St. Patrick’s Day

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I’m going to share two photos. The first one shows the crowd/barricades that added half an hour to my commute home from work:

I took the photo above on 59th Street, facing west toward 5th Avenue, where there was a daylong parade. New York City is wonderfully maddening.

Here’s the second photo — an Absolut Vodka bottle full of dimes.

I hear that people drink a lot on St. Patrick’s Day, so that’s why that photo is relevant. Personally, I’m not much of a drinker and can’t stand the taste of vodka, but anyway, I acquired that bottle years ago (after its original contents had been emptied) and gradually filled it with dimes. At some point next week, I’m going to take it to the bank and dump it into a coin-counting machine. Does anyone want to guess how much money it holds? I have no idea and could be waaay off, but I’m gonna say . . . $186.30.


  1. Andrew Gonsalves

    I did a little math.

    That looks like a 750 ml bottle.
    1 ml of vodka is roughly equal to 1ml of water.
    That means that 1ml of vodka takes up 1000 cubic millimeters.
    The volume of a dime is roughly 340 cubic millimeters
    If you were able to fill the bottle up completely, with no space between the dimes, you could fit roughly 2205 dimes, or $220.50
    If I’m wrong and that is a liter bottle, then you have room for 2941 times.
    Of course, you have a lot of unused space here; so much that it is hard to estimate.
    Without doing any measurements, I would guess the empty space to be anywhere from 25-35% of the bottle.
    That leaves us with 1654-1433 dimes in a 750 ml bottle and 2205-1911 dimes in a liter bottle.
    I’ll make some round number estimates: $150 if it is a 750 ml bottle. $205 if it is a liter bottle.

  2. Carl

    Take the subway the next time, I’ll say $146.30 on the bottle, do we get a free ticket to opening day in Japan if we win?

  3. Andrew Gonsalves

    The comment above makes me sound kinda dumb. 1ml of vodka has the same volume as 1ml of water because ml is a measurement of volume. So ignore that line.

    In any case, there is an easier way to estimate the amount of times. Weigh the bottle.
    An empty 1L bottle should weigh about 813 grams.. give or take.
    Each dime weighs 2.268 grams
    If there are 2050 dimes in the bottle, it should weigh about 5462 grams, or slightly more than 12 lbs.
    Of course, this doesn’t take into consideration the weight of the air in the bottle, but that should be trivial if we’re talking about the weight in pounds.

    And once again, these are spitballed numbers. I’m going to bed.

  4. Chris

    Zack – perhaps this could turn into a contest, in which the “winner” with the closest guess gets a Hample signed ball? My guess is $199.90. Chris

  5. Skim

    I’ve learned through the years that there are always more than you think, so I’m gonna go with $223.60.

  6. DanR

    We’re really guessing how many dimes are in Zack’s Absolut bottle??? hahahaha Opening Day, please get here soon.

  7. kslo69

    Total amount before or after coin machine takes it’s %? No way to guess til we are given this critical piece of info. XD


    140$exactly. i had a cranberry absolut bottle two weeks ago.samesize..gotta get on tv the next 10 games are all on mlbtv or im going to hopefully.TC

  9. Nicholas Badders

    Zack- The A’s are doing a Mustache Madness contest and I was thinking you should submit the pic of you ala-Rollie Fingers… The 16 finalists will win Saturday, April 21 game tickets and bobbleheads and the A’s Mustache Madness champion will receive an April 21 pregame field visit and autographed Rollie Fingers Bobblehead. Here is the link:

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