MLB Fan Cave application video (OUTTAKE)

It’s official. I’m applying for the MLB Fan Cave, and it’s taking a long time.

In addition to writing a pair of 500-word essays and attaching my résumé, I also have to submit a short video. According to the rules, the video must not be longer than two minutes. With that in mind, check out my failed (but funny) attempt to showcase myself.

In case you didn’t notice, I nearly cracked up at the 37-second mark because my friend Andrew (who was filming me) and his girlfriend Dorkys (who was also in the room) were dying of laughter. You can barely hear Andrew laughing throughout the video.

What I learned from this experience is that:

1) Wearing 31 t-shirts all at once makes it hard to breathe.
2) Removing the shirts is rather difficult and provides quite a workout.
3) My Brewers shirt is much smaller than I thought.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the final video, but I’m thinking of going in a totally different direction. I might take it down a notch (or ten). Sometimes less is more, you know?


  1. Leigh B.

    Also, I was thinking you should have had the teams in the order they finished in the standings in 2011.

  2. charlie bowen

    You should have left the two ny teams for last before the baseball is life shirt. Hope to see you there. The sad thing is won’t get to see you on the road.

  3. Jacob Danovitch

    Actually, this was a really good video. If you can refine it and write a couple of great essays, you might have a shot. Sucks tho cause we won’t get to see you snagging baseballs :(

  4. nybisons

    This is an awesome and a funny video. I really hope you will get the job. If you do though, it will suck because we won’t be able to watch you snag baseballs, but in all good luck Zack!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mark McConville

    thats pretty funny, trying to get the brewers shirt off was the best part haha, hope u get it but if you do does that mean no ballhawking for you this season??

  6. Tom

    Very creative! The beginning with you wearing 31 shirts (and struggling to take the first few shirts off), and ending with you getting to the Baseball Is Life shirt are fantastic. You could edit out taking off a bunch of shirts in between to get it down to 2 minutes. Of course, you’d have to rewrite your script accordingly.

    Good luck!

  7. JS

    Best of luck! Would love to see you as a Fancave rep! Although…this would be the first year with you snagging no balls in almost 2 decades…would you be able to deal?

  8. Zack Hample

    Thanks for watching the video. I just posted a new one (my final take) so don’t miss it.

    I picked the order for the shirts based on size. I tried to wear the smallest ones at the end and the biggest ones on top. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, given the unintended comedic effect), the Brewers shirt was way too small and made things quite difficult.

    Check out my reply to Leigh. My Yankees shirt is pretty small (compared to many of the others), but the Mets shirt is about a full size bigger.

    Thanks so much! I tried refining the video by doing another take with just the 16 Nationals League team shirts, but it just wasn’t as funny. I’m a man of extremes — all or nothing, baby.

    Thank you, but yeah, you (and a few other people here) are right: if I get the Fan Cave job, I won’t be snagging baseballs at stadiums. It’s totally worth it, though. I would make that sacrifice for the experience and opportunity to do other amazing basebally things.

    It’s very very very fun. That’s what.

    Excellent question. When I started struggling with the Brewers shirt, I knew that the whole thing was going to take too long, but I still kept going. It took about 15 minutes to put all the shirts on, so I figured that I might as well roll with it. This was my only take with all 30 team shirts. I didn’t have a script or anything. I just made it up as I went.

    Ha, yeah, the Brewers really messed me up. I suppose this job would mean no ballhawking for me in 2012, unless I could still somehow cram my Japan trip in at the start.

    Thank you, sir.

    I thought of that. I was thinking that each jersey could’ve been buttoned with just one button and then opened up from the front (if that makes sense), rather than being pulled off over my head.

    Thanks. If I had better (read: ANY) editing skills, I might’ve tried that.

    Yes, I could deal. It would actually give me a much-needed breather that I certainly wouldn’t take on my own.

  9. TC

    you look like me or leigh after the buffet with the padre shirt.i thought you were going to fall back thru the window for a sec there grow the mustache back ,looks smashing. jolly good show sport.i think i saw your knickers too. im going to the rounders game , chow

  10. Zack Hample


    Ha, I actually wasn’t being helpful, but okay . . .

    You and my dad are the only two people that I can remember ever using the word “knickers.” I like it. Perhaps I’ll bring the mustache back someday, but for now I want to start the season clean-shaven.

  11. Andre

    I want you to check out something I had made after I came back from spring training. Go to YouTube and search for Paxton De La Garza and click on Jackie Robinson in my videos.

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