’m really happy for you buddy. This is a big step.

  14. Zack Hample

    I still don’t have many plans — just Japan for the Opening Series and then two games in Miami in May.

    I’m happy for you too.

  15. kslo69

    Did you find that article? My news archive is not current. It’s been stuck at March 16th for a few days now.

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