MLB Fan Cave application video (FINAL VERSION)

My application is done! Check out my final video for the 2012 MLB Fan Cave:

In case you missed it, I posted a funny/stupid outtake two days ago. That one was more eye-catching, but I’m thinking that the new one is pretty solid. I’m always down for making fun of myself, but sometimes it’s good to be direct and sincere.


  1. nybisons

    That was a very good video Zack!!!! I really hope you make it into the Fan Cave! You have all of my luck and in all, GOOD LUCK ZACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Double T

    good video if you wanna see me lammo collection of triple a baseballs i can post a video on my youtube account

  3. Zack Hample

    That would nice (and quite sensible, really).


    That’s one way to look at it.

    I like both videos. Too bad I had to pick one, but hey, at least they’re both on YouTube for everyone to see.

    Why do you ask? I don’t recall mentioning anything about a “gf” recently.

    I like your confidence.

    You’re nice.

    Sure, go ahead and post it. I’ll check it out.

  4. Vincent Obbink


    A good and catching video! Although the first video was funny, the second video represents better where you stand for. I hope you will make it into the Fan Cave. Is there a way we can vote for you?

    BTW: thank you for signing The Baseball last September. I’ve read it with great pleasure!

  5. kslo69

    OK Zack, after watching some of the other submissions, I have to say you should be a shoe-in for this. Let’s just hope that they are able to find a second to compliment your classy style. Other than this “Melanie” person, the rest of the applicants I saw would be painful to watch.

  6. kslo69

    …Well, OK, Ms. Hensley wouldn’t be so painful to “watch”, but to listen to? Ouch! Maybe if she just ran around in a bikini, posing with a baseball bat, that wouldn’t be so bad.

  7. Zack Hample

    Thanks, dude.

    I’m glad you like it, but I’m not sure how the voting works. I don’t know if MLB will simply pick people or if fans will somehow have a say.

    I hope you’re right, and it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who feels this way. Are you talking about Melanie Pellowski? I thought that one was really good.

    CHRIS H-
    I won’t. But it’ll be worth it. Maybe I can do some sort of segment on the MLB Network that talks about snagging (and shows highlights!) and brings extra attention to everyone else who’ll be doing it in my absence.

    Go to YouTube and do a search for “MLB Fan Cave application,” but without the quotes. Lots of people’s submissions will pop up.

  8. kslo69

    OMG. I can’t stop watching them… They make me SO happy! 8D Gotta say though, Ms. Pellowski actually does kinda rock the mullet. She officially has my vote to be your second, as long as she understands the pecking order ;)

  9. kslo69

    Banish the thought, my friend. In truth, it is the opposite. Did you not see the bikini / baseball bat photo? ( I assume you are not referring to my comment about Ms. Pelloski’s mullet, which is a fine mullet.) I guess my feeling is that anyone who includes a “Does my butt look fat?” photo montage at the end of a resume is kind of leaving themselves open to ridicule. Believe me, if that had been a man’s res, I would have found it just as humorous (probably more so. Egads!). I often forget that sarcasm doesn’t always translate over the web. The truth of the matter is that a woman including sexually suggestive photos in a resume does much more to propagate sexism than my misinterpreted comment. A truly sexist person would certainly prefer Ms. Hensley’s res to that of Ms. Pellowski, whose video stands out exactly because she lets her natural exuberance shine through in a professional manner, without resorting to suggestive clothing or body language. Thanks for not letting me remain misinterpreted! (Upon further review, the “pecking order” comment was innocuous, merely stating my belief that you remain the most qualified person for the job.) Still Slo,69.

  10. kslo69

    I am reminded of a time that I was hiring for a waitstaff position at the restaurant. One young woman came to interview in a low cut red dress that clearly proclaimed her a member of the “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” school. The next young lady came dressed in a much more conservative manner. There was an interesting interaction that occurred when the two briefly made eye contact. Kind of a “No you didn’t, Yes I did” moment. The second young lady’s interview was also interesting in that she obviously felt she had already been defeated. As though she had shown up for the proverbial gun fight with only her knife. I hired the woman who wore the red dress, but regretted it later. NO!! Just joshing you! I hired the woman who came dressed appropriately for a job interview, and she works for me still, but there was no denying she was surprised at my choice, as was the first applicant when she was informed that she did not get the position.

  11. kslo69

    OK, just to be clear, there is nothing that will kill my desire to watch a fan cave episode faster than if they install Ms. Hensley with her baseball bat.

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