In case you haven’t noticed, this blog now has a new URL. For the last seven years, it’s been, but now, as you can see . . .

. . . it’s You can still access this blog from the old URL (you’ll automatically be redirected), but you might as well update your bookmarks.


  1. mlballhawk

    I would have sold you ….. you didn’t have to go change your URL ….. oh well …. anybody else interested? ….lol

  2. Zack Hample

    Gimme a break. I’ve hated “snaggingbaseballs” for the last five or six years.

    Check out my response to Mateo. But thanks, I guess.

  3. mlballhawk

    Leigh –
    Sure and I will thrown in too!
    That is way to funny to me …. thanks Leigh!

    Zack –
    It’s gonna be a fun season! The Ballhawk ribbing and pranks are going to fun all year long! Hopefully people take it with a grain of salt and have some fun! This is about having fun not being so dang competitive!

  4. Jacob Danovitch

    Zack, if I have your old url in Google Reader, will I need to change it? Or will new posts still be sent to me?

  5. mlblogssnaggingautographsandbaseballs

    How does BP at Dodger Stadium work? Is it like Wrigley where you must have a bleacher seat in order to get into the bleachers in the outfield? Im going to LA this year and I just found out that season ticket holders will be able to get into the stadium 1 hour prior to everyone else. What I’m trying to figure out is if I can get into the bleachers early with a regular bleacher ticket as long as I have a season ticket for another part of the stadium.

  6. mlballhawk

    Zack – I actually do have the domain the part of that was a joke. As for the rest …. Do you really think Leigh would spend $7.50 let alone $750 … lol … sorry Leigh!

    As for the jokes and pranks this season …. Ballhawks beware! I will be limited in the number of games I go to this year. When I do go to games I am going to have a lot of fun!!

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