Working at the Argosy

As I mentioned last week on Twitter, I’m now working full-time at the Argosy Book Store. Just thought I’d share a few photos of some old/cool stuff that I stumbled upon in the past few days . . .

The first item is a stock certificate from 1914 for “The Tigers Base Ball Club.” Check it out:

Here’s a photo of the back of it:

We’re in the process of researching the certificate in order to figure out exactly what it is; the fact that it says “Chicago” and “Illinois” makes us think that it can’t be the Detroit Tigers, but whatever it is, I think it’s pretty damn special.

Here’s a book that I noticed called What Baseball Means To Me:

Take a closer look at the photo on the half-title page:

Have you ever seen that particular photo before? I hadn’t. And I love it. Based on the number of kids (with gloves) crowding the front row, I’m thinking it had to be taken during batting practice. But where? Looks like the 1980s to me, but I can’t identify the stadium.

Finally, here’s an interesting non-baseball item that found its way to my desk — a newish photography book called Sydney and Flora. Here’s the front cover:

The whole book is filled with trippy/artsy photos of elderly people’s faces. Here’s another:


It was my job to catalog that book, so I had to flip through it to check the condition and see what it was about.

That’s it for now.


  1. Rocktober_93

    Can you tell what team the fans hats are? If so that may be a clue. Could it be Atlanta Fulton County Stadium?

  2. Skim

    Interesting picture. In follow-up to someone’s comment on the last entry: when will you be back from Japan? The Marlins opener is April 5th.

  3. jere80

    Check out this pic of the Astrodome. If you start from the left edge of the Reliant Energy sign and go straight down to field level (and a tiny bit to the left), you’ll see a railing that meets a slightly higher wall mid-wall, with seats above that (with another railing). These railings and their positioning match up with the photo in question. I’m not 100% on this but that’s all I’ve got for now.

    (Bonus: An ad for some other Argosy made me think to check your site–and the first thing I see is Argosy talk! Nice finds. Hopefully somebody gets to the bottom of that Tigers thing.)

  4. mlballhawk

    The photo of the guy falling out of the stands …… I am 90% sure that it was at Cleveland municipal Stadium in Left Field where the Left Field stands end and the to the right side of the guy is the opening between the LF stands and the CF bleachers.


  5. mlballhawk

    So my 90% has turned into 0% … I guess I was going off of the one guys Chief Wahoo hat ……….. The only other incident I can remember from the 70’s or 80’s was a guy almost falling out of the stands at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati. I am guessing now that this photo is likely of him.


  6. jere80

    Ha, I was gonna say–the pics of Municipal Stadium I looked at online didn’t seem to match this pic at all….

    As for the guy in Cincinnati, this isn’t that play. He nearly fell from the upper deck and he didn’t have a person holding each leg. I remember that one from Warner Wolf’s Plays of the Decade! What do you think about my Astrodome theory? Check it out a few comments above.

  7. Ryan

    I may have figured out the certificate.

    This may be totally wrong, but a few minutes of research showed to “Chicago Tigers” baseball team to ever exist (However, there was an NFL franchise by that name at one point). This link:

    shows the location of the 12 Federal Reserve banks. The Chicago branch obviously covers Detroit. I couldn’t find any info on whether or not the Fed dealt with stocks and such back in the day, but this is the best guess I have!

  8. Skim

    John- I also have seen the fan fall from the outfield seats in Cincinnati, and this is most certainly not him. That picture would have been in color if it was of the guy in Cincinnati. I can’t figure out the certificate or the picture.

  9. jere80

    Assuming I had the location correct, I went to and searched “Astrodome fan.” And boom went the dynamite. It’s from the exact spot I described in my first comment. It’s from “a workout” for the 1986 All-Star Game in Houston’s Astrodome, 7/14/86. Mark Krpec is the fan’s name. Gary Carter hit the ball. Kerwin Plevka took the photograph.

  10. Double T

    Those pics are weird but cool at the same time… I am happy because i am going to my public baseball stadium (Werner Park, Home of the triple a affliate of the kc royals) and i have not been there for like 4 months!

  11. kslo69

    Is that kid really falling? Looks like he’s being lowered, a la “the human glove trick”. Also, is that not a speaker cabinet that he’s hanging in front of? That might offer a clue.

  12. philadelphia45

    What is the address for the store. Will be in NY next week and figured I stop by. Also, what are your (you personally) hours?

  13. Zack Hample

    I have no idea about the hats.

    Isn’t the Marlins opener on April 4th? That’s what day I’ll be getting back.

    You’re amazing. Seriously. Damn. If I were THAT good at finding things on the internet, I would’ve cut my research time in half on my last book.

    Interesting thought, but this didn’t strike me as the same incident.

    Interesting, but why would the certificate say “base ball” if it’s for an NFL franchise?

    Enjoy your time at the stadium.

    Looks like you were a bit late to the party.

    This coming week (Dec. 12-16), I’ll be at the store Monday through Friday, 10am, to 6pm. Sometimes I work Saturdays (10am to 5pm) and take a random day off during the week — but not this week. Hope you can drop by.

  14. Skim

    Yes you’re right. I thought it was the 5th because I saw a headline that said that the Marlins move their opener back to the 5th, but I guess I didn’t read the whole article. Hopefully you will be able to make the April 7th Mets game.

  15. Zack Hample

    Ahh, okay. Not sure about April 7th. I probably won’t know until . . . April 7th.

    Turns out I won’t be at the store tomorrow (Tuesday). The reason is that I’m going to an apartment on the UWS to help box up 2,500 (or so) books that we just bought. Wednesday through Friday should be fine, if you’re still thinking of dropping by.

    Not good.

  16. Andrew Meeusen

    You know, while there is/was no Chicago Tigers Base Ball team in 1914, it is conceivable that it’s for the Detroit Tigers club, but was issued from a central headquarters in Chicago. I can say with certainty that there was $5,000 worth of stock listed in a corporation in Chicago, Ill. in 1914, as per the Biennial Report of the Secretary of State to the Governor of Illinois, November 1, 1914. (citation: … see p. 156 of this report, about midway down the page)
    This would seem to indicate to me that the Detroit Tigers organization was operating, in part or in whole, out of the city of Chicago as a corporation.
    Either way, it’s a really cool piece of baseball history you have there. If I could spring for it myself, I’d totally love to frame it up real nice and display it in my collections.

  17. Brendan

    Zack, I have seen that photo before. I think it is The old “Mistake By the Lake” in cleveland.

    Do you think the Red sox will have Fenway Park 100th anniversary balls next year?

    (Helmet guy)

  18. Kyle Briggs

    Helmet Guy,

    I’ll answer your question. Red Sox will have Fenway Park anniversary Balls next year. They have already released what they look like to the public. Other notable Commemorative balls will be New York Mets 50th Anniversary (Which we will see a ton of them on Zack’s blog), Dodger Stadium 50th Anniversary, Houston Astros 50th Anniversary, and Camden Yards 20th Anniversary. I really like the Fenway Park ball and Dodger Stadium Ball.

    Heres a link to them.

  19. Carl

    Hi ZacK, Time is running out (Oh NO!!) … can you suggest in no particular order maybe the top 3 baseball books this year to get for friends to stick under the tree? A few years ago it was suggested to me to pick up “Grand Old Game: 365 Days of Baseball” I got a bunch and everyone loved. Some on my list this year are indeed getting your “The Baseball”, yet I wanna know what baseball book (or books) has your eye this year?


  20. Andrew Meeusen

    This year, I enjoyed “Bottom of the 33rd” by Dan Barry and “Mint Condition” (all about the history of baseball cards) by Dave Jamieson. In addition to “The Baseball,” of course. But I too would be interested in hearing Zack’s and others’ favorites.

  21. Zack Hample

    Wow. I’m gonna show your comment to the person at the Argosy whose sole job it is to identify weird/rare autographs and other items. (He was away this past week.) Thanks so much.

    Not quite.

    Oy vey.

    I had no idea that there were going to be so many commemorative balls in 2012. (I tend to hide from the baseball world this time of year.) But this definitely makes me want to get back in action. Thanks.

    Hadn’t planned on it. When’s the deadline? And can I get away with submitting the same video that I sent last year?

    Hate to say it, but I haven’t read any new baseball books this year. I’ve been catching up on classics (like “The Boys of Summer”) and reading other non-baseball books. I just finished “Born to Run,” which is truly one of the best books I’ve ever read.

  22. Andrew Meeusen

    My pleasure. Trying to ID the strange and unusual is a hobby of mine. I finally figured out all the signatures on a US-team autographed 1998 Japan All-Star Series baseball that I picked up at a garage sale. Took forever to get the last four, but I did it!

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